Chuchoter (to whisper) conjugation

25 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je chuchote
I whisper
tu chuchotes
you whisper
il/elle/on chuchote
he/she/it whispers
nous chuchotons
we whisper
vous chuchotez
you all whisper
ils/elles chuchotent
they whisper
Present perfect tense
j’ai chuchoté
I whispered
tu as chuchoté
you whispered
il/elle/on a chuchoté
he/she/it whispered
nous avons chuchoté
we whispered
vous avez chuchoté
you all whispered
ils/elles ont chuchoté
they whispered
Past imperfect tense
je chuchotais
I was whispering
tu chuchotais
you were whispering
il/elle/on chuchotait
he/she/it was whispering
nous chuchotions
we were whispering
vous chuchotiez
you all were whispering
ils/elles chuchotaient
they were whispering
Future tense
je chuchoterai
I will whisper
tu chuchoteras
you will whisper
il/elle/on chuchotera
he/she/it will whisper
nous chuchoterons
we will whisper
vous chuchoterez
you all will whisper
ils/elles chuchoteront
they will whisper
Past perfect tense
j’avais chuchoté
I had whispered
tu avais chuchoté
you had whispered
il/elle/on avait chuchoté
he/she/it had whispered
nous avions chuchoté
we had whispered
vous aviez chuchoté
you all had whispered
ils/elles avaient chuchoté
they had whispered
Past preterite tense
je chuchotai
I whispered
tu chuchotas
you whispered
il/elle/on chuchota
he/she/it whispered
nous chuchotâmes
we whispered
vous chuchotâtes
you all whispered
ils/elles chuchotèrent
they whispered
Past anterior tense
j’eus chuchoté
I had whispered
tu eus chuchoté
you had whispered
il/elle/on eut chuchoté
he/she/it had whispered
nous eûmes chuchoté
we had whispered
vous eûtes chuchoté
you all had whispered
ils/elles eurent chuchoté
they had whispered
Future perfect tense
j’aurai chuchoté
I will have whispered
tu auras chuchoté
you will have whispered
il/elle/on aura chuchoté
he/she/it will have whispered
nous aurons chuchoté
we will have whispered
vous aurez chuchoté
you all will have whispered
ils/elles auront chuchoté
they will have whispered
Present subjunctive tense
que je chuchote
that I whisper
que tu chuchotes
that you whisper
qu’il/elle/on chuchote
that he/she/it whisper
que nous chuchotions
that we whisper
que vous chuchotiez
that you all whisper
qu’ils/elles chuchotent
that they whisper
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie chuchoté
that I have whispered
que tu aies chuchoté
that you have whispered
qu’il/elle/on ait chuchoté
that he/she/it have whispered
que nous ayons chuchoté
that we have whispered
que vous ayez chuchoté
that you all have whispered
qu’ils/elles aient chuchoté
that they have whispered
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je chuchotasse
that I would whisper
que tu chuchotasses
that you would whisper
qu’il/elle/on chuchotât
that he/she/it would whisper
que nous chuchotassions
that we would whisper
que vous chuchotassiez
that you all would whisper
qu’ils/elles chuchotassent
that they would whisper
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse chuchoté
that I had whispered
que tu eusses chuchoté
that you had whispered
qu’il/elle/on eût chuchoté
that he/she/it had whispered
que nous eussions chuchoté
that we had whispered
que vous eussiez chuchoté
that you all had whispered
qu’ils/elles eussent chuchoté
that they had whispered
Conditional mood
je chuchoterais
I would whisper
tu chuchoterais
you would whisper
il/elle/on chuchoterait
he/she/it would whisper
nous chuchoterions
we would whisper
vous chuchoteriez
you all would whisper
ils/elles chuchoteraient
they would whisper
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais chuchoté
I would have whispered
tu aurais chuchoté
you would have whispered
il/elle/on aurait chuchoté
he/she/it would have whispered
nous aurions chuchoté
we would have whispered
vous auriez chuchoté
you all would have whispered
ils/elles auraient chuchoté
they would have whispered
Imperative mood
let's whisper!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie chuchoté
have whispered
ayons chuchoté
let's have whispered
ayez chuchoté
have whispered

Examples of chuchoter

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
"Sans moi pour chuchoter à leur oreille ils construiront une utopie !""Without me whispering in their ears, they'll build utopia!"
"T'as qu'à chuchoter."Then she'd say, "Just whisper."
(Manny et chuchoter Balon)(Manny and Balon whisper)
- (chuchoter) il y a le chocolat.- (whispering) There's chocolate.
"Et il chuchote."- And whispers. - And whispers.
"Exilée pour la troisième fois" chuchote-t-elle.Banished-for the third time, he whispered.
"Itys, Itys", chuchote l'hirondelle."It is, it is" the swallow whispers.
"La lune me chuchote..." "que la nuit entend..."The moon whispered something, which the night heard...
"Les chemins cliniques de la pathologie du langage", qu'il est plus facile de parler avec aisance quand on chuchote ou chante."Clinical Pathways to Speech Pathology," that it's hard to be anything but fluent when you whisper or sing.
"Hé, qu'est-ce que Vous chuchotez?"'Hey, what are you whispering?"
- C'est un secret. - Alors, chuchotez.Then whisper.
- Non, mais pourquoi chuchotez-vous?- Not yet, but why do you whisper?
- Non, vous chuchotez.- No, you're whispering.
- Pourquoi chuchotez-vous ?- Why are you whispering?
(chuchotant indistinctement)(whispering indistinctly)
(chuchotant) :(whispering):
(chuchotant) Je suis ... Je suis désolé.(whispering) I'm... I'm sorry.
(chuchotant) Que se passe-t-il?(whispering): What's going on?
(chuchotant) y rester.(whispering) Stay there.
" Ça devait arriver, ça devait finir ainsi, a-t-elle chuchoté d'une voie mourante. " Elle a vraiment dit ça ?"'It had to come to this,' she whispered in a dying voice." Did she really say that?
" Ça devait arriver, ça devait se finir ainsi, " a-t-elle chuchoté d'une voix mourante. "'It had to come to this, ' she whispered in a dying voice."
"je me suis penchée sur lui et lui ai chuchoté mon secret.Then I leaned over and whispered the secret in his ear.
- Elle a chuchoté, "sois juste honnête". - Je vois.- She whispered, "Just be honest."
- Je lui ai chuchoté "bon courage".I whispered: Good luck. - Oh yes?

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