Rouiller (to rust) conjugation

16 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je rouille
I rust
tu rouilles
you rust
il/elle/on rouille
he/she/it rusts
nous rouillons
we rust
vous rouillez
you all rust
ils/elles rouillent
they rust
Present perfect tense
j’ai rouillé
I rusted
tu as rouillé
you rusted
il/elle/on a rouillé
he/she/it rusted
nous avons rouillé
we rusted
vous avez rouillé
you all rusted
ils/elles ont rouillé
they rusted
Past imperfect tense
je rouillais
I was rusting
tu rouillais
you were rusting
il/elle/on rouillait
he/she/it was rusting
nous rouillions
we were rusting
vous rouilliez
you all were rusting
ils/elles rouillaient
they were rusting
Future tense
je rouillerai
I will rust
tu rouilleras
you will rust
il/elle/on rouillera
he/she/it will rust
nous rouillerons
we will rust
vous rouillerez
you all will rust
ils/elles rouilleront
they will rust
Past perfect tense
j’avais rouillé
I had rusted
tu avais rouillé
you had rusted
il/elle/on avait rouillé
he/she/it had rusted
nous avions rouillé
we had rusted
vous aviez rouillé
you all had rusted
ils/elles avaient rouillé
they had rusted
Past preterite tense
je rouillai
I rusted
tu rouillas
you rusted
il/elle/on rouilla
he/she/it rusted
nous rouillâmes
we rusted
vous rouillâtes
you all rusted
ils/elles rouillèrent
they rusted
Past anterior tense
j’eus rouillé
I had rusted
tu eus rouillé
you had rusted
il/elle/on eut rouillé
he/she/it had rusted
nous eûmes rouillé
we had rusted
vous eûtes rouillé
you all had rusted
ils/elles eurent rouillé
they had rusted
Future perfect tense
j’aurai rouillé
I will have rusted
tu auras rouillé
you will have rusted
il/elle/on aura rouillé
he/she/it will have rusted
nous aurons rouillé
we will have rusted
vous aurez rouillé
you all will have rusted
ils/elles auront rouillé
they will have rusted
Present subjunctive tense
que je rouille
that I rust
que tu rouilles
that you rust
qu’il/elle/on rouille
that he/she/it rust
que nous rouillions
that we rust
que vous rouilliez
that you all rust
qu’ils/elles rouillent
that they rust
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie rouillé
that I have rusted
que tu aies rouillé
that you have rusted
qu’il/elle/on ait rouillé
that he/she/it have rusted
que nous ayons rouillé
that we have rusted
que vous ayez rouillé
that you all have rusted
qu’ils/elles aient rouillé
that they have rusted
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je rouillasse
that I would rust
que tu rouillasses
that you would rust
qu’il/elle/on rouillât
that he/she/it would rust
que nous rouillassions
that we would rust
que vous rouillassiez
that you all would rust
qu’ils/elles rouillassent
that they would rust
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse rouillé
that I had rusted
que tu eusses rouillé
that you had rusted
qu’il/elle/on eût rouillé
that he/she/it had rusted
que nous eussions rouillé
that we had rusted
que vous eussiez rouillé
that you all had rusted
qu’ils/elles eussent rouillé
that they had rusted
Conditional mood
je rouillerais
I would rust
tu rouillerais
you would rust
il/elle/on rouillerait
he/she/it would rust
nous rouillerions
we would rust
vous rouilleriez
you all would rust
ils/elles rouilleraient
they would rust
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais rouillé
I would have rusted
tu aurais rouillé
you would have rusted
il/elle/on aurait rouillé
he/she/it would have rusted
nous aurions rouillé
we would have rusted
vous auriez rouillé
you all would have rusted
ils/elles auraient rouillé
they would have rusted
Imperative mood
let's rust!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie rouillé
have rusted
ayons rouillé
let's have rusted
ayez rouillé
have rusted

Examples of rouiller

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
"Pour ne pas rouiller dehors. ""Beats rusting outside. "
- Gonflé. - Elle va rouiller.- The keys will rust.
- Mon pied va rouiller.- My foot's gonna rust.
- Sauf si le voyage fait rouiller.Unless time travel causes rust.
- qui ne fasse rouiller.- that makes you rust.
"Où il y a du fer, il y a de la rouille.""Where there is iron, there is rust."
"ou vous vous exposerez à des difficultés "pires que la rouille du blé.Neglect this and abide by the consequences... which shall be worse than than the rust in the wheat.
"que la rouille ne corrompt pas..."where neither moth nor rust corrupt...
"qui corrompt la rouille et dont s'emparent les voleurs."where moths and rust do corrupt and where thieves break through and steal.
- Au moins, on ne rouille pas.- At least we don't rust.
Oh, ne vous rouillez pas, je vous en prie !Oh, don't rust yourself, now.
- Elle a rouillé.- It rusted out. - Oh.
- Elle est venue à New York, dans une vieille coccinelle au plancher si rouillé qu'il s'affaissait au milieu.She came to New York in an ancient blue Beetle, The floor so rusted, it literally sagged in the middle.
- Il a rouillé à force de pleurer.He rusted himself crying'.
- Ils ont l'air rouillé.- They look rusted.
- Tout est rouillé.- The whole thing is rusted. - Yep.

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