Remoquer (to do) conjugation


Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je remoque
I do
tu remoques
you do
il/elle/on remoque
he/she/it does
nous remoquons
we do
vous remoquez
you all do
ils/elles remoquent
they do
Present perfect tense
je suis remoqué
I did
tu es remoqué
you did
il/elle/on est remoqué
he/she/it did
nous sommes remoqués
we did
vous êtes remoqués
you all did
ils/elles sont remoqués
they did
Past imperfect tense
je remoquais
I was doing
tu remoquais
you were doing
il/elle/on remoquait
he/she/it was doing
nous remoquions
we were doing
vous remoquiez
you all were doing
ils/elles remoquaient
they were doing
Future tense
je remoquerai
I will do
tu remoqueras
you will do
il/elle/on remoquera
he/she/it will do
nous remoquerons
we will do
vous remoquerez
you all will do
ils/elles remoqueront
they will do
Past perfect tense
j’étais remoqué
I had done
tu étais remoqué
you had done
il/elle/on était remoqué
he/she/it had done
nous étions remoqués
we had done
vous étiez remoqués
you all had done
ils/elles étaient remoqués
they had done
Past preterite tense
je remoquai
I did
tu remoquas
you did
il/elle/on remoqua
he/she/it did
nous remoquâmes
we did
vous remoquâtes
you all did
ils/elles remoquèrent
they did
Past anterior tense
je fus remoqué
I had done
tu fus remoqué
you had done
il/elle/on fut remoqué
he/she/it had done
nous fûmes remoqués
we had done
vous fûtes remoqués
you all had done
ils/elles furent remoqués
they had done
Future perfect tense
je serai remoqué
I will have done
tu seras remoqué
you will have done
il/elle/on sera remoqué
he/she/it will have done
nous serons remoqués
we will have done
vous serez remoqués
you all will have done
ils/elles seront remoqués
they will have done
Present subjunctive tense
que je remoque
that I do
que tu remoques
that you do
qu’il/elle/on remoque
that he/she/it do
que nous remoquions
that we do
que vous remoquiez
that you all do
qu’ils/elles remoquent
that they do
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que je sois remoqué
that I have done
que tu sois remoqué
that you have done
qu’il/elle/on soit remoqué
that he/she/it have done
que nous soyons remoqués
that we have done
que vous soyez remoqués
that you all have done
qu’ils/elles soient remoqués
that they have done
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je remoquasse
that I would do
que tu remoquasses
that you would do
qu’il/elle/on remoquât
that he/she/it would do
que nous remoquassions
that we would do
que vous remoquassiez
that you all would do
qu’ils/elles remoquassent
that they would do
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que je fusse remoqué
that I had done
que tu fusses remoqué
that you had done
qu’il/elle/on fût remoqué
that he/she/it had done
que nous fussions remoqués
that we had done
que vous fussiez remoqués
that you all had done
qu’ils/elles fussent remoqués
that they had done
Conditional mood
je remoquerais
I would do
tu remoquerais
you would do
il/elle/on remoquerait
he/she/it would do
nous remoquerions
we would do
vous remoqueriez
you all would do
ils/elles remoqueraient
they would do
Conditional perfect tense
je serais remoqué
I would have done
tu serais remoqué
you would have done
il/elle/on serait remoqué
he/she/it would have done
nous serions remoqués
we would have done
vous seriez remoqués
you all would have done
ils/elles seraient remoqués
they would have done
Imperative mood
let's do!
Past perfect imperative mood
sois remoqué
have done
soyons remoqués
let's have done
soyez remoqués
have done

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