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Berpikir (to think) conjugation

5 examples

Conjugation of berpikir

Present tense
I think
Past tense
sudah berpikir
I thought
Present perfect tense
sudah berpikir
I have thought
Future tense
akan berpikir
I will think
Future perfect tense
akan sudah berpikir
I will have thought
akan telah berpikir
I will have thought
Present continuous tense
sedang berpikir
I am thinking
lagi berpikir
I am thinking

Examples of berpikir

Example in MalayTranslation in English
Kau pernah berpikir, alam semesta melawanmu ?Do you ever think that the universe is against you?
Aku hanya tidak berpikir tentang hal-hal seperti itu sebelum aku pergi.I just wasn't thinking about things like that before I left.
Aku bahkan tak berpikir hari seperti ini.I don't think we figured in his day at all.
Apakah kamu berpikir Aku tidak akan mencari tahu?- I've gotten all A's in every class. - Did you think I wasn't going to find out?
Apa ini? / Topi berpikir.- What is it? - It's a thinking cap.

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