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Coger (to take) conjugation

144 examples
This verb can also have the following meanings: to arrest, to harvest, seize, imitate, to hold, to catch, to have sex, turn, to fish, to learn, board, to pick, to imitate, to choose, to board, to get, pick, have, choose, to seize, to turn to

Conjugation of coger

Present tense
I take
you take
he/she/it takes
we take
you all take
they take
Present perfect tense
he cogido
I have taken
has cogido
you have taken
ha cogido
he/she/it has taken
hemos cogido
we have taken
habéis cogido
you all have taken
han cogido
they have taken
Past preterite tense
I took
you took
he/she/it took
we took
you all took
they took
Future tense
I will take
you will take
he/she/it will take
we will take
you all will take
they will take
Conditional mood
I would take
you would take
he/she/it would take
we would take
you all would take
they would take
Past imperfect tense
I used to to take
you used to to take
he/she/it used to to take
we used to to take
you all used to to take
they used to to take
Past perfect tense
había cogido
I had taken
habías cogido
you had taken
había cogido
he/she/it had taken
habíamos cogido
we had taken
habíais cogido
you all had taken
habían cogido
they had taken
Future perfect tense
habré cogido
I will have taken
habrás cogido
you will have taken
habrá cogido
he/she/it will have taken
habremos cogido
we will have taken
habréis cogido
you all will have taken
habrán cogido
they will have taken
Present subjunctive tense
(if/so that) I take
(if/so that) you take
(if/so that) he/she/it take
(if/so that) we take
(if/so that) you all take
(if/so that) they take
Present perfect subjunctive tense
haya cogido
I have taken
hayas cogido
you have taken
haya cogido
he/she/it has taken
hayamos cogido
we have taken
hayáis cogido
you all have taken
hayan cogido
they have taken
Past imperfect subjunctive tense
(if/so that) I have taken
(if/so that) you have taken
(if/so that) he/she/it have taken
(if/so that) we have taken
(if/so that) you all have taken
(if/so that) they have taken
Past imperfect subjunctive (second) tense
(if/so that) I have taken
(if/so that) you have taken
(if/so that) he/she/it have taken
(if/so that) we have taken
(if/so that) you all have taken
(if/so that) they have taken
Past perfect subjunctive tense
hubiera cogido
I had taken
hubieras cogido
you had taken
hubiera cogido
he/she/it had taken
hubiéramos cogido
we had taken
hubierais cogido
you all had taken
hubieran cogido
they had taken
Past perfect subjunctive (second) tense
hubiese cogido
I had taken
hubieses cogido
you had taken
hubiese cogido
he/she/it had taken
hubiésemos cogido
we had taken
hubieseis cogido
you all had taken
hubiesen cogido
they had taken
Future subjunctive tense
(if/so that) I will have taken
(if/so that) you will have taken
(if/so that) he/she/it will have taken
(if/so that) we will have taken
(if/so that) you all will have taken
(if/so that) they will have taken
Future perfect subjunctive tense
hubiere cogido
I will have taken
hubieres cogido
you will have taken
hubiere cogido
he/she/it will have taken
hubiéremos cogido
we will have taken
hubiereis cogido
you all will have taken
hubieren cogido
they will have taken
Imperative mood
let's take!
Imperative negative mood
no cojas
do not take!
no coja
don't let him/her/it take!
no cojamos
let us not take!
no cojáis
do not take!
no cojan
do not take!

Examples of coger

Example in SpanishTranslation in English
! Voy a coger lo que me debes al final!I am going to take what is finally owed m me!
"Deberías ir... o sea, no vas a coger el trabajo, pero aun así podrías sacar una gran cena de todo esto".i mean, you're not going to take the job, but you might as well get a great meal out of the deal.
"Por eso me parece conveniente coger el primer avión y salir de la isla.That's why I thought it best to take the first plane off the island.
"Preguntale a tu padre si planea coger el coche esta semana""Ask your father if he plans" "to take the car in this week."
"Voy a coger una hoja de afeitar, voy a rebanar desde tu ojete hasta tus huevos, y luego voy a abrirlo como un taco..."I'm going to take a razor blade and slice from your taint to your ball sack, and then open it up like a taco...
"No puedo haceros nada porque sois demasiados". "porque sois demasiados". "Si os cojo uno a uno... ya hablaríamos"i can't do nothing to you guys cause there's too many of u i'll take you on one on one and i'll talk to u nothing about guns, bats or nothing like that i'll talk to you on one on one
"Tú cogiste a mi hijo, ¿yo cojo el tuyo?""You take my son, I'll take yours"?
