Cooljugator: The Smart Conjugator in Albanian

This is a very simple Albanian verb conjugator. Our goal is to make Albanian conjugation easy, smart and straightforward.

You can input verbs into the Cooljugator bar above in any form, tense or mood in both Albanian and English. The Albanian Cooljugator can currently do around 232 verbs. We suggest you try it out.

You can also click here to browse the list of Albanian verbs that we can conjugate.

Common Albanian verbs

If you run out of ideas, some Albanian verbs according to their frequency of use on Cooljugator are:

The Albanian language

Albanian is the language spoken mainly in Albania and Kosovo, as well as Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Italy and some other regions. Albania is known as being the only surviving representative of a distinct branch of Indo-European languages (which is also quite distant from other groups - although it is suggested that, in very early episodes, the Balto-Slavic group was its closest kin).

Albania (at least by its name of that time) had already been mentioned at Ptolemy's times. The language, likewise, has had a long history, although the first official written records seem to appear in 1462. There were a number of written texts, mostly religious in nature, and mostly in Gheg, up until around the late 18th and especially 19th centuries, when some literature was produced by exiles. One of the earliest works of that kind was perhaps poetry written by Gjul Variboba. The language has developed since, and, of course, the recent political events in Albania and the relative isolation of the country up until recently have shaped the language too.

Albanian has two main dialects: Ghag (in the North) and Tosk (in the South), and the dividing line between them is considered to lie at the Shkumbin River. The official dialect has been modeled after Tosk ever since mid XX-th century (even though it was originally based on a particular Ghag variety).

About Albanian conjugation

The conjugation of the Albanian has a standard Indo-European tense-aspect-mood varied conjugation system, but it includes many interesting traits in its conjugation system. For example, it changes the stem vowel 'e' to 'o' in the present (just like Baltic languages, such as Latvian or Lithuanian). Moreover, its conjugation system also has the medio-passive voice, which is also a trait of Modern Greek.

In the Albanian Cooljugator, we try to provide you as many of these conjugation factors as possible, although we also try to focus on the most important parts of conjugation too. Our Albanian Cooljugator is still under development and more verbs will be added in the future. If you would like to see it expanded, get in touch to let us know so we prioritise it! And if you’d like to help up with it, get in touch too!

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