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Se barrer (to leave) conjugation

14 examples

Conjugation of se barrer

Present tense
je me barre
I leave
tu tu te barres
you leave
il/elle/on il/elle/on se barre
he/she/it leaves
nous nous nous barrons
we leave
vous vous vous barrez
you all leave
ils/elles ils/elles se barrent
they leave
Present perfect tense
je me suis barré
I left
tu t’es barré
you left
il/elle/on s’est barré
he/she/it left
nous nous sommes barrés
we left
vous vous êtes barrés
you all left
ils/elles se sont barrés
they left
Past impf. tense
je me barrais
I was leaving
tu tu te barrais
you were leaving
il/elle/on il/elle/on se barrait
he/she/it was leaving
nous nous nous barrions
we were leaving
vous vous vous barriez
you all were leaving
ils/elles ils/elles se barraient
they were leaving
Future tense
je me barrerai
I will leave
tu tu te barreras
you will leave
il/elle/on il/elle/on se barrera
he/she/it will leave
nous nous nous barrerons
we will leave
vous vous vous barrerez
you all will leave
ils/elles ils/elles se barreront
they will leave
Past perfect tense
je m’étais barré
I had left
tu t’étais barré
you had left
il/elle/on s’était barré
he/she/it had left
nous nous étions barrés
we had left
vous vous étiez barrés
you all had left
ils/elles s’étaient barrés
they had left
Past preterite tense
je me barrai
I left
tu tu te barras
you left
il/elle/on il/elle/on se barra
he/she/it left
nous nous nous barrâmes
we left
vous vous vous barrâtes
you all left
ils/elles ils/elles se barrèrent
they left
Past anterior tense
je me fus barré
I had left
tu te fus barré
you had left
il/elle/on se fut barré
he/she/it had left
nous nous fûmes barrés
we had left
vous vous fûtes barrés
you all had left
ils/elles se furent barrés
they had left
Future perfect tense
je me serai barré
I will have left
tu te seras barré
you will have left
il/elle/on se sera barré
he/she/it will have left
nous nous serons barrés
we will have left
vous vous serez barrés
you all will have left
ils/elles se seront barrés
they will have left
Present subjunctive tense
que je me barre
that I leave
que tu te barres
that you leave
qu’il/elle/on se barre
that he/she/it leave
que nous nous barrions
that we leave
que vous vous barriez
that you all leave
ils/elles qu’ils/elles  se barrent
that they leave
Present perf. subjunctive tense
que je me sois barré
that I have left
que tu te sois barré
that you have left
qu’il/elle/on se soit barré
that he/she/it have left
que nous nous soyons barrés
that we have left
que vous vous soyez barrés
that you all have left
qu’ils/elles se soient barrés
that they have left
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je me barrasse
that I would leave
que tu te barrasses
that you would leave
qu’il/elle/on se barrât
that he/she/it would leave
que nous nous barrassions
that we would leave
que vous vous barrassiez
that you all would leave
ils/elles qu’ils/elles  se barrassent
that they would leave
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que je me fusse barré
that I had left
que tu te fusses barré
that you had left
qu’il/elle/on se fût barré
that he/she/it had left
que nous nous fussions barrés
that we had left
que vous vous fussiez barrés
that you all had left
qu’ils/elles se fussent barrés
that they had left
Conditional mood
je me barrerais
I would leave
tu tu te barrerais
you would leave
il/elle/on il/elle/on se barrerait
he/she/it would leave
nous nous nous barrerions
we would leave
vous vous vous barreriez
you all would leave
ils/elles ils/elles se barreraient
they would leave
Conditional perfect tense
je me serais barré
I would have left
tu te serais barré
you would have left
il/elle/on se serait barré
he/she/it would have left
nous nous serions barrés
we would have left
vous vous seriez barrés
you all would have left
ils/elles se seraient barrés
they would have left
Imperative mood
let's leave!

Examples of se barrer

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
- On doit se barrer vite !- We have that to leave daqui.
- On peut se barrer.- We can always leave.
- Une nana pareille, se barrer ?- Could you leave a girl like that?
A peine accepté, il doit se barrer.- Just when he fit in he has to leave.
"que Bobby s'était barré and que Pentagram avait maintenant une chanteuse"that Bobby left and Pentagram now has a female singer
- Et ce con de chat s'est barré !- The son of a bitch cat just left...
- Il s'est barré par la fenêtre.- Then left through the window.
- Il s'est barré, le petit.- The kid just left... - Who?
- Mon jules s'est barré.- Boyfriend left.
Allez, barre-toi.All right, leave.
C'est ça, barre-toi.Go ahead, leave.
Maintenant que c'est fait, barre-toi.Now that you got it out of your system, Bobby, you have to leave.
Bon, barrez-vous maintenant.Alright, leave now.
Chipez-lui son pognon et barrez-vous.Just steal all Tim's money and leave.

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