"¿Por qué no le cojo unos segundos antes y me lo llevo a la parada?"Why not take him out a few seconds early and take him up to his way station?
# Entonces lo cojo si esta usted de acuerdo # Está detrás de esto- ♪ Then I take it you're agreeing - ♪ She's behind this
, normalmente no cojo esta carretera... y el día que vengo por aquí tropiezo contigo, y ha sido una suerte, porque es imposible que tu muevas esto solo.You know, I usually don't even take this road... and the day I turned this way I ran into you, and it's lucky, 'cause there's no way you could move this!
"Bueno, coges lo bueno, coges lo malo,"Well, you take the good you take the bad,
"Te daré gran placer si coges todo esto""Said a young man to his lady friend please as he wriggled with pain on his knees, it would give me great bliss if you'd take hold of this and relinquish your grasp upon these."
"coges los dos y ahí tienes Facts of Life""you take them both and there you have the facts of life."
"¿Por qué no coges esta silla y haces rodar tu culo por la ciudad?""Why don't you take this chair and roll your ass around town?"
"¿Por qué no coges este perro para que arrastre tu culo ciego por la ciudad?""Why don't you take this dog and have the dog drag your blind ass around town?"
"Amelia coge a Anhalt de la mano y lo mira a los ojos.""Amelia takes Anhalt by the hand and looks into his face."
"Cuando un paciente llama, incluso de noche, coge su maletín..."When a patient calls, even at night, he takes his bag -"
(El Doctor coge el brazo del Khan y salen cojeando.)(The Doctor takes the Khan's arm as they both hobble out.)
(Ping-Cho abre el diario y coge las llaves del TARDIS.)(Ping-Cho opens the journal and takes the TARDIS keys.)
(Ping-Cho coge el dinero de su cinturón.)(Ping-Cho takes the money from Kuiju's belt.)
"A pesar que pagamos un precio por todo lo que obtenemos... o cogemos de este mundo, y merece la pena tener ambiciones, no sale barato conseguirlas"."For we pay a price for everything we get or take in this world, " and although ambitions are well worth having, they are not to be cheaply won. "
"Sólo lo cogemos y lo metemos de nuevo adentro."♪ We just take it and we jam it back inside ♪
- Mi mujer y yo lo cogemos.- The wife and I will take it.
- No, está bien. Vincent no me dijo lo de su hermano, así que supongo que cogemos una, y empezamos a cavar alrededor de la base.Vincent didn't tell me which brother, so I guess we each take one and start shoveling around the base.
- Nosotros lo cogemos.- We'll take it.
Bien, si lo cogéis, yo no os lo he dado.Now, if you take this, it didn't come from me.
Buscáis en nuestras oficinas, cogéis nuestros ordenadores y me metéis aquí.You search our offices, take our computers and haul me in here.
Chicos, ¿por qué no cogéis a Tamara y os marcháis?You guys, why don't you take Tamara and head for the hills?
Chicos, ¿por qué no cogéis esas dos?Boys, why don't you take those two over there?
Chicos, ¿por qué no cogéis vuestros platos y...?Guys, why don't you take your plates and...?
"En un pueblo de Nueva Inglaterra, cogen jóvenes de noche y los entierran vivos."In a small New England town, teenagers are taken in the night and buried alive.
- A ver si la cogen.- See if they take it.
- Amen. Ahora, si cogen sus himnarios y lo abren por la página 335.Now if you'll take out your hymnals and turn to page 335.
- Desprecias a los que cogen taxis.- You look down on people who take taxis.
- Los indios cogen sus pipas, las machacan con grasa y se la ponen por el cuerpo para protegerse del sol.- Yeah. - Indians take the seeds, grind them up into a butter and spread it over themselves to keep the sun out.
"De hecho, al día siguiente cogí dinero,"Actually, the next day I took some money,
"Entonces cogí su cabeza, se la pegué a mi culo y solté un pedo enorme"."So I took her head and stuck it by my butt and blew a huge fart right back at her. "
"Haber intentado abrir... el bolso... de esa mujer... pero no cogí nada"."...tried to open... "the purse... "of this woman but I took nothing."
"Pero no cogí nada"."But I took nothing."
- Hace un par de semanas cogí unos Vicodines de un bote de un paciente y me los tragué.- A couple weeks ago I took some Vicodin out of a patient's prescription bottle and I swallowed them.
