Stay conjugation

Conjugate stay

Present and Past

Simple I stay you stay it/she/he stays we stay you all stay they stayI stayed you stayed it/she/he stayed we stayed you all stayed they stayed
ProgressiveI am staying you are staying it/she/he is staying we are staying you all are staying they are stayingI was staying you were staying it/she/he was staying we were staying you all were staying they were staying
PerfectI have stayed you have stayed it/she/he has stayed we have stayed you all have stayed they have stayedI had stayed you had stayed it/she/he had stayed we had stayed you all had stayed they had stayed
Perfect ProgressiveI have been staying you have been staying it/she/he has been staying we have been staying you have been staying they have been stayingI had been staying you had been staying it/she/he had been staying we had been staying you had been staying they had been staying

Future and conditional

SimpleI will stay you will stay it/she/he will stay we will stay you all will stay they will stayI would stay you would stay it/she/he would stay we would stay you all would stay they would stay
ProgressiveI will be staying you will be staying it/she/he will be staying we will be staying you all will be staying they will be stayingI would be staying you would be staying it/she/he would be staying we would be staying you all would be staying they would be staying
PerfectI will have stayed you will have stayed it/she/he will have stayed we will have stayed you all will have stayed they will have stayedI would have stayed you would have stayed it/she/he would have stayed we would have stayed you all would have stayed they would have stayed
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been staying you will have been staying it/she/he will have been staying we will have been staying you will have been staying they will have been stayingI would have been staying you would have been staying it/she/he would have been staying we would have been staying you would have been staying they would have been staying

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Usage information for stay

This verb can also mean the following: hold the attention of, continue, dwell, cease, bear, abide, support from sinking, stop, endure, ralph, persevere to the end, linger, contest, cause, rest in patience, sustain, hold up, check, tarry, bear up under, put an end to, resist, continue to have a particular quality, put off, make, remain, remain in a particular place, last, make a stand, satisfy in part, hold, await, hold out, sir, restrain, rest, sojourn, come to a stand, support, withhold, wait, ralph waldo emerson, hold out against, steady, rely, put, remain for the purpose of, come to an end, cause to cease, wait as an attendant, prop, defer, come, give ceremonious, fasten, delay, hinder, sustain with strength, depend, detain, stand, keep back, postpone, wait for, sir walter scott

Examples of stay

Example in English
! - It'll have to stay here.
! - Trust me, it's better I didn't stay.
! Aunty, how can I stay with two guys?
! Dara, you stay there!
! He said stay put!
! You've never stayed in one place longer than five minutes.
" I don't have anyone else but you ", He told me, my father, That moved me and I stayed with him and his sheeps.
" We should have just stayed in the honeymoon suite in hawaii.
" Emperor who traveled and seldom stayed in Rome.."
"A girlfriend shall be deemed, quote, living with, unquote, Leonard when she has stayed over, A, 10 consecutive nights or B, more than nine nights in a three-week period, or C all the weekends of a given month plus three weeknights."
! How long will you be staying in Canada?
! The Hindu gentleman... a Mr Muckerji, staying at your hotel...
! The staying out all night, and then this mysterious ATV ride in the desert.
! We're staying down in the lower quarter. Hey, stay together.
" if you're talking about the whole 11 people, then they were top dog here staying with tandang than going to kalabaw. And then just getting voted off at the end there.
! - It stays, Mom.
! All birds know - what goes on tour stays on tour.
! Look, if she stays upstairs, what's the worst that can happen?
" How strange it is that the memory stays!
" The family that prays together stays together."

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