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Mencuba (to try) conjugation

5 examples

Conjugation of mencuba

Present tense
I try
Past tense
sudah mencuba
I tried
Present perfect tense
sudah mencuba
I have tried
Future tense
akan mencuba
I will try
Future perfect tense
akan sudah mencuba
I will have tried
akan telah mencuba
I will have tried
Present continuous tense
sedang mencuba
I am trying
lagi mencuba
I am trying

Examples of mencuba

Example in MalayTranslation in English
Mungkin anda perlu mencuba dan menjadi satu untuk sementara waktu.Maybe you should try and be single for a while.
Donna, anda ingin mencuba Tentu?Donna, you want to try? - Sure
Ya, sebenarnya, um, saya ingin mencuba gaun itu.Yeah, actually, I would like to try on that dress.
Saya perlu mencuba.I have to try.
Anda perlu mencuba sesuatu yang tidak sepastinya menjadi.You must try things that may not work.

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