Mean conjugation

Conjugate mean

Present and Past

Simple I mean you mean it/she/he means we mean you all mean they meanI meant you meant it/she/he meant we meant you all meant they meant
ProgressiveI am meaning you are meaning it/she/he is meaning we are meaning you all are meaning they are meaningI was meaning you were meaning it/she/he was meaning we were meaning you all were meaning they were meaning
PerfectI have meant you have meant it/she/he has meant we have meant you all have meant they have meantI had meant you had meant it/she/he had meant we had meant you all had meant they had meant
Perfect ProgressiveI have been meaning you have been meaning it/she/he has been meaning we have been meaning you have been meaning they have been meaningI had been meaning you had been meaning it/she/he had been meaning we had been meaning you had been meaning they had been meaning

Future and conditional

SimpleI will mean you will mean it/she/he will mean we will mean you all will mean they will meanI would mean you would mean it/she/he would mean we would mean you all would mean they would mean
ProgressiveI will be meaning you will be meaning it/she/he will be meaning we will be meaning you all will be meaning they will be meaningI would be meaning you would be meaning it/she/he would be meaning we would be meaning you all would be meaning they would be meaning
PerfectI will have meant you will have meant it/she/he will have meant we will have meant you all will have meant they will have meantI would have meant you would have meant it/she/he would have meant we would have meant you all would have meant they would have meant
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been meaning you will have been meaning it/she/he will have been meaning we will have been meaning you will have been meaning they will have been meaningI would have been meaning you would have been meaning it/she/he would have been meaning we would have been meaning you would have been meaning they would have been meaning

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Usage information for mean

This verb can also mean the following: be, convey, intend, plan, result in, symbol to have reference to, result, be important, have, have conviction in, bring about, do, signify

Examples of mean

Example in English
! - Do you mean this knob?
! - I didn't mean that, Miss Carlotta...
! - I didn't mean to... - It's okay.
! - I don't know what you mean.
! - I mean an end to greed.
! What is the meaning of this outrage?
! What is the meaning of this?
" "cover," meaning "the radar," people.
" And it's to remind us that the real meaning of this season is Christmas.
"'Cause you're a super hot fox" "I've found the meaning of my life"
! - Do you know what threaten means?
! - Which means anybody could know by now.
! Do you know what that means to her?
! Even if they discover that the bike is a terminal for Bahamut, I'm sure those street punks could never comprehend what that means.
! Everybody knows what "betterthan expected" means.
! - He meant get to the point.
! - No, I meant...
! I thought the "open" sign meant you were open, but I must have been mistaken.
! Okay, what I meant to say is, it gets better from here.
! We meant to, it just never seemed like the right time.

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