Daller (to go) conjugation

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Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je dalle
I go
tu dalles
you go
il/elle/on dalle
he/she/it goes
nous dallons
we go
vous dallez
you all go
ils/elles dallent
they go
Present perfect tense
j’ai dallé
I went
tu as dallé
you went
il/elle/on a dallé
he/she/it went
nous avons dallé
we went
vous avez dallé
you all went
ils/elles ont dallé
they went
Past imperfect tense
je dallais
I was going
tu dallais
you were going
il/elle/on dallait
he/she/it was going
nous dallions
we were going
vous dalliez
you all were going
ils/elles dallaient
they were going
Future tense
je dallerai
I will go
tu dalleras
you will go
il/elle/on dallera
he/she/it will go
nous dallerons
we will go
vous dallerez
you all will go
ils/elles dalleront
they will go
Past perfect tense
j’avais dallé
I had gone
tu avais dallé
you had gone
il/elle/on avait dallé
he/she/it had gone
nous avions dallé
we had gone
vous aviez dallé
you all had gone
ils/elles avaient dallé
they had gone
Past preterite tense
je dallai
I went
tu dallas
you went
il/elle/on dalla
he/she/it went
nous dallâmes
we went
vous dallâtes
you all went
ils/elles dallèrent
they went
Past anterior tense
j’eus dallé
I had gone
tu eus dallé
you had gone
il/elle/on eut dallé
he/she/it had gone
nous eûmes dallé
we had gone
vous eûtes dallé
you all had gone
ils/elles eurent dallé
they had gone
Future perfect tense
j’aurai dallé
I will have gone
tu auras dallé
you will have gone
il/elle/on aura dallé
he/she/it will have gone
nous aurons dallé
we will have gone
vous aurez dallé
you all will have gone
ils/elles auront dallé
they will have gone
Present subjunctive tense
que je dalle
that I go
que tu dalles
that you go
qu’il/elle/on dalle
that he/she/it go
que nous dallions
that we go
que vous dalliez
that you all go
qu’ils/elles dallent
that they go
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie dallé
that I have gone
que tu aies dallé
that you have gone
qu’il/elle/on ait dallé
that he/she/it have gone
que nous ayons dallé
that we have gone
que vous ayez dallé
that you all have gone
qu’ils/elles aient dallé
that they have gone
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je dallasse
that I would go
que tu dallasses
that you would go
qu’il/elle/on dallât
that he/she/it would go
que nous dallassions
that we would go
que vous dallassiez
that you all would go
qu’ils/elles dallassent
that they would go
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse dallé
that I had gone
que tu eusses dallé
that you had gone
qu’il/elle/on eût dallé
that he/she/it had gone
que nous eussions dallé
that we had gone
que vous eussiez dallé
that you all had gone
qu’ils/elles eussent dallé
that they had gone
Conditional mood
je dallerais
I would go
tu dallerais
you would go
il/elle/on dallerait
he/she/it would go
nous dallerions
we would go
vous dalleriez
you all would go
ils/elles dalleraient
they would go
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais dallé
I would have gone
tu aurais dallé
you would have gone
il/elle/on aurait dallé
he/she/it would have gone
nous aurions dallé
we would have gone
vous auriez dallé
you all would have gone
ils/elles auraient dallé
they would have gone
Imperative mood
let's go!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie dallé
have gone
ayons dallé
let's have gone
ayez dallé
have gone

Examples of daller

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
Avant daller à IhôpitalBefore going to the hospital
Et moi personne ne ma jamais demandée daller au bout du monde Je sens que ton existence a rempli ma vie Que tu me rends ce que jai perduFrankly, no one ever offered to go with me to the end of the world l feel your presence has filled my life, Salma l feel that youre compensating me for all that Ive lost
Il va devenir fou avant daller mieux.I'm just afraid he's gonna lose his mind before he can get better.
La première fois... jai eu envie daller aux WC.The first time they put me inside... I needed to go to the toilet.
On offrait à ceux qui le voulaient daller en Russie... pour y accompagner des enfants de Vasconia.Anyone who wanted to go to Russia... to accompany the children of Vasconia, could go.
"Je lui ai dit que j'avais que dalle.I said I just got out, I'm broke,
"Qu'est-ce que tu nous dis?" "Comme d'habitude: que dalle!"What are you going to tell us?" I said, "My usual.
- 4500, c'est que dalle !That doesn't go anywhere!
- Alors, vous savez que dalle.I'm gonna check you into a motel.
- Ca prouve que dalle.I googled.

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