- Bueno, los Cds es la única otra cosa que cogiste.- Well, the CDs are the only other thing you took.
- Charlie, cogiste el dinero.- You took the money. - Yes, I know.
- Conducía él y cogiste el volante.- He was driving, so you took the wheel?
- Cuando cogiste mi mano en el restaurante,When you took my hand in that restaurant,
- Eh, tú cogiste mi gorra primero.- Hey, you took my cap first.
" Le cogió la mano y le dijo,"He took her hand and said,
"Al pedirle que posara en actitud relajada, cogió la flor y dijo: 'Me relajo así.Pose for the picture he took the flower and said 'This is what I want to relax.
"Así que la tarántula, cogió las tijeras, y cortó el vientre del lobo.""So, the huntsman took a pair of scissors And cut open the wolf's belly. "
"El reino del paraíso... es como un grano de una semilla de mostaza que un hombre cogió..."The kingdom of heaven..." Mm-hmm. "Is like a grain of a mustard seed that a man took..." Whoa.
"El sapo se revolvió con entusiasmo hacia el asiento vacío del conductor, cogió el volante entre sus manos, escuchó con humildad las instrucciones que le habían dado, y puso el coche en marcha.""Toad eagerly scrambled into the seat vacated by the driver, took the steering wheel in his hands, listened with affected humility to the instructions given him, and set the car in motion."
- Lo cogimos, cambiamos los turnos... pagamos a un testigo falso. Tiene coartada para 48 horas. Cuando aparezca muerto el martes...We took the body, retrospectively changed the work rota, planted a false witness who saw him leaving the hospital, giving him an alibi for the next 48 hours, so when his body's pulled out of the docks next Tuesday night,
- Los federales deben pensar que la cogimos nosotros.Feds must think we took her.
- Pensamos que necesitábamos pruebas así que Joe y yo cogimos una cámara... mayormente Joe... y la pusimos en mi habitación para tratar de que Bianca se enrollara con nosotros y así lo vieras por ti misma.- We thought we needed proof so Joe and I took a camera-- mostly Joe-- and put it in my bedroom and we tried to get Bianca to hit on us so that you could see it for yourself.
- Todos los del bus que cogimos hacia la escuela.- Everybody on the bus we took to school.
A alguien se le olvidó reemplazar lo que cogimos.Someone forget to replace what we took.
- Solo quiero que sepáis que no quería heriros cuando cogisteis a esos soldados.- Look, I just want you to know I didn't want to hurt you when you took those soldiers.
- Sí, cogisteis demasiado.- Yes. You took too much.
- tan poco imaginativos, que simplemente cogisteis lo más cercano.- so unimaginative, that you just took the nearest thing.
- ¿La cogisteis?You took it?
El que os acompañaba cuando cogisteis a aquel ranger de Texas en Missouri.The one that was with you when you took that Texas Ranger in Missouri.
# ellos cogieron su pedazo # # el precio de la fama # # que nadie puede devolver # # pero no me compraron cuando compraron mi nombre # # y por eso rezo # # para que cuando veas a alguien herido #♪ yet they paid 50¢ for my soul ♪ ♪ they took their piece ♪ ♪ the price of fame ♪
*Por un beso pagan mil* *y a pesar de todo pagan 50 centavos por mi alma* *y cogieron su pedazo*♪ For a kiss they paid a thousand ♪ ♪ Yet they paid fifty cents for my soul ♪ ♪ They took their piece ♪
- Aquí es donde te cogieron.- This is where they took you.
- Cuando cogieron mi arma- When they took away my gun
- Dijiste que unos hombres te cogieron.- You said men took you.
Así que cogeré, como, 500 pavos para empezar.So I will take, like, 500 bucks to start.
Bueno.... Tal vez cogeré uno.Well... maybe I will take one.
Claudia se casa mañana, y que Dios me ayude, si te pillo aunque sea respirando en mismo aire que ella, cogeré esos cacahuetes que intentas pasar por testículos y los aplastaré tan fuerte que tus ojos saltarán,Claudia is getting married tomorrow, and so help me God, if I catch you even so much as breathing the same air as her, I will take those peanuts you're trying to pass off as testicles, and I will squeeze them so hard your eyes pop out, and then I'll feed them to you like grapes!
Como tú te quedas aquí cogeré otra habitación.So, you stay here, I will take another room.
Con esta mano... cogeré tu vino.With this hand, I will take your wine.
