Se douter (to think) conjugation

11 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je me doute
I think
tu tu te doutes
you think
il/elle/on il/elle/on se doute
he/she/it thinks
nous nous nous doutons
we think
vous vous vous doutez
you all think
ils/elles ils/elles se doutent
they think
Present perfect tense
je me suis douté
I thought
tu t’es douté
you thought
il/elle/on s’est douté
he/she/it thought
nous nous sommes doutés
we thought
vous vous êtes doutés
you all thought
ils/elles se sont doutés
they thought
Past imperfect tense
je me doutais
I was thinking
tu tu te doutais
you were thinking
il/elle/on il/elle/on se doutait
he/she/it was thinking
nous nous nous doutions
we were thinking
vous vous vous doutiez
you all were thinking
ils/elles ils/elles se doutaient
they were thinking
Future tense
je me douterai
I will think
tu tu te douteras
you will think
il/elle/on il/elle/on se doutera
he/she/it will think
nous nous nous douterons
we will think
vous vous vous douterez
you all will think
ils/elles ils/elles se douteront
they will think
Past perfect tense
je m’étais douté
I had thought
tu t’étais douté
you had thought
il/elle/on s’était douté
he/she/it had thought
nous nous étions doutés
we had thought
vous vous étiez doutés
you all had thought
ils/elles s’étaient doutés
they had thought
Past preterite tense
je me doutai
I thought
tu tu te doutas
you thought
il/elle/on il/elle/on se douta
he/she/it thought
nous nous nous doutâmes
we thought
vous vous vous doutâtes
you all thought
ils/elles ils/elles se doutèrent
they thought
Past anterior tense
je me fus douté
I had thought
tu te fus douté
you had thought
il/elle/on se fut douté
he/she/it had thought
nous nous fûmes doutés
we had thought
vous vous fûtes doutés
you all had thought
ils/elles se furent doutés
they had thought
Future perfect tense
je me serai douté
I will have thought
tu te seras douté
you will have thought
il/elle/on se sera douté
he/she/it will have thought
nous nous serons doutés
we will have thought
vous vous serez doutés
you all will have thought
ils/elles se seront doutés
they will have thought
Present subjunctive tense
que je me doute
that I think
que tu te doutes
that you think
qu’il/elle/on se doute
that he/she/it think
que nous nous doutions
that we think
que vous vous doutiez
that you all think
ils/elles qu’ils/elles  se doutent
that they think
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que je me sois douté
that I have thought
que tu te sois douté
that you have thought
qu’il/elle/on se soit douté
that he/she/it have thought
que nous nous soyons doutés
that we have thought
que vous vous soyez doutés
that you all have thought
qu’ils/elles se soient doutés
that they have thought
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je me doutasse
that I would think
que tu te doutasses
that you would think
qu’il/elle/on se doutât
that he/she/it would think
que nous nous doutassions
that we would think
que vous vous doutassiez
that you all would think
ils/elles qu’ils/elles  se doutassent
that they would think
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que je me fusse douté
that I had thought
que tu te fusses douté
that you had thought
qu’il/elle/on se fût douté
that he/she/it had thought
que nous nous fussions doutés
that we had thought
que vous vous fussiez doutés
that you all had thought
qu’ils/elles se fussent doutés
that they had thought
Conditional mood
je me douterais
I would think
tu tu te douterais
you would think
il/elle/on il/elle/on se douterait
he/she/it would think
nous nous nous douterions
we would think
vous vous vous douteriez
you all would think
ils/elles ils/elles se douteraient
they would think
Conditional perfect tense
je me serais douté
I would have thought
tu te serais douté
you would have thought
il/elle/on se serait douté
he/she/it would have thought
nous nous serions doutés
we would have thought
vous vous seriez doutés
you all would have thought
ils/elles se seraient doutés
they would have thought
Imperative mood
let's think!

Examples of se douter

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
- Mon père va se douter que c'est moi qui l'ai piquée.Dad'll surely think I swiped it - It was your idea.
Celui qui a fait ça va se douter que c'est le 1er endroit où j'irai.Don't you think whoever's behind this will think that's the place I'd go?
Elle devait bien se douter.I think I still knew
Elle devait se douter de quelque chose.Oh, don't think she didn't know that something was going on.
Elle m'a dit, sans se douter qu'elle me parlait à moi-même, que j'étais le bouffon du prince,She told me, not thinking I had been myself, that I was the prince's jester,
- Pourquoi en doutez-vous ?- Why do you think they're not?
- Je m'en suis douté. T'as du neuf ?I thought as much when you said to meet here...
- Je m'en étais toujours douté.- I thought so.
- Je n'en ai jamais douté.- I never thought you did.
- Je ne te décevrai pas demain. - Je n'en ai jamais douté.I won't disappoint you tomorrow I never thought you would
Désolée d'avoir douté de toi.I'm sorry that I thought you were keeping secrets from me.

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