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Menghentikan (to stop) conjugation

5 examples

Conjugation of menghentikan

Present tense
I stop
Past tense
sudah menghentikan
I stopped
Present perfect tense
sudah menghentikan
I have stopped
Future perfect tense
akan sudah menghentikan
I will have stopped
Future recent tense
menghentikan nanti
I will stop
Future distant tense
menghentikan kelak
I am going to stop
Present continuous tense
sedang menghentikan
I stop
Past distant tense
dulu menghentikan
I (a long time ago) stopped
Past recent tense
menghentikan tadi
I (recently) stopped
Past very recent tense
baru saja menghentikan
I (just now) stopped

Examples of menghentikan

Example in IndonesianTranslation in English
Moloch mengirimkan mahluk itu untuk menghentikan kita.Moloch sent those creatures to stop us.
Aku harus menghentikan Angie melakukan hal bodoh.I got to stop Angie from doing something stupid.
Untuk menghentikan golem, aku harus menulis shem.In order to stop the golem, I have to write a shem.
Tapi wasit menghentikan pertandingan.And the referee stops the bout
Aku ingin kau menghentikan pendarahannya.I need you to stop the bleeding.

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