Plaisanter (to joke) conjugation

24 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je plaisante
I joke
tu plaisantes
you joke
il/elle/on plaisante
he/she/it jokes
nous plaisantons
we joke
vous plaisantez
you all joke
ils/elles plaisantent
they joke
Present perfect tense
j’ai plaisanté
I joked
tu as plaisanté
you joked
il/elle/on a plaisanté
he/she/it joked
nous avons plaisanté
we joked
vous avez plaisanté
you all joked
ils/elles ont plaisanté
they joked
Past imperfect tense
je plaisantais
I was joking
tu plaisantais
you were joking
il/elle/on plaisantait
he/she/it was joking
nous plaisantions
we were joking
vous plaisantiez
you all were joking
ils/elles plaisantaient
they were joking
Future tense
je plaisanterai
I will joke
tu plaisanteras
you will joke
il/elle/on plaisantera
he/she/it will joke
nous plaisanterons
we will joke
vous plaisanterez
you all will joke
ils/elles plaisanteront
they will joke
Past perfect tense
j’avais plaisanté
I had joked
tu avais plaisanté
you had joked
il/elle/on avait plaisanté
he/she/it had joked
nous avions plaisanté
we had joked
vous aviez plaisanté
you all had joked
ils/elles avaient plaisanté
they had joked
Past preterite tense
je plaisantai
I joked
tu plaisantas
you joked
il/elle/on plaisanta
he/she/it joked
nous plaisantâmes
we joked
vous plaisantâtes
you all joked
ils/elles plaisantèrent
they joked
Past anterior tense
j’eus plaisanté
I had joked
tu eus plaisanté
you had joked
il/elle/on eut plaisanté
he/she/it had joked
nous eûmes plaisanté
we had joked
vous eûtes plaisanté
you all had joked
ils/elles eurent plaisanté
they had joked
Future perfect tense
j’aurai plaisanté
I will have joked
tu auras plaisanté
you will have joked
il/elle/on aura plaisanté
he/she/it will have joked
nous aurons plaisanté
we will have joked
vous aurez plaisanté
you all will have joked
ils/elles auront plaisanté
they will have joked
Present subjunctive tense
que je plaisante
that I joke
que tu plaisantes
that you joke
qu’il/elle/on plaisante
that he/she/it joke
que nous plaisantions
that we joke
que vous plaisantiez
that you all joke
qu’ils/elles plaisantent
that they joke
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie plaisanté
that I have joked
que tu aies plaisanté
that you have joked
qu’il/elle/on ait plaisanté
that he/she/it have joked
que nous ayons plaisanté
that we have joked
que vous ayez plaisanté
that you all have joked
qu’ils/elles aient plaisanté
that they have joked
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je plaisantasse
that I would joke
que tu plaisantasses
that you would joke
qu’il/elle/on plaisantât
that he/she/it would joke
que nous plaisantassions
that we would joke
que vous plaisantassiez
that you all would joke
qu’ils/elles plaisantassent
that they would joke
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse plaisanté
that I had joked
que tu eusses plaisanté
that you had joked
qu’il/elle/on eût plaisanté
that he/she/it had joked
que nous eussions plaisanté
that we had joked
que vous eussiez plaisanté
that you all had joked
qu’ils/elles eussent plaisanté
that they had joked
Conditional mood
je plaisanterais
I would joke
tu plaisanterais
you would joke
il/elle/on plaisanterait
he/she/it would joke
nous plaisanterions
we would joke
vous plaisanteriez
you all would joke
ils/elles plaisanteraient
they would joke
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais plaisanté
I would have joked
tu aurais plaisanté
you would have joked
il/elle/on aurait plaisanté
he/she/it would have joked
nous aurions plaisanté
we would have joked
vous auriez plaisanté
you all would have joked
ils/elles auraient plaisanté
they would have joked
Imperative mood
let's joke!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie plaisanté
have joked
ayons plaisanté
let's have joked
ayez plaisanté
have joked

Examples of plaisanter

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
"Ma maman." Vous n'arrêtez jamais de plaisanter, pas vrai?"My mommy." The jokes don't stop coming with you guys, do they?
- Allez, arrête de plaisanter.- Come on, don't joke about everything.
- Alors, parlons sans plaisanter.Of course, I do Well then, talk to me without making a joke
- Arrête de plaisanter.- No jokes, caitlin.
- C'est pas le moment de plaisanter ! - Mais c'est vrai Père, honnêtement.-This is no time for silly jokes !
"Non, je ne plaisante pas.He said, "This is not a joke.
- Ce type est impliqué dans un homicide et il plaisante.This guy is implicated in a homicide, and he's making jokes.
- Du calme, on plaisante.This is what children talk about. All right, Nat, calm down, we were only having a joke.
- Il ne plaisante pas, Anglais.- This one doesn't joke, Inglés.
- Il plaisante.- lt's just a joke.
"Vous plaisantez, n'est-ce pas?"Did you tell a joke?
- Ne plaisantez pas !- Don't joke!
- Ne plaisantez pas avec moi.- Don't joke with me.
- Ne plaisantez pas avec ça.- Don't joke, this is serious.
"Je dois faire ma vie seule", dit-elle courageusement en plaisantant."I must make my Iife alone," she said putting on a brave face and joking.
- Non, bien sûr, en plaisantant.- No, no, I was obviously joking.
50 pour cent de ce qu'on dit en plaisantant est vrai.Fifty percent of what people say when they're joking is true.
Ce jour-là, il me dit en plaisantant à moitié :That day he said... half joking: "You know, I'm in love..."
Elle me l'a dit en plaisantant, car c'est comme ça qu'elle parlait des choses sérieuses.She said it half-jokingly, which is how she used to tell me the important things.
- J'ai juste plaisanté.- I only joked with her.
- J'ai plaisanté et avais l'amusement.- I joked and had fun.
- Je n'ai jamais plaisanté au sujet de mes amies.- I never joked about my friends.
- tu en as plaisanté.You joked about it in the car.
Assez plaisanté.Enough joked.

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