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Natter (to braid) conjugation

9 examples

Conjugation of natter

Present tense
je natte
I braid
tu nattes
you braid
il/elle/on natte
he/she/it braids
nous nattons
we braid
vous nattez
you all braid
ils/elles nattent
they braid
Present perfect tense
j’ai natté
I braided
tu as natté
you braided
il/elle/on a natté
he/she/it braided
nous avons natté
we braided
vous avez natté
you all braided
ils/elles ont natté
they braided
Past impf. tense
je nattais
I was braiding
tu nattais
you were braiding
il/elle/on nattait
he/she/it was braiding
nous nattions
we were braiding
vous nattiez
you all were braiding
ils/elles nattaient
they were braiding
Future tense
je natterai
I will braid
tu natteras
you will braid
il/elle/on nattera
he/she/it will braid
nous natterons
we will braid
vous natterez
you all will braid
ils/elles natteront
they will braid
Past perfect tense
j’avais natté
I had braided
tu avais natté
you had braided
il/elle/on avait natté
he/she/it had braided
nous avions natté
we had braided
vous aviez natté
you all had braided
ils/elles avaient natté
they had braided
Past preterite tense
je nattai
I braided
tu nattas
you braided
il/elle/on natta
he/she/it braided
nous nattâmes
we braided
vous nattâtes
you all braided
ils/elles nattèrent
they braided
Past anterior tense
j’eus natté
I had braided
tu eus natté
you had braided
il/elle/on eut natté
he/she/it had braided
nous eûmes natté
we had braided
vous eûtes natté
you all had braided
ils/elles eurent natté
they had braided
Future perfect tense
j’aurai natté
I will have braided
tu auras natté
you will have braided
il/elle/on aura natté
he/she/it will have braided
nous aurons natté
we will have braided
vous aurez natté
you all will have braided
ils/elles auront natté
they will have braided
Present subjunctive tense
que je natte
that I braid
que tu nattes
that you braid
qu’il/elle/on natte
that he/she/it braid
que nous nattions
that we braid
que vous nattiez
that you all braid
qu’ils/elles nattent
that they braid
Present perf. subjunctive tense
que j’aie natté
that I have braided
que tu aies natté
that you have braided
qu’il/elle/on ait natté
that he/she/it have braided
que nous ayons natté
that we have braided
que vous ayez natté
that you all have braided
qu’ils/elles aient natté
that they have braided
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je nattasse
that I would braid
que tu nattasses
that you would braid
qu’il/elle/on nattât
that he/she/it would braid
que nous nattassions
that we would braid
que vous nattassiez
that you all would braid
qu’ils/elles nattassent
that they would braid
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse natté
that I had braided
que tu eusses natté
that you had braided
qu’il/elle/on eût natté
that he/she/it had braided
que nous eussions natté
that we had braided
que vous eussiez natté
that you all had braided
qu’ils/elles eussent natté
that they had braided
Conditional mood
je natterais
I would braid
tu natterais
you would braid
il/elle/on natterait
he/she/it would braid
nous natterions
we would braid
vous natteriez
you all would braid
ils/elles natteraient
they would braid
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais natté
I would have braided
tu aurais natté
you would have braided
il/elle/on aurait natté
he/she/it would have braided
nous aurions natté
we would have braided
vous auriez natté
you all would have braided
ils/elles auraient natté
they would have braided
Imperative mood
let's braid!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie natté
have braided
ayons natté
let's have braided
ayez natté
have braided

Examples of natter

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
- Je peux natter tes cheveux ?- Can I braid your hair?
Je méritais ce cheval à la crinière cassante à peigner et natter, avec son visage humain à embrasser le soir.I did all my schoolwork, all my chores. I deserved a little horse With brittle hair to comb and braid
Maman ! Apprends-moi à natter mes cheveux.[Young Miss Parker] Mama, show me how to braid my hair.
Tu peux natter les miens.You can braid my hair.
- Quelqu'un peut faire ma natte ?I can't do my braid. Will you do it?
Cette natte dorée était à ton père non ?That gold braid, that was your father's, wasn't it ?
Commençons par la natte.Let's start with the braid.
Monsieur, auriez-vous vu une fille avec une natte ?Mister, have you seen a girl with braids?
Ou nous périrons comme cette natte.or the fate of this braid be ours

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