Tartiner (to spread) conjugation

14 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je tartine
I spread
tu tartines
you spread
il/elle/on tartine
he/she/it spreads
nous tartinons
we spread
vous tartinez
you all spread
ils/elles tartinent
they spread
Present perfect tense
j’ai tartiné
I spread
tu as tartiné
you spread
il/elle/on a tartiné
he/she/it spread
nous avons tartiné
we spread
vous avez tartiné
you all spread
ils/elles ont tartiné
they spread
Past imperfect tense
je tartinais
I was spreading
tu tartinais
you were spreading
il/elle/on tartinait
he/she/it was spreading
nous tartinions
we were spreading
vous tartiniez
you all were spreading
ils/elles tartinaient
they were spreading
Future tense
je tartinerai
I will spread
tu tartineras
you will spread
il/elle/on tartinera
he/she/it will spread
nous tartinerons
we will spread
vous tartinerez
you all will spread
ils/elles tartineront
they will spread
Past perfect tense
j’avais tartiné
I had spread
tu avais tartiné
you had spread
il/elle/on avait tartiné
he/she/it had spread
nous avions tartiné
we had spread
vous aviez tartiné
you all had spread
ils/elles avaient tartiné
they had spread
Past preterite tense
je tartinai
I spread
tu tartinas
you spread
il/elle/on tartina
he/she/it spread
nous tartinâmes
we spread
vous tartinâtes
you all spread
ils/elles tartinèrent
they spread
Past anterior tense
j’eus tartiné
I had spread
tu eus tartiné
you had spread
il/elle/on eut tartiné
he/she/it had spread
nous eûmes tartiné
we had spread
vous eûtes tartiné
you all had spread
ils/elles eurent tartiné
they had spread
Future perfect tense
j’aurai tartiné
I will have spread
tu auras tartiné
you will have spread
il/elle/on aura tartiné
he/she/it will have spread
nous aurons tartiné
we will have spread
vous aurez tartiné
you all will have spread
ils/elles auront tartiné
they will have spread
Present subjunctive tense
que je tartine
that I spread
que tu tartines
that you spread
qu’il/elle/on tartine
that he/she/it spread
que nous tartinions
that we spread
que vous tartiniez
that you all spread
qu’ils/elles tartinent
that they spread
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie tartiné
that I have spread
que tu aies tartiné
that you have spread
qu’il/elle/on ait tartiné
that he/she/it have spread
que nous ayons tartiné
that we have spread
que vous ayez tartiné
that you all have spread
qu’ils/elles aient tartiné
that they have spread
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je tartinasse
that I would spread
que tu tartinasses
that you would spread
qu’il/elle/on tartinât
that he/she/it would spread
que nous tartinassions
that we would spread
que vous tartinassiez
that you all would spread
qu’ils/elles tartinassent
that they would spread
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse tartiné
that I had spread
que tu eusses tartiné
that you had spread
qu’il/elle/on eût tartiné
that he/she/it had spread
que nous eussions tartiné
that we had spread
que vous eussiez tartiné
that you all had spread
qu’ils/elles eussent tartiné
that they had spread
Conditional mood
je tartinerais
I would spread
tu tartinerais
you would spread
il/elle/on tartinerait
he/she/it would spread
nous tartinerions
we would spread
vous tartineriez
you all would spread
ils/elles tartineraient
they would spread
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais tartiné
I would have spread
tu aurais tartiné
you would have spread
il/elle/on aurait tartiné
he/she/it would have spread
nous aurions tartiné
we would have spread
vous auriez tartiné
you all would have spread
ils/elles auraient tartiné
they would have spread
Imperative mood
let's spread!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie tartiné
have spread
ayons tartiné
let's have spread
ayez tartiné
have spread

Examples of tartiner

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
"As-tu déjà essayé de tartiner des idéaux ?"Did you ever try spreading ideals on a cracker?
"As-tu déjà essayé de tartiner..." Je ne peux pas !Did you ever try spreading ideals on a cracker? - Jeff. I don't...
- D'accord, en fait, nous avons un super fromage à tartiner que nous pouvons avoir pour vous mesdames- All right, actually, we have a great cheese spread that we can get for you ladies.
- Richard m'a demandé de me tartiner de confiture.- Richard asked me to spread my jam.
Essayez de beurrer une tartine... on s'en fout partout.Just try spreading peanut butter on it... right in your hands.
Je tartine avec quoi, maintenant ?Now what am I gonna spread on my toast?
Tiens, tartine ta grognasse de beurre de cacahuète et très bonne soirée !So why don't you take your peanut butter... and spread it all over whoever you have up there... and have yourself a wonderful evening.
Tu pourrais m'apporter une tartine avec du fromage ?Will you bring me a sandwich with cheese spread tomorrow?
Ça sera peut-être la manière dont il tartine de beurre une tranche de pain.Maybe it'll be the way He spreads peanut butter on a slice of bread.
Vous tartinez un toast de Fromage de la Couronne, vous goûtez, dites "miam miam", et $ 10000 sont à vous.Crown Cheese will give you $10,000 to appear on television. All you have to do is spread Crown Cheese on a piece of toast, take a bite, say "yum, yum" and $10,000 are yours.
Il est tartiné sur des kilomètres.He's probably spread about halfway across the state.
Il y a 2 jours, j'ai tartiné de la crème hydratante sur un cracker, je tuerais pour un "possible."Doc, two days ago, I spread moisturizer on a cracker. I'd kill for "possible." I've spoken with ted daniels.
Timmy a tartiné... du beurre de cacahuètes... sur ses couilles... et t'as obligé à...Timmy spread...peanut butter... on his balls...and you had to-- Oh, I'm so sorry, Lassie.
a chuté... s'est étalé... a tartiné...Dropped... put... spread...

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