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Pindah (to move) conjugation

5 examples

Conjugation of pindah

Present tense
I move
Past tense
sudah pindah
I moved
Present perfect tense
sudah pindah
I have moved
Future perfect tense
akan sudah pindah
I will have moved
Future recent tense
pindah nanti
I will move
Future distant tense
pindah kelak
I am going to move
Present continuous tense
sedang pindah
I move
Past distant tense
dulu pindah
I (a long time ago) moved
Past recent tense
pindah tadi
I (recently) moved
Past very recent tense
baru saja pindah
I (just now) moved

Examples of pindah

Example in IndonesianTranslation in English
Lihat, aku harus pindah karena kami kehabisan tali, kamu tahu?Look, I need to move you. We've run out of rope, do you understand?
Jika Anda membuat pindah ke sini, Aku akan turun dan aku akan membunuhmu.If you make a move here, I'll get down and I'll kill you.
Saya baru pindah ke sini, dan aku mendengar bahwa Breakers adalah kru yang paling sulit di sekitar.I just moved here, and I heard that the Breakers were the hardest crew around.
Lalu dinamit, tidak iman, akan pindah ke gunung yang lulus ini.And then dynamite, not faith, will move that mountain into this pass.
Kau pindah, ayah mau tahu kemana... dan dengan siapa kau akan tinggal.You move, I wanna know where and with whom you'll be staying.

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