Menindaklanjuti (to follow) conjugation

5 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
I follow
Present perfect tense
sudah menindaklanjuti
I have followed
Future perfect tense
akan sudah menindaklanjuti
I will have followed
Past tense
sudah menindaklanjuti
I followed
Future recent tense
menindaklanjuti nanti
I will follow
Future distant tense
menindaklanjuti kelak
I am going to follow
Present continuous tense
sedang menindaklanjuti
I follow
Past distant tense
dulu menindaklanjuti
I (a long time ago) followed
Past recent tense
menindaklanjuti tadi
I (recently) followed
Past very recent tense
baru saja menindaklanjuti
I (just now) followed

Examples of menindaklanjuti

Example in IndonesianTranslation in English
Apakah kau menindaklanjuti?Do you follow up?
Apakah Anda pernah menindaklanjuti kesalahan dengan kesalahan celaka lain ?Do you ever follow up a mistake with another wretched mistake?
Aku mencoba menindaklanjuti karyanya.I'm trying to follow up on his work.
Seorang tak dikenal menulis permintaan pada grafik nya dan laboratorium menindaklanjuti.Some anonymous person put the request in her chart and the lab followed through.
Saya ingin kamu menyisir arsip dan menindaklanjuti setiap entri.I want you to comb the logs and follow up on every entry.

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