Balayer (to sweep) conjugation

25 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je balaye
I sweep
tu balayes
you sweep
il/elle/on balaye
he/she/it sweeps
nous balayons
we sweep
vous balayez
you all sweep
ils/elles balayent
they sweep
Present perfect tense
j’ai balayé
I swept
tu as balayé
you swept
il/elle/on a balayé
he/she/it swept
nous avons balayé
we swept
vous avez balayé
you all swept
ils/elles ont balayé
they swept
Past imperfect tense
je balayais
I was sweeping
tu balayais
you were sweeping
il/elle/on balayait
he/she/it was sweeping
nous balayions
we were sweeping
vous balayiez
you all were sweeping
ils/elles balayaient
they were sweeping
Future tense
je balayerai
I will sweep
tu balayeras
you will sweep
il/elle/on balayera
he/she/it will sweep
nous balayerons
we will sweep
vous balayerez
you all will sweep
ils/elles balayeront
they will sweep
Past perfect tense
j’avais balayé
I had swept
tu avais balayé
you had swept
il/elle/on avait balayé
he/she/it had swept
nous avions balayé
we had swept
vous aviez balayé
you all had swept
ils/elles avaient balayé
they had swept
Past preterite tense
je balayai
I swept
tu balayas
you swept
il/elle/on balaya
he/she/it swept
nous balayâmes
we swept
vous balayâtes
you all swept
ils/elles balayèrent
they swept
Past anterior tense
j’eus balayé
I had swept
tu eus balayé
you had swept
il/elle/on eut balayé
he/she/it had swept
nous eûmes balayé
we had swept
vous eûtes balayé
you all had swept
ils/elles eurent balayé
they had swept
Future perfect tense
j’aurai balayé
I will have swept
tu auras balayé
you will have swept
il/elle/on aura balayé
he/she/it will have swept
nous aurons balayé
we will have swept
vous aurez balayé
you all will have swept
ils/elles auront balayé
they will have swept
Present subjunctive tense
que je balaye
that I sweep
que tu balayes
that you sweep
qu’il/elle/on balaye
that he/she/it sweep
que nous balayions
that we sweep
que vous balayiez
that you all sweep
qu’ils/elles balayent
that they sweep
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie balayé
that I have swept
que tu aies balayé
that you have swept
qu’il/elle/on ait balayé
that he/she/it have swept
que nous ayons balayé
that we have swept
que vous ayez balayé
that you all have swept
qu’ils/elles aient balayé
that they have swept
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je balayasse
that I would sweep
que tu balayasses
that you would sweep
qu’il/elle/on balayât
that he/she/it would sweep
que nous balayassions
that we would sweep
que vous balayassiez
that you all would sweep
qu’ils/elles balayassent
that they would sweep
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse balayé
that I had swept
que tu eusses balayé
that you had swept
qu’il/elle/on eût balayé
that he/she/it had swept
que nous eussions balayé
that we had swept
que vous eussiez balayé
that you all had swept
qu’ils/elles eussent balayé
that they had swept
Conditional mood
je balayerais
I would sweep
tu balayerais
you would sweep
il/elle/on balayerait
he/she/it would sweep
nous balayerions
we would sweep
vous balayeriez
you all would sweep
ils/elles balayeraient
they would sweep
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais balayé
I would have swept
tu aurais balayé
you would have swept
il/elle/on aurait balayé
he/she/it would have swept
nous aurions balayé
we would have swept
vous auriez balayé
you all would have swept
ils/elles auraient balayé
they would have swept
Imperative mood
let's sweep!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie balayé
have swept
ayons balayé
let's have swept
ayez balayé
have swept

Examples of balayer

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
"Je vois la poussière à balayer"And I see it needs sweeping
"alors il faut balayer les rues comme Michel-Ange a peint, ou Beethoven composé de la musique...""then one must sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music... "
"il doit balayer les rues si bien,"he should sweep streets so well,
"ni les crues le balayer."...nor floods sweep it away.
- Ce sera pour balayer les petits Blancs.If I have, it's 'cause I'm here to sweep up the white trash.
- BaIaye, balaye.- Keep on sweeping.
- Balaye, balaye, balaye !- Sweep, sweep
- Il le balaye.- They're sweeping him.
Abby, l'équipe d'intervention balaye les fréquences de l'oreillette pour repérer la source.Abby, SRT is sweeping earwig freqs to trace the source.
Allez, balaye-moi ces feuilles.Go on! Hurry up and sweep those leaves.
"Prenez un balai et balayez."Come on. Pick up a broom, sweep.
Baber, Amaar, vous balayez.Baber, Amaar, you sweep.
Bonjour, vous balayez avec entrain.hello, yoã sweep with energy.
De l'obscurité au jour, balayez l'histoireFrom dark to light, sweep history"
Emmenez le bras droit en bas jusqu'au genou et balayez avec le bras gauche.Bring your right arm down to your knee and then sweep across.
Ce son est un radar balayant.That sound is radar sweeping the Hornet.
JOURNALISTE : des observateurs montés sur le toit du Columbia Broadcasting Building au coeur d'Hollywood ont pu clairement voir les éclairs des canons et les faisceaux des projecteurs balayant le ciel sur une grande distance le long de la zone côtière.Watchers on the rooftop of the Columbia Broadcasting Building in the heart of Hollywood could plainly see the flashes of guns and searchlights sweeping the skies in a wide arc along the coastal area.
Je l'ai trouvé, en balayant du verre.About a month ago in the bushes when I was sweeping' up glass.
Je passerai le reste de mes jours balayant les cheveux de petites vieilles femmes.I spend the rest of my days sweeping little old ladies' hair.
Jimmy patientait tout l'été et quand septembre arrivait enfin avec le premier vent froid balayant le lac Michigan, il savait qu'il arrivait.Jimmy waited around all summer, and when September finally rolled around and he'd feel that first cold wind come sweeping off lake Michigan, he knew it was coming.
- Alors ... si je ne suis jamais à la maison, le pire peut être balayé sous le tapis.- So... if I never came home, the worst of it can be swept under the rug.
- a balayé New-York - (Verrouillage) ces derniers jours.- has swept across New York City - (Lock clicks) in recent days.
A balayé le passé"has swept past...
Aucune source directe ne me fait confirmer un camouflage... mais je devine qu'Addison a balayé l'incident sous le tapis. - Et l'homme qu'elle a heurté ?Addison made her turn herself in and then it just... and I have no direct knowledge of a cover-up, but I'm guessing Addison got the incident swept under the rug.
Avant le moindre échange, il avait été balayé.Before we could even speak, he had been swept away.

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