Mene conjugation

Conjugate mene - mean

Attention: in Danish, conjugation is the same for all persons. Therefore, while we only provide the 'jeg' ('I') form, it is absolutely the same for the 'du', 'De', 'han', 'hun', 'den', 'vi', 'I', 'de' forms.

Present tense

Danish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
mener I mean

Past tense

Danish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
mente I meant

Future tense

Danish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
vil mene I will mean

Present perfect tense

Danish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
har ment I have meant

Past perfect tense

Danish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
havde ment I had meant

Future perfect tense

Danish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
vil have ment I will have meant

Conditional perfect tense

Danish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
ville have ment I would have meant

Imperative mood

Danish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
men mean!

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Usage information for mene

This verb can also mean the following: consider, think, hold

Examples of mene

Example in DanishTranslation in EnglishFm.
De må mene nogle andre træer.You must mean two other trees. You had me worried.
Du kan da ikke mene det, du siger.You don't really mean what you are saying.
Donny, du kan ikke kysse mig sådan og ikke mene spor med det.You couldn't kiss me like that and not mean it just a teensy bit.
- Hvad skulle jeg ellers mene?- What else could I have meant?
Hvad skal vi mene?I mean, what are we supposed to believe?
- Hvad mener du?- What do you mean?
Nej, jeg mener, at ingen af os ved det hele.No, I mean that none of us know the whole truth.
Hvad mener du?What do you mean?
Hvad mener du med, "Ja og nej"?What do you mean, "yes and no"?
Jeg mener, senere i dag.I mean, later today.
Så, hvad vil du? Jeg prøvede at finde ud af hvad generalen mente da han talte om det mystiske...I was trying to find out what the general meant when he said about the mysteries...
- Forklare dem hvad generalen mente.- Explain to them what the general meant.
Det var det, jeg mente.Well, that's what I meant.
- Jeg mente: "Hvordan går det?"- No, I meant, "How are you?"
Jeg mente ikke yachten. Jeg mente...I didn't mean the yacht, I meant the...
Den sidste var ikke ment til dig.Sorry. I meant that last one for somebody else.
Du var ment for mig og jeg var ment for dig.You were meant for me And I was meant for you
Er det ikke sådan et liv, vi var ment til at leve her på jorden?Don't you sometimes feel this is the kind of life we were meant to live?
Det var ikke ondt ment, og jeg værdsætter, at du reddede mit liv.l meant no offence, and l appreciate you saving my life and all.
Det var jo ikke sådan ment.It was not meant like that.
Jeg vil nødigt være ufin, men hvis jeg var dig, tog jeg fastekuren.I don't mean to offend you, but why don't you go for the fast?
O'Connor, jeg ville ringe i går men nåede det ikke.O'Connor, I meant to call you up yesterday, but I didn't get around to it.
Jeg ville sige det i går aftes, men jeg kom fra det.I meant to tell you about him last night, but I guess it slipped my mind.
Der er kun 12 små bogstaver i sætningen. som du ved. Men de betyder mere end alle andre ord tilsammen.There are only 8 little letters in this phrase, you will find, but they mean a lot more than all the other words combined.
Men jeg mener Mullen og McHardie.But the fellas I mean are Mullen and McHardie.

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