Se ficher (to go) conjugation

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Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je me fiche
I go
tu tu te fiches
you go
il/elle/on il/elle/on se fiche
he/she/it goes
nous nous nous fichons
we go
vous vous vous fichez
you all go
ils/elles ils/elles se fichent
they go
Present perfect tense
je me suis fiché
I went
tu t’es fiché
you went
il/elle/on s’est fiché
he/she/it went
nous nous sommes fichés
we went
vous vous êtes fichés
you all went
ils/elles se sont fichés
they went
Past imperfect tense
je me fichais
I was going
tu tu te fichais
you were going
il/elle/on il/elle/on se fichait
he/she/it was going
nous nous nous fichions
we were going
vous vous vous fichiez
you all were going
ils/elles ils/elles se fichaient
they were going
Future tense
je me ficherai
I will go
tu tu te ficheras
you will go
il/elle/on il/elle/on se fichera
he/she/it will go
nous nous nous ficherons
we will go
vous vous vous ficherez
you all will go
ils/elles ils/elles se ficheront
they will go
Past perfect tense
je m’étais fiché
I had gone
tu t’étais fiché
you had gone
il/elle/on s’était fiché
he/she/it had gone
nous nous étions fichés
we had gone
vous vous étiez fichés
you all had gone
ils/elles s’étaient fichés
they had gone
Past preterite tense
je me fichai
I went
tu tu te fichas
you went
il/elle/on il/elle/on se ficha
he/she/it went
nous nous nous fichâmes
we went
vous vous vous fichâtes
you all went
ils/elles ils/elles se fichèrent
they went
Past anterior tense
je me fus fiché
I had gone
tu te fus fiché
you had gone
il/elle/on se fut fiché
he/she/it had gone
nous nous fûmes fichés
we had gone
vous vous fûtes fichés
you all had gone
ils/elles se furent fichés
they had gone
Future perfect tense
je me serai fiché
I will have gone
tu te seras fiché
you will have gone
il/elle/on se sera fiché
he/she/it will have gone
nous nous serons fichés
we will have gone
vous vous serez fichés
you all will have gone
ils/elles se seront fichés
they will have gone
Present subjunctive tense
que je me fiche
that I go
que tu te fiches
that you go
qu’il/elle/on se fiche
that he/she/it go
que nous nous fichions
that we go
que vous vous fichiez
that you all go
ils/elles qu’ils/elles  se fichent
that they go
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que je me sois fiché
that I have gone
que tu te sois fiché
that you have gone
qu’il/elle/on se soit fiché
that he/she/it have gone
que nous nous soyons fichés
that we have gone
que vous vous soyez fichés
that you all have gone
qu’ils/elles se soient fichés
that they have gone
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je me fichasse
that I would go
que tu te fichasses
that you would go
qu’il/elle/on se fichât
that he/she/it would go
que nous nous fichassions
that we would go
que vous vous fichassiez
that you all would go
ils/elles qu’ils/elles  se fichassent
that they would go
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que je me fusse fiché
that I had gone
que tu te fusses fiché
that you had gone
qu’il/elle/on se fût fiché
that he/she/it had gone
que nous nous fussions fichés
that we had gone
que vous vous fussiez fichés
that you all had gone
qu’ils/elles se fussent fichés
that they had gone
Conditional mood
je me ficherais
I would go
tu tu te ficherais
you would go
il/elle/on il/elle/on se ficherait
he/she/it would go
nous nous nous ficherions
we would go
vous vous vous ficheriez
you all would go
ils/elles ils/elles se ficheraient
they would go
Conditional perfect tense
je me serais fiché
I would have gone
tu te serais fiché
you would have gone
il/elle/on se serait fiché
he/she/it would have gone
nous nous serions fichés
we would have gone
vous vous seriez fichés
you all would have gone
ils/elles se seraient fichés
they would have gone
Imperative mood
let's go!

Examples of se ficher

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
J'ai failli lui dire, mais il devait se ficher de le savoir.I was going to say hi, then I figured he doesn't care he looks like you.
T'es dans ton joli trip Jem et les Holograms et se ficher de moi fait partie du jeu.You got your whole too-cool, Jem and the Holograms thing happening, and I feel like you consistently blowing me off is part of your act.
Ça doit être sympa de se ficher totalement de son apparence ou du resto italien où l'on va aller !It must be nice not to worry about how you look or what Italian restaurant you're going to go to.
Mais bon sang, que fichez-vous ici ? Oh, pardon. Que faites-vous ici ?oh sorry what are you doing here speak up,whats going on here?
Maman m'a éduqué sur les voitures, parce que t'avais fiché le camp !Mom taught me about cars 'cause you were gone.

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