Fringuer (to dress) conjugation

15 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je fringue
I dress
tu fringues
you dress
il/elle/on fringue
he/she/it dresses
nous fringuons
we dress
vous fringuez
you all dress
ils/elles fringuent
they dress
Present perfect tense
j’ai fringué
I dressed
tu as fringué
you dressed
il/elle/on a fringué
he/she/it dressed
nous avons fringué
we dressed
vous avez fringué
you all dressed
ils/elles ont fringué
they dressed
Past imperfect tense
je fringuais
I was dressing
tu fringuais
you were dressing
il/elle/on fringuait
he/she/it was dressing
nous fringuions
we were dressing
vous fringuiez
you all were dressing
ils/elles fringuaient
they were dressing
Future tense
je fringuerai
I will dress
tu fringueras
you will dress
il/elle/on fringuera
he/she/it will dress
nous fringuerons
we will dress
vous fringuerez
you all will dress
ils/elles fringueront
they will dress
Past perfect tense
j’avais fringué
I had dressed
tu avais fringué
you had dressed
il/elle/on avait fringué
he/she/it had dressed
nous avions fringué
we had dressed
vous aviez fringué
you all had dressed
ils/elles avaient fringué
they had dressed
Past preterite tense
je fringuai
I dressed
tu fringuas
you dressed
il/elle/on fringua
he/she/it dressed
nous fringuâmes
we dressed
vous fringuâtes
you all dressed
ils/elles fringuèrent
they dressed
Past anterior tense
j’eus fringué
I had dressed
tu eus fringué
you had dressed
il/elle/on eut fringué
he/she/it had dressed
nous eûmes fringué
we had dressed
vous eûtes fringué
you all had dressed
ils/elles eurent fringué
they had dressed
Future perfect tense
j’aurai fringué
I will have dressed
tu auras fringué
you will have dressed
il/elle/on aura fringué
he/she/it will have dressed
nous aurons fringué
we will have dressed
vous aurez fringué
you all will have dressed
ils/elles auront fringué
they will have dressed
Present subjunctive tense
que je fringue
that I dress
que tu fringues
that you dress
qu’il/elle/on fringue
that he/she/it dress
que nous fringuions
that we dress
que vous fringuiez
that you all dress
qu’ils/elles fringuent
that they dress
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie fringué
that I have dressed
que tu aies fringué
that you have dressed
qu’il/elle/on ait fringué
that he/she/it have dressed
que nous ayons fringué
that we have dressed
que vous ayez fringué
that you all have dressed
qu’ils/elles aient fringué
that they have dressed
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je fringuasse
that I would dress
que tu fringuasses
that you would dress
qu’il/elle/on fringuât
that he/she/it would dress
que nous fringuassions
that we would dress
que vous fringuassiez
that you all would dress
qu’ils/elles fringuassent
that they would dress
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse fringué
that I had dressed
que tu eusses fringué
that you had dressed
qu’il/elle/on eût fringué
that he/she/it had dressed
que nous eussions fringué
that we had dressed
que vous eussiez fringué
that you all had dressed
qu’ils/elles eussent fringué
that they had dressed
Conditional mood
je fringuerais
I would dress
tu fringuerais
you would dress
il/elle/on fringuerait
he/she/it would dress
nous fringuerions
we would dress
vous fringueriez
you all would dress
ils/elles fringueraient
they would dress
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais fringué
I would have dressed
tu aurais fringué
you would have dressed
il/elle/on aurait fringué
he/she/it would have dressed
nous aurions fringué
we would have dressed
vous auriez fringué
you all would have dressed
ils/elles auraient fringué
they would have dressed
Imperative mood
let's dress!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie fringué
have dressed
ayons fringué
let's have dressed
ayez fringué
have dressed

Examples of fringuer

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
- Mais je t'ai appris à te fringuer, non ?But I taught you how to dress, didn't I?
Et pas parler de se fringuer comme des show-man de l'armée ?And not talk about dressing like army carnies?
Il faut d'abord que vous arrêtiez de vous fringuer comme des gosses de 9 ans.First you have to quit dressing like 9-year-old kids.
Je dois me fringuer.Gotta get dressed.
Je me suis dit qu'il me faudrait bien me fringuer pour le dernier trimestre.I figured I should dress in style for our last semester together, ever.
- N'empêche que tu préfères baiser une poule de luxe,.. ..plutôt qu'une nénette qui se fringue au Prisunic.Still, you´d rather screw a high-class hooker in a designer dress than a gal who dresses at Woolworth´s.
Achève-moi avec un harpon le jour où je me fringue comme ça.You ever see me dressed for the Love Boat, you get a harpoon and put me out of my misery.
Elle est plus belle, elle se fringue, elle est plus...tout.She's prettier, she dresses up more, she's more everything.
Elle se fringue comme Cuddy.She's sort of dressing like Cuddy.
II se fringue bizarrement, il met jamais de chaussures II s'entend avec personneHe dresses real strange and he don't wear any shoes, and doesn't get along with many people.
- Je me suis fringué !I dressed up. Yeah.
- Pourquoi je me serais fringué ?Yes, April. Why you think I'm all dressed up for?
- un apiculteur mal fringué.He looks like a badly dressed beekeeper.
Alors pourquoi t'es fringué comme un gigolo ?So, why are you dressed like a pop star?
Il était déjà fringué comme ça quand on est arrivé.He was actually dressed like at when we got here.

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