Vaatama conjugation

Conjugate vaatama - to watch

Present tense

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
vaatan I watch
vaatad you watch
vaata he does watch
vaatame we watch
vaatate you all watch
vaatavad they watch

Past tense

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
vaatasin I did watch
vaatasid you did watch
vaatas he did watch
vaatasime we did watch
vaatasite you all did watch
vaatasid they did watch

Conditional mood

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
vaataksin I would watch
vaataksid you would watch
vaataks he would watch
vaataksime we would watch
vaataksite you all would watch
vaataksid they would watch

Imperative mood

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
vaata you watch!
vaadakeyou all watch!

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Usage information for vaatama

There is no additional usage information for the verb vaatama.

Examples of vaatama

Example in EstonianTranslation in EnglishFm.
Kas mõni neist bikiinides sekspommidest, keda sa vaatad, on väärt punaseks aetud roopi?Any of those bikini bombshells you're always watching Worth a red-hot poker?
Need päikesevanne võtvad iludused, keda sa vaatad, pole kuu jooksul su temperatuuri ühegi pügala võrra tõstnud.Those bathing beauties you've been watching Haven't raised your temperature one degree in a month.
Sina ainult vaatad!You just watch!
Kas lähed magama või vaatad veel filme?Will you go to bed now, and not stop up watching those films?
Sina ja vaatad?You watch?
"No nii, jälgi hoolega ja vaatame, kas saaksid hakkama.""Now then, watch this and see if you can do it."
Ma vaatasin sind ja su sõpra Devlinit.I was watching you and your friend, Mr. Devlin. I suppose that's why you left my mother and me.
Ma läksin teie järel üles, vaatasin teid looþis, kuid ei suutnud mõista, kus ma teid nägin.I followed you upstairs. And watched you in your box. But I couldn't place you.
Täna, kui ma teid nägin, ja pärast, kui vaatasin teid pimeduses, oli selline tunne, et ma leidsin selle ainukese näo teiste hulgast.But tonight, when I first saw you and later when I watched you in the darkness, was as though I had found that one face among all others.
Ma vaatasin, kui te alla läksite, nagu vaatasin teda aasta tagasi.I watched you go down... just as I watched her a year ago.
Ma vaatasin ta surma pealt.I watched him die.
Me olime kõrgemail kaljunukil ja vaatasime päikeseloojangut kui äkki tuli meil tuju suudelda.We were on the highest ledge watching the sunset, when suddenly we got this impulse to kiss.
Istusime ja vaatasime, kuidas päike tõuseb.We sat there and watched the sun come up.
Öelda, et ma lihtsalt istusin seal või meie lihtsalt istusime seal ja vaatasime ta suremist pealt.Well, say that I just sat there... or we just sat there and watched her check out.
Mäletan, kuidas sa mind hoidsid, ja mäletan, kuidas su näole istusin ja väänlesin ning pärastpoole vaatasime päikesetõusu.I remember how you used to hold me, and how I used to sit on your face and wriggle, and... afterwards, how we'd watch till the sun came up.
Istusime semudega tänaval ja vaatasime uksest tüdrukute tantsu.Me and the boys used to wait in the alley and watch the dancing girls when the door opened.
Ma vaataksin filmi.- I would watch the movie.

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