Aquilas, a menos que seas un necio, cogerás a esta chica mientras esté en tu mano.Achillas, if you are not a fool... you will take that girl while she is under your hand.
Así lo cogerás.So certainly you will take.
Cuando consigamos el dinero de ese maldito canalla... tu cogerás primero lo tuyo y luego nos enseñarás el resto, ¿verdad?When we get the money from Bloody Scoundrel, you will take your cut first and then give us ours, right?
Hendrik, aunque no serás coronado rey de los nerds, sabemos que cogerás tu mente excepcional y harás cosas excepcionales al volver al mundo real.Hendrik, while you will not be crowned king of the nerds, we know that you will take your exceptional mind and do exceptional things back in the real world.
Me cogerás en su lugar.You will take me instead.
- ¿Tu hermana? Tu hermana cogerá su dinero tranquila y volverá a Portugal aún más tranquila...-Your sister will take the money, quietly pack her bags and leave!
Adam lo cogerá.Adam will take it.
Apophis cogerá al nino y se irá de Abydos para siempre.Apophis will take this child and leave Abydos for ever.
Barney cogerá el sobre con el dinero que le dé e irá directo a nuestra trampa.Barney will take the envelope of cash I gave him and head straight into our trap.
Bayview Aeronautics cogerá los resultados y actuará de acuerdo a ellos.Bayview aeronautics will take the results and act accordingly.
- Entonces nos cogeremos la copia y nos iremos.Then we will take our paste and be on our way.
- Y a tu novia la cogeremos.- And to your fiancèe we will take it.
...ya no necesitas tener miedo a lo desconocido. Porque cogeremos tu mano y te guiaremos al otro lado del río. ¿Sobre qué río estoy hablando?...you will no longer need to fear the unknown because he will take your hand and guide you to the other side of the river what river am I talking about?
Así que las opciones son, danos la llave o cogeremos al Grimm y la encontramos nosotros mismos.So the choices are, give us the key or we will take the Grimm and find it ourselves.
Así que, si permanecen en su sitio. cogeremos aquello por lo que hemos venido.So if you'll kindly remain where you are we will take what we came for...
Oíd, aquí fuera cogeréis una enfermedadYou will take a chill out here
Ya que se sido de tanta ayuda, tú y tus amigos de Osela la cogeréis y todo este lío desaparece.Since I've been so helpful, you and your Osela friends will take her and this whole mess away.
A ver si puedes adivinar qué camino cogerán tus amigos.See if you can guess which road the friends will take.
Cuando esté hecho me cogerán como rehénWhen it's done, they will take me hostage
El equipo de asalto y el resto de la unidad cogerán a Vincent.Assault team and remaining unit, you will take Vincent.
Los vampiros cogerán lo que quieran.Vampires will take whatever they want.
Los yanquis lo cogerán, lo pincharán en un palo y harán una barbacoa.The Yanks will take Dante, put him on a spit and have a barbecue.
- 30-34 - ¿Quién la cogería?- 30-34. - Who would take that?
- Yo cogería tu dolor.I would take your pain.
Bueno, así que, por ejemplo, un editor cogería tu última frase y la convertiría en algo que pudiera entender.Okay, so, for example, an editor would take your last sentence and turn it into something that I could understand.
Entonces, yo cogería la indirecta y me mudaría.Then, I would take the hint and move.
Esa llamada, yo la cogería.That call, I would take.
Creyó que la cogeríamos y nos iríamos. Y yo dije: "No. Tengo orden de registro.Well, he thought we would take the magazine and leave, and I said, "No, we have a search warrant.
Ese cogeríamos...That would take us right...
Le di al ciervo en el cuello, así que pensé que lo cogeríamos enseguida.I hit the deer in the neck, which I thought would take it out instantly.
Dijeron que sus amigos la cogerían si no hacía todo lo me dijeran.They said their friends would take her if I didn't do everything they say.
El tipo de cosas que cogerían un cuervo y una urraca.Just the sort of thing a crow or a magpie would take.
Estaba pensando, ya que mamás no van a coger el bebé, que si sus padres supieran que Ana estaba embarazada, ¿tal vez ellos lo cogerían?Well, I was thinking, since moms aren't taking the baby, that if her parents knew that Ana was pregnant, maybe they would take it?
"A medianoche, coja la escalera del jardinero y suba a mi habitación."At midnight, take the gardener's ladder and come to my window."
