Egon conjugation

Conjugate egon - be

Perfect stem

Basque FormEnglish TranslationEx.
egon have been

Imperfect stem

Basque FormEnglish TranslationEx.
egoten being

Future stem

Basque FormEnglish TranslationEx.
egongo will have been

Short sterm

Basque FormEnglish TranslationEx.
egon am

Verbal noun

Basque FormEnglish TranslationEx.
egote being

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Usage information for egon

This verb can also mean the following: stay, exist

Examples of egon

Example in BasqueTranslation in EnglishFm.
Jaio nintzenean ez zen poztasunik egon.There was no gladness when I was born.
- Berdin da. Oso txarto egon zen.It was stink anyway.
Zure zain egon dira.They've been waiting for you.
Urrun egon naiz.Been away.
- Bai. Bai. Ondo egon da.Yeah, it's been good.
Aizu, ez da txarto egoten hemen goian.Hey, it's not too bad up here.
Eta zergaitik ez zara geldik egoten eta esaten duzu... agertokian itzulika ibili beharrean?Then why the hell don't you just stand still and say it instead of wandering all over the stage?
Eta aurka egoten jarraitu behar dugu!In that, we must continue our opposition!
Guda bat da, E.G., eta gudatan bezala borrokatu behar da, araupetasunez, beldurrarekin eta fusilamendu taldeekin... edo egoten utzi.It's a war, E.G., and we gotta fight it like we fight a war, with discipline, with terror, with firing squads, or we just give it up.
Hazten egongo zara.Must be growing up.
- Denok hemen daudenean, prest egongo naiz.- When everyone's here, I'll be ready.
Horrelako gauzak esatean harro egongo dela uste duzu?Think she'd be proud of you saying things like that?
Baina bakarra gera daiteke... beraz, zuen izpiritua frogatzeko... azken froga egongo da.But there can only be one... so there's one final test-- a test of your spirit.
Nigaitik galdetzen badute, hemen egongo naiz.If anybody asks for me, I'll be right here.
Meusier Tissau, berak jarraituko du jaunaren aztarna. Eta bere egote guztietaz argibidetuko zaitu.Monsieur Tisserant will personally keep track of the gentleman, and report about his whereabouts at night.
TB orain egote global bat da:TV is now a global presence:

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