Outrepasser (to exceed) conjugation

15 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
I exceed
tu outrepasses
you exceed
il/elle/on outrepasse
he/she/it exceeds
nous outrepassons
we exceed
vous outrepassez
you all exceed
ils/elles outrepassent
they exceed
Present perfect tense
j’ai outrepassé
I exceeded
tu as outrepassé
you exceeded
il/elle/on a outrepassé
he/she/it exceeded
nous avons outrepassé
we exceeded
vous avez outrepassé
you all exceeded
ils/elles ont outrepassé
they exceeded
Past imperfect tense
I was exceeding
tu outrepassais
you were exceeding
il/elle/on outrepassait
he/she/it was exceeding
nous outrepassions
we were exceeding
vous outrepassiez
you all were exceeding
ils/elles outrepassaient
they were exceeding
Future tense
I will exceed
tu outrepasseras
you will exceed
il/elle/on outrepassera
he/she/it will exceed
nous outrepasserons
we will exceed
vous outrepasserez
you all will exceed
ils/elles outrepasseront
they will exceed
Past perfect tense
j’avais outrepassé
I had exceeded
tu avais outrepassé
you had exceeded
il/elle/on avait outrepassé
he/she/it had exceeded
nous avions outrepassé
we had exceeded
vous aviez outrepassé
you all had exceeded
ils/elles avaient outrepassé
they had exceeded
Past preterite tense
I exceeded
tu outrepassas
you exceeded
il/elle/on outrepassa
he/she/it exceeded
nous outrepassâmes
we exceeded
vous outrepassâtes
you all exceeded
ils/elles outrepassèrent
they exceeded
Past anterior tense
j’eus outrepassé
I had exceeded
tu eus outrepassé
you had exceeded
il/elle/on eut outrepassé
he/she/it had exceeded
nous eûmes outrepassé
we had exceeded
vous eûtes outrepassé
you all had exceeded
ils/elles eurent outrepassé
they had exceeded
Future perfect tense
j’aurai outrepassé
I will have exceeded
tu auras outrepassé
you will have exceeded
il/elle/on aura outrepassé
he/she/it will have exceeded
nous aurons outrepassé
we will have exceeded
vous aurez outrepassé
you all will have exceeded
ils/elles auront outrepassé
they will have exceeded
Present subjunctive tense
que j’outrepasse
that I exceed
que tu outrepasses
that you exceed
qu’il/elle/on outrepasse
that he/she/it exceed
que nous outrepassions
that we exceed
que vous outrepassiez
that you all exceed
qu’ils/elles outrepassent
that they exceed
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie outrepassé
that I have exceeded
que tu aies outrepassé
that you have exceeded
qu’il/elle/on ait outrepassé
that he/she/it have exceeded
que nous ayons outrepassé
that we have exceeded
que vous ayez outrepassé
that you all have exceeded
qu’ils/elles aient outrepassé
that they have exceeded
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que j’outrepassasse
that I would exceed
que tu outrepassasses
that you would exceed
qu’il/elle/on outrepassât
that he/she/it would exceed
que nous outrepassassions
that we would exceed
que vous outrepassassiez
that you all would exceed
qu’ils/elles outrepassassent
that they would exceed
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse outrepassé
that I had exceeded
que tu eusses outrepassé
that you had exceeded
qu’il/elle/on eût outrepassé
that he/she/it had exceeded
que nous eussions outrepassé
that we had exceeded
que vous eussiez outrepassé
that you all had exceeded
qu’ils/elles eussent outrepassé
that they had exceeded
Conditional mood
I would exceed
tu outrepasserais
you would exceed
il/elle/on outrepasserait
he/she/it would exceed
nous outrepasserions
we would exceed
vous outrepasseriez
you all would exceed
ils/elles outrepasseraient
they would exceed
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais outrepassé
I would have exceeded
tu aurais outrepassé
you would have exceeded
il/elle/on aurait outrepassé
he/she/it would have exceeded
nous aurions outrepassé
we would have exceeded
vous auriez outrepassé
you all would have exceeded
ils/elles auraient outrepassé
they would have exceeded
Imperative mood
let's exceed!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie outrepassé
have exceeded
ayons outrepassé
let's have exceeded
ayez outrepassé
have exceeded

Examples of outrepasser

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
Elle doit vraisemblablement outrepasser ses pouvoirs.She's most likely exceeding her authority.
Il m'a fallu outrepasser un peu ma mission.I do admit I had to exceed the parameters of my authority.
Les falaises de Hegg, ses landes, ses prairies et ses plages de sable démontrent que c'est une île prête à outrepasser toutes vos espérances, un petit caillou de perfection emergeant de l'infatiguable mer des Hébrides.Hegg's cliffs and moorlands, meadows and sandy beaches reveal her to be an island ready to exceed all expectations, a tiny rock of perfection jutting out of the restless Hebridean Sea.
Tu en courrais un bien plus grave si ta rigueur acculait sa douleur à outrepasser toute raison.Whereas you would certainly run one, and a grave one, if by your harshness you caused his grief to exceed the bounds of reason.
Il y a sur cette terre une créature qui outrepasse ce que nous reconnaissons comme les limites de la vie et de la mort.There is, on this earth, a creature that exceeds what is commonly known as the limits of life and death.
J'outrepasse vraiment mon autorité en vous montrant ceci mais considérez-le comme un geste d'amitié.I'm really exceeding my authority in showing you this... but take it as a gesture of friendship.
Je le redis ici, le ministre, comme toujours, outrepasse sa fonction.The minister is, as usual, exceeding his brief. And just what is my brief? Intelligence.
Seule ta générosité outrepasse ton humour.Your wit is only exceeded by your generosity.
Ça outrepasse mes fonctions.You know that exceeds my authority.
Vous outrepassez vos pouvoirs.You've exceeded your authority, Captain.
Et il est assez clair que nous avons déjà outrepassé bon nombre de ces limites, c'est pourquoi on voit autant de stress dans le monde naturel en ce moment.And it is clear that we have already exceeded Many of these limits, that is why we are seeing so much tension in the natural world right now.
Il a outrepassé le protocole et utilisé le Dx-4 dans l'opération.He exceeded our protocols,and used the dx-4 in the dock operation.
Il a outrepassé ses ordres.He exceeded his orders.
Si Barca a outrepassé mes ordres ..et commis un tel acte.If barca exceeded my orders and laid hand to such an act...
Vous avez outrepassé votre autorité en me conduisant dans ces astéroïdes.You exceeded your authority when you drove me into a shower of asteroids.

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