"P. D: Siga el consejo de un amigo, coja un barco esta noche."p. s.: take a friend's advice.
"Que no coja el fruto de la vida y comiendo de él viva para siempre"."Lest they should take also of the Tree of Life, eat, and live forever. "
"Rápido, coja el bote que nos vamos de aquí, ¿eh?""Quick, take the pot we 're out of here, huh?"
*Así que deja que te coja de la mano y te guíe en este baile*♪ So let me take you by the hand and lead you on this dance ♪
"Lo que sea que hagas, no cojas los calcetines"."Whatever you do, don't take the socks orf.
*Ahora cuando me cojas del... ¿Quién lo va a saber? *♪ Now when you take me by the, who's ever gonna know?
, insisto en que cojas este violín y empieces a practicar algo bonito.I do insist you take this violin and - start practicing something nice.
- Así que quiero que cojas esto y te vayas. -¿Qué es esto?So I want you to take that and go. What's that?
- Bien, Lily, necesito que te calmes y que cojas el bebé.Okay, Lily, I need you to calm down and take the baby.
- Serà mejor que la cojamos.-We'd better take it along too.
- Será mejor que cojamos una habitación.- I think we'd better take a suite.
- Tiempo libre." - Sí, de hecho me han dicho que prefieren que nos cojamos unos días libres."or with... time off." Yeah, I was actually told that they prefer us to take the time off.
Acabamos y lo cojamos.We just walk in and take it.
Ahora quiero que todos nos cojamos de la mano para formar un círculo.Then I'd like everyone to take the hand of the person to each side and form a circle.
- No dejaré que me cojáis.I won't let you take me.
- No, no cojáis las armas.- No, don't take your guns.
Ahora, no cojáis nada que sea demasiado pesado para vosotros.Now, don't take anything that's too heavy for you.
El sheriff ha dicho que cojáis lo que necesitéis, invito yo.Sheriff said take whatever you need. It's on me.
Excepto tal vez no cojáis esta.Except maybe don't take this one.
"El festival de Lodi está aquí, cojan a sus parejas""The festival of Lodi is here, take your partners"
"Que nunca te cojan vivo"."never be taken alive."
- Escuchen, cojan me, déjenlas ir.- Listen, take me. Let them go.
- No dejen que cojan al Sr. Snugglelump.- Don't let them take Mr. Snugglelump.
- No es normal que me cojan de rehén.- I'm rarely taken hostage.
Pero es posible que alguien... pudiese haber entrado por la ventana, cambiase la posición de los frascos en los estantes, mientras ella dormía... de modo que cuando volvió a toser, cogiese el frasco equivocado y volviese a la cama.But it is possible that someone could have entered through the window, changed the positions of the bottles on the washstand as she slept, so that when she awoke with her coughing, she would have taken the wrong bottle back to bed.
! Tomad, coged el expediente completo!Here, just take the whole file!
"Para llegar al Rosalita. coged estos intocables medios de transporte"."To get to Rosalita's, take this untouchable means of transportation."
# Hermanas, hermanos venid a los campos, coged las banderas y cantemos.Sisters-brothers' come to the fields, take the flags and let's sing!
- Quiero que todo el mundo se despliegue, coged los coches, y encontradlo.- He wouldn't know what to do. - I want everyone to fan out, take the cars, and find him.
- Tíos, coged el dinero.Dudes, take the money.
"Alargué la mano y lo saqué, pero apenas lo había cogido... ""l reached in and got the gun, but I'd hardly taken hold of it...
"Bruiser" ya estaba cogido, así que..."Bruiser" was already taken, so...
"Buzz" está cogido."Buzz" is taken.
"Han cogido un avión hacia Ucanca."They've taken a plane to Ucanca.
"Vuecencia", las he cogido yo.Sir, I've taken care of them.
"Empezamos en las minas y acabamos de esa manera..." "... aceptando cualquier cosa que venga..." "...cogiendo lo peor..."We started out in the mines and we'll finish that way, too taking anything that comes along getting from bad to worse till we drop in our tracks.
"Serpiente cogiendo una perla". Es evidente."Snake taking a pearl." That's too obvious.
- Aparecías cogiendo las llaves del coche.- It showed you taking the car keys.
- Entonces enla mañana siguiente, Le estaba diciendo a la directora que me vió cogiendo el blasón de su despacho.Next he was telling the headmistress he saw me taking the crest above her office.
- Estamos cogiendo lo que es nuestro.-We're taking what's ours.

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