Paumer (to get lost) conjugation

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Conjugation of paumer

Present tense
je paume
I get lost
tu paumes
you get lost
il/elle/on paume
he/she/it gets lost
nous paumons
we get lost
vous paumez
you all get lost
ils/elles paument
they get lost
Present perfect tense
j’ai paumé
I got lost
tu as paumé
you got lost
il/elle/on a paumé
he/she/it got lost
nous avons paumé
we got lost
vous avez paumé
you all got lost
ils/elles ont paumé
they got lost
Past impf. tense
je paumais
I was getting lost
tu paumais
you were getting lost
il/elle/on paumait
he/she/it was getting lost
nous paumions
we were getting lost
vous paumiez
you all were getting lost
ils/elles paumaient
they were getting lost
Future tense
je paumerai
I will get lost
tu paumeras
you will get lost
il/elle/on paumera
he/she/it will get lost
nous paumerons
we will get lost
vous paumerez
you all will get lost
ils/elles paumeront
they will get lost
Past perfect tense
j’avais paumé
I had got lost
tu avais paumé
you had got lost
il/elle/on avait paumé
he/she/it had got lost
nous avions paumé
we had got lost
vous aviez paumé
you all had got lost
ils/elles avaient paumé
they had got lost
Past preterite tense
je paumai
I got lost
tu paumas
you got lost
il/elle/on pauma
he/she/it got lost
nous paumâmes
we got lost
vous paumâtes
you all got lost
ils/elles paumèrent
they got lost
Past anterior tense
j’eus paumé
I had got lost
tu eus paumé
you had got lost
il/elle/on eut paumé
he/she/it had got lost
nous eûmes paumé
we had got lost
vous eûtes paumé
you all had got lost
ils/elles eurent paumé
they had got lost
Future perfect tense
j’aurai paumé
I will have got lost
tu auras paumé
you will have got lost
il/elle/on aura paumé
he/she/it will have got lost
nous aurons paumé
we will have got lost
vous aurez paumé
you all will have got lost
ils/elles auront paumé
they will have got lost
Present subjunctive tense
que je paume
that I get lost
que tu paumes
that you get lost
qu’il/elle/on paume
that he/she/it get lost
que nous paumions
that we get lost
que vous paumiez
that you all get lost
qu’ils/elles paument
that they get lost
Present perf. subjunctive tense
que j’aie paumé
that I have got lost
que tu aies paumé
that you have got lost
qu’il/elle/on ait paumé
that he/she/it have got lost
que nous ayons paumé
that we have got lost
que vous ayez paumé
that you all have got lost
qu’ils/elles aient paumé
that they have got lost
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je paumasse
that I would get lost
que tu paumasses
that you would get lost
qu’il/elle/on paumât
that he/she/it would get lost
que nous paumassions
that we would get lost
que vous paumassiez
that you all would get lost
qu’ils/elles paumassent
that they would get lost
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse paumé
that I had got lost
que tu eusses paumé
that you had got lost
qu’il/elle/on eût paumé
that he/she/it had got lost
que nous eussions paumé
that we had got lost
que vous eussiez paumé
that you all had got lost
qu’ils/elles eussent paumé
that they had got lost
Conditional mood
je paumerais
I would get lost
tu paumerais
you would get lost
il/elle/on paumerait
he/she/it would get lost
nous paumerions
we would get lost
vous paumeriez
you all would get lost
ils/elles paumeraient
they would get lost
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais paumé
I would have got lost
tu aurais paumé
you would have got lost
il/elle/on aurait paumé
he/she/it would have got lost
nous aurions paumé
we would have got lost
vous auriez paumé
you all would have got lost
ils/elles auraient paumé
they would have got lost
Imperative mood
get lost!
let's get lost!
get lost!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie paumé
have got lost
ayons paumé
let's have got lost
ayez paumé
have got lost

Examples of paumer

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
Ervel s'est paumé. Il est revenu au Texas.Apparently Ervel got lost and ended up back in Texas.
Ils sont indiens parce qu'un blanc s'est paumé !- Mohawks, Cayugas... They're Indians because some white guy got lost.
Je me suis paumé dans tout ça.I got lost somewhere in all this.
Je suis paumé. Viens.I got lost.
Je suis paumé.I got lost about half way through.
Rentre à Cuba, et ne te paume pas en route.Bugger off to Cuba and don't get lost.
Si on se paume, ce sera ta fête.Let me tell you, if we get lost that's your ass.

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