Trucider (to kill) conjugation

14 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je trucide
I kill
tu trucides
you kill
il/elle/on trucide
he/she/it kills
nous trucidons
we kill
vous trucidez
you all kill
ils/elles trucident
they kill
Present perfect tense
j’ai trucidé
I killed
tu as trucidé
you killed
il/elle/on a trucidé
he/she/it killed
nous avons trucidé
we killed
vous avez trucidé
you all killed
ils/elles ont trucidé
they killed
Past imperfect tense
je trucidais
I was killing
tu trucidais
you were killing
il/elle/on trucidait
he/she/it was killing
nous trucidions
we were killing
vous trucidiez
you all were killing
ils/elles trucidaient
they were killing
Future tense
je truciderai
I will kill
tu trucideras
you will kill
il/elle/on trucidera
he/she/it will kill
nous truciderons
we will kill
vous truciderez
you all will kill
ils/elles trucideront
they will kill
Past perfect tense
j’avais trucidé
I had killed
tu avais trucidé
you had killed
il/elle/on avait trucidé
he/she/it had killed
nous avions trucidé
we had killed
vous aviez trucidé
you all had killed
ils/elles avaient trucidé
they had killed
Past preterite tense
je trucidai
I killed
tu trucidas
you killed
il/elle/on trucida
he/she/it killed
nous trucidâmes
we killed
vous trucidâtes
you all killed
ils/elles trucidèrent
they killed
Past anterior tense
j’eus trucidé
I had killed
tu eus trucidé
you had killed
il/elle/on eut trucidé
he/she/it had killed
nous eûmes trucidé
we had killed
vous eûtes trucidé
you all had killed
ils/elles eurent trucidé
they had killed
Future perfect tense
j’aurai trucidé
I will have killed
tu auras trucidé
you will have killed
il/elle/on aura trucidé
he/she/it will have killed
nous aurons trucidé
we will have killed
vous aurez trucidé
you all will have killed
ils/elles auront trucidé
they will have killed
Present subjunctive tense
que je trucide
that I kill
que tu trucides
that you kill
qu’il/elle/on trucide
that he/she/it kill
que nous trucidions
that we kill
que vous trucidiez
that you all kill
qu’ils/elles trucident
that they kill
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie trucidé
that I have killed
que tu aies trucidé
that you have killed
qu’il/elle/on ait trucidé
that he/she/it have killed
que nous ayons trucidé
that we have killed
que vous ayez trucidé
that you all have killed
qu’ils/elles aient trucidé
that they have killed
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je trucidasse
that I would kill
que tu trucidasses
that you would kill
qu’il/elle/on trucidât
that he/she/it would kill
que nous trucidassions
that we would kill
que vous trucidassiez
that you all would kill
qu’ils/elles trucidassent
that they would kill
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse trucidé
that I had killed
que tu eusses trucidé
that you had killed
qu’il/elle/on eût trucidé
that he/she/it had killed
que nous eussions trucidé
that we had killed
que vous eussiez trucidé
that you all had killed
qu’ils/elles eussent trucidé
that they had killed
Conditional mood
je truciderais
I would kill
tu truciderais
you would kill
il/elle/on truciderait
he/she/it would kill
nous truciderions
we would kill
vous trucideriez
you all would kill
ils/elles trucideraient
they would kill
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais trucidé
I would have killed
tu aurais trucidé
you would have killed
il/elle/on aurait trucidé
he/she/it would have killed
nous aurions trucidé
we would have killed
vous auriez trucidé
you all would have killed
ils/elles auraient trucidé
they would have killed
Imperative mood
let's kill!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie trucidé
have killed
ayons trucidé
let's have killed
ayez trucidé
have killed

Examples of trucider

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
- Je vais te trucider.- I'll kill you!
- Pizzutiva te trucider empêchez-le de me choper.-Pizzuti will kill you! You must stop him from catching me.
- Tu veux trucider le messager ?You want to kill the messenger? No.
Comment va-t-on tenir deux ans sans se trucider ?What are we gonna do together without killing each other?
Et il s'est fait trucider dans un tripot !And got himself killed in a backstreet gambling den.
- Je l'ai conduite à Clive, et elle le trucide, alors que le gars est innocent.I lead her to Clive, she kills Clive. The guy didn't even do anything.
Donc... le gars la trucide. L'écorche.So, our guy kills her, skins her then poses her.
Je n'aime pas trop utiliser celle avec laquelle on trucide des gens.I'm squeamish about cooking in the one we're using to kill people. Yeah, sure.
Le tueur en série homo qui trucide des pédés partout.About this serial gay killer who"s going all over London and killing?
Sans remord, il trucideHe kills without a thought
- Il s'est auto-trucidé.- It's like he killed himself.
J'ai trucidé une femme dans le compartiment voisin.I killed a woman in the next compartment.
Vous êtes le type qui était avec la fille de Lost Junction, celle qui a trucidé son jules.The one who came in here with that girl from Lost Junction who killed her husband.
et les Espagnols ont tué les Incas, ils ont trucidé les Indiens.No, it's not. -Yes, it is. They killed the Indians.

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