Remuer (to move) conjugation

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Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je remue
I move
tu remues
you move
il/elle/on remue
he/she/it moves
nous remuons
we move
vous remuez
you all move
ils/elles remuent
they move
Present perfect tense
j’ai remué
I moved
tu as remué
you moved
il/elle/on a remué
he/she/it moved
nous avons remué
we moved
vous avez remué
you all moved
ils/elles ont remué
they moved
Past imperfect tense
je remuais
I was moving
tu remuais
you were moving
il/elle/on remuait
he/she/it was moving
nous remuions
we were moving
vous remuiez
you all were moving
ils/elles remuaient
they were moving
Future tense
je remuerai
I will move
tu remueras
you will move
il/elle/on remuera
he/she/it will move
nous remuerons
we will move
vous remuerez
you all will move
ils/elles remueront
they will move
Past perfect tense
j’avais remué
I had moved
tu avais remué
you had moved
il/elle/on avait remué
he/she/it had moved
nous avions remué
we had moved
vous aviez remué
you all had moved
ils/elles avaient remué
they had moved
Past preterite tense
je remuai
I moved
tu remuas
you moved
il/elle/on remua
he/she/it moved
nous remuâmes
we moved
vous remuâtes
you all moved
ils/elles remuèrent
they moved
Past anterior tense
j’eus remué
I had moved
tu eus remué
you had moved
il/elle/on eut remué
he/she/it had moved
nous eûmes remué
we had moved
vous eûtes remué
you all had moved
ils/elles eurent remué
they had moved
Future perfect tense
j’aurai remué
I will have moved
tu auras remué
you will have moved
il/elle/on aura remué
he/she/it will have moved
nous aurons remué
we will have moved
vous aurez remué
you all will have moved
ils/elles auront remué
they will have moved
Present subjunctive tense
que je remue
that I move
que tu remues
that you move
qu’il/elle/on remue
that he/she/it move
que nous remuions
that we move
que vous remuiez
that you all move
qu’ils/elles remuent
that they move
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie remué
that I have moved
que tu aies remué
that you have moved
qu’il/elle/on ait remué
that he/she/it have moved
que nous ayons remué
that we have moved
que vous ayez remué
that you all have moved
qu’ils/elles aient remué
that they have moved
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je remuasse
that I would move
que tu remuasses
that you would move
qu’il/elle/on remuât
that he/she/it would move
que nous remuassions
that we would move
que vous remuassiez
that you all would move
qu’ils/elles remuassent
that they would move
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse remué
that I had moved
que tu eusses remué
that you had moved
qu’il/elle/on eût remué
that he/she/it had moved
que nous eussions remué
that we had moved
que vous eussiez remué
that you all had moved
qu’ils/elles eussent remué
that they had moved
Conditional mood
je remuerais
I would move
tu remuerais
you would move
il/elle/on remuerait
he/she/it would move
nous remuerions
we would move
vous remueriez
you all would move
ils/elles remueraient
they would move
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais remué
I would have moved
tu aurais remué
you would have moved
il/elle/on aurait remué
he/she/it would have moved
nous aurions remué
we would have moved
vous auriez remué
you all would have moved
ils/elles auraient remué
they would have moved
Imperative mood
let's move!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie remué
have moved
ayons remué
let's have moved
ayez remué
have moved

Examples of remuer

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
"dans l'obscurité, les choses, les pays, les années, "mon corps trop engourdi pour remuer."My body still too heavy with sleep to move."
- De remuer les hanches- To move the hips
- On ne peux pas juste vous avoir en charge de cela à remuer les choses avant qu'on soit prêts à bouger.- We can't just have you charging in there stirring it up before we're ready to move.
- Tu peux la remuer.- Can you move it?
- Tu peux remuer ta jambe ?Can you move your leg?
"Tourne-toi... remue!"Turn around, move!
- Allez, remue tes fesses.- Come on, move your arse.
- Aniello, à toi, remue-toi!- Aniello, your turn, move!
- C'est vrai qu'elle remue bien.She got some moves, doesn't she? - Yeah.
- Je la remue bien mieux.- I move it pretty well, see'?
"Lèvres, ne remuez pas ;"Lips, do not move;
- Allez, remuez-vous.- All right, all right, move your asses.
Allez, allez, remuez-vous!Come on, come on, get a move on!
Allez, remuez-vous !Come on, move!
C'est l'homme le plus remuant de la terre !He's the most moving-on man you ever saw.
C'était assez remuant... ton discours.That was pretty moving stuff... your speech.
Il a rouvert ses plaies en remuantHe has torn these wounds by moving.
Je vais d'abord régler un truc avec Glenda et Glitterish, ça va être un peu remuant, tu prends ces types à part, et... on parlera des détails plus tard, d'accord ?So actually, um, I'm gonna have Glenda wrangle Glitterish for a minute, just a little moving and shaking real quick, and I'm gonna have you jump in with these guys, and, um, we'll talk about the details later, okay?
"Je n'ai plus que toi", qu'il me dit, mon père, ça m'a remué et je suis resté garder ses moutons." I don't have anyone else but you ", He told me, my father, That moved me and I stayed with him and his sheeps.
"Tu as remué légèrement la main comme pour me chercher"."You moved your hand slightly as to look for me.
C'est mon discours qui t'a remué ?Were you moved by my speech?
Il a remué ciel et terre pour faire sortir Pete de prison.He moved heaven and earth to get Pete out of prison.
Il a remué ciel et terre pour nous amener ici.He moved heaven and earth to bring us here.

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