Goinfrer (to stuff) conjugation

14 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je goinfre
I stuff
tu goinfres
you stuff
il/elle/on goinfre
he/she/it stuffs
nous goinfrons
we stuff
vous goinfrez
you all stuff
ils/elles goinfrent
they stuff
Present perfect tense
j’ai goinfré
I stuffed
tu as goinfré
you stuffed
il/elle/on a goinfré
he/she/it stuffed
nous avons goinfré
we stuffed
vous avez goinfré
you all stuffed
ils/elles ont goinfré
they stuffed
Past imperfect tense
je goinfrais
I was stuffing
tu goinfrais
you were stuffing
il/elle/on goinfrait
he/she/it was stuffing
nous goinfrions
we were stuffing
vous goinfriez
you all were stuffing
ils/elles goinfraient
they were stuffing
Future tense
je goinfrerai
I will stuff
tu goinfreras
you will stuff
il/elle/on goinfrera
he/she/it will stuff
nous goinfrerons
we will stuff
vous goinfrerez
you all will stuff
ils/elles goinfreront
they will stuff
Past perfect tense
j’avais goinfré
I had stuffed
tu avais goinfré
you had stuffed
il/elle/on avait goinfré
he/she/it had stuffed
nous avions goinfré
we had stuffed
vous aviez goinfré
you all had stuffed
ils/elles avaient goinfré
they had stuffed
Past preterite tense
je goinfrai
I stuffed
tu goinfras
you stuffed
il/elle/on goinfra
he/she/it stuffed
nous goinfrâmes
we stuffed
vous goinfrâtes
you all stuffed
ils/elles goinfrèrent
they stuffed
Past anterior tense
j’eus goinfré
I had stuffed
tu eus goinfré
you had stuffed
il/elle/on eut goinfré
he/she/it had stuffed
nous eûmes goinfré
we had stuffed
vous eûtes goinfré
you all had stuffed
ils/elles eurent goinfré
they had stuffed
Future perfect tense
j’aurai goinfré
I will have stuffed
tu auras goinfré
you will have stuffed
il/elle/on aura goinfré
he/she/it will have stuffed
nous aurons goinfré
we will have stuffed
vous aurez goinfré
you all will have stuffed
ils/elles auront goinfré
they will have stuffed
Present subjunctive tense
que je goinfre
that I stuff
que tu goinfres
that you stuff
qu’il/elle/on goinfre
that he/she/it stuff
que nous goinfrions
that we stuff
que vous goinfriez
that you all stuff
qu’ils/elles goinfrent
that they stuff
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie goinfré
that I have stuffed
que tu aies goinfré
that you have stuffed
qu’il/elle/on ait goinfré
that he/she/it have stuffed
que nous ayons goinfré
that we have stuffed
que vous ayez goinfré
that you all have stuffed
qu’ils/elles aient goinfré
that they have stuffed
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je goinfrasse
that I would stuff
que tu goinfrasses
that you would stuff
qu’il/elle/on goinfrât
that he/she/it would stuff
que nous goinfrassions
that we would stuff
que vous goinfrassiez
that you all would stuff
qu’ils/elles goinfrassent
that they would stuff
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse goinfré
that I had stuffed
que tu eusses goinfré
that you had stuffed
qu’il/elle/on eût goinfré
that he/she/it had stuffed
que nous eussions goinfré
that we had stuffed
que vous eussiez goinfré
that you all had stuffed
qu’ils/elles eussent goinfré
that they had stuffed
Conditional mood
je goinfrerais
I would stuff
tu goinfrerais
you would stuff
il/elle/on goinfrerait
he/she/it would stuff
nous goinfrerions
we would stuff
vous goinfreriez
you all would stuff
ils/elles goinfreraient
they would stuff
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais goinfré
I would have stuffed
tu aurais goinfré
you would have stuffed
il/elle/on aurait goinfré
he/she/it would have stuffed
nous aurions goinfré
we would have stuffed
vous auriez goinfré
you all would have stuffed
ils/elles auraient goinfré
they would have stuffed
Imperative mood
let's stuff!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie goinfré
have stuffed
ayons goinfré
let's have stuffed
ayez goinfré
have stuffed

Examples of goinfrer

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
Alors, vous comprenez, je veux me goinfrer ! Me gaver le plus possibleSo now I want to stuff myself.
Arrête un peu de te goinfrer et viens nous sauver !Stop stuffing your craw and save us!
Continue de te goinfrer, animal.Keep stuffing your face, animal.
Elle doit encore se goinfrer.Probably stuffing her face again.
Et arrêtez de vous goinfrer !And stop stuffing your damn face!
Alors reste là et goinfre-toi avec.Then you stay here and stuff yourself with them.
Avale-moi ça pendant que tu le peux, bougre de goinfre.Get that goddamn stuff out of sight while you still got a chance. Pussel-gutted bastard.
Il se goinfre, et la minute d'après, il pionce.One minute he's stuffing his face, the next he's passed out.
Je me goinfre de fromage, je n'en ai pas mangé depuis des années.I can't seem to get enough of this cheese, and I haven't eaten this stuff in years.
On les goinfre à ras-bord.We pump the stuff in there.
Vous vous goinfrez de cochonneries pour vous sentir mieux.You're stuffing yourself with crap to suppress your negative feelings.
- En se goinfrant d'âmes.By stuffing her face with souls.
En se goinfrant d'âmes.Yeah, by stuffing her face with souls.
Rusty, tu ne peux pas le décevoir, et te faire pardonner en le goinfrant et en l'emmenant faire des choses illégales et dangereuses.Rusty, you can't disappoint a kid, then make up for it by stuffing him with ribs and taking him out to do something illegal and dangerous. Oh.

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