Be conjugation

Conjugate be

Present and Past

Simple I am you are it/she/he is we are you all are they areI was you was it/she/he was we was you all was they was
ProgressiveI am being you are being it/she/he is being we are being you all are being they are beingI was being you were being it/she/he was being we were being you all were being they were being
PerfectI have been you have been it/she/he has been we have been you all have been they have beenI had been you had been it/she/he had been we had been you all had been they had been
Perfect ProgressiveI have been being you have been being it/she/he has been being we have been being you have been being they have been beingI had been being you had been being it/she/he had been being we had been being you had been being they had been being

Future and conditional

SimpleI will be you will be it/she/he will be we will be you all will be they will beI would be you would be it/she/he would be we would be you all would be they would be
ProgressiveI will be being you will be being it/she/he will be being we will be being you all will be being they will be beingI would be being you would be being it/she/he would be being we would be being you all would be being they would be being
PerfectI will have been you will have been it/she/he will have been we will have been you all will have been they will have beenI would have been you would have been it/she/he would have been we would have been you all would have been they would have been
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been being you will have been being it/she/he will have been being we will have been being you will have been being they will have been beingI would have been being you would have been being it/she/he would have been being we would have been being you would have been being they would have been being

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Usage information for be

There is no additional usage information for the verb be.

Examples of be

Example in English
! - I'm just a customer.
! I'm a big, big fan!
! I'm gonna go ahead and fast-forward again because I don't think you can say these things to a child.
! I'm here every night!
! I'm lazy! God!

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