Memperebutkan (to fight) conjugation

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Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
I fight
Present perfect tense
sudah memperebutkan
I have fought
Future perfect tense
akan sudah memperebutkan
I will have fought
Past tense
sudah memperebutkan
I fought
Future recent tense
memperebutkan nanti
I will fight
Future distant tense
memperebutkan kelak
I am going to fight
Present continuous tense
sedang memperebutkan
I fight
Past distant tense
dulu memperebutkan
I (a long time ago) fought
Past recent tense
memperebutkan tadi
I (recently) fought
Past very recent tense
baru saja memperebutkan
I (just now) fought

Examples of memperebutkan

Example in IndonesianTranslation in English
Ya, kami memperebutkan Anna, dan itu semakin memanas.Yes, we were fighting over Anna, and it got heated.
Kau bertarung memperebutkan gelar ?Did you fight for the title?
Perdana Menteri Cai menginginkan mereka memperebutkan takhta dan saling membunuh. Lalu dia akan mengambil alih.Prime Minister Cai wants them to fight for the throne and kill each other, and then he'll strike.
Apa mereka memperebutkan Roger?Are they fighting over Roger?
Mereka bersaing memperebutkan posisi pertama.They are fighting for first place.

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