Ostma conjugation

Conjugate ostma (osta) - buy

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Main forms

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
ma infinitive
ostma buy
da infinitive
osta buy
participle past active
ostnud bought
participle past passive
ostetud been bought

Present tense

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
ostan I buy
ostad you buy
ostab he/she/it buys
ostame we buy
ostate you all buy
ostavad they buy
ei osta (do/does) not buy
ostetakse it is bought
Pass. Neg.
ei osteta it is not bought

Perfect tense

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
olen ostnud I have bought
oled ostnud you have bought
on ostnud he/she/it has bought
oleme ostnud we have bought
olete ostnud you all have bought
on ostnud they have bought
ei ole ostnud, pole ostnud (have/has) not bought
on ostetud it has been bought
Pass. Neg.
ei ole ostetud, pole ostetud it has not been bought

Past tense

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
ostsin I bought
ostsid you bought
ostis he/she/it bought
ostsime we bought
ostsite you all bought
ostsid they bought
ei ostnud did not buy
osteti it was bought
Pass. Neg.
ei ostetud it was not bought

Pluperfect past tense

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
olin ostnud I had bought
olid ostnud you had bought
oli ostnud he/she/it had bought
olime ostnud we had bought
olite ostnud you all had bought
oli ostnud they had bought
ei olnud ostnud, polnud ostnud had not bought
oli ostetud it had been bought
Pass. Neg.
ei olnud ostetud, polnud ostetud it had not been bought

Conditional mood

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
ostaksin, ostaks I would buy
ostaksid, ostaks you would buy
ostaks he/she/it would buy
ostaksime, ostaks we would buy
ostaksite, ostaks you all would buy
ostaksid, ostaks they would buy
ei ostaks would not buy
ostetaks it would be bought
Pass. Neg.
ei ostetaks it would not be bought

Conditional perfect mood

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
oleksin ostnud; oleks ostnud; ostnuksin; ostnuks I would have bought
oleksid ostnud; oleks ostnud; ostnuksid; ostnuks you would have bought
oleks ostnud; ostnuks he/she/it would have bought
oleksime ostnud; oleks ostnud; ostnuksime; ostnuks we would have bought
oleksite ostnud; oleks ostnud; ostnuksite; ostnuks you all would have bought
oleksid ostnud; oleks ostnud; ostnuksid; ostnuks they would have bought
ei oleks ostnud; poleks ostnud; ei ostnuks would not have bought
oleks ostetud it would have been bought
Pass. Neg.
ei oleks ostetud; poleks ostetud it would not have been bought

Imperative mood

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
osta buy
ostku let him/her/it buy
ostkem let's buy
ostke buy
ostku let them buy
ostetagu be bought

Imperative negative mood

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
ära osta do not buy
ärgu ostku let him/her/it not buy
ärgem ostkem, ärme ostame let him/her/it not buy
ärge ostke do not buy
ärgu ostku let them not buy
ärgu ostetagu do not be bought

Quotative tense

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
ostvat he/she/it (allegedly) buys
ei ostvat (allegedly) does not buy
ostetavat (allegedly) it is bought
Pass. Neg.
ei ostetavat (allegedly) it is not bought

Quotative perfect tense

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
olevat ostnud; ostnuvat he/she/it (allegedly) has bought
ei olevat ostnud; polevat ostnud; ei ostnuvat (allegedly) has not bought
olevat ostetud (allegedly) it has been bought
Pass. Neg.
ei olevat ostetud; polevat ostetud (allegedly) it has not been bought

Jussive mood

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
ostku so that he/she/it buy
ärgu ostku so that he/she/it do not buy
ostetagu so that it be bought
Pass. Neg.
ärgu ostetagu so that it not be bought

Jussive perfect mood

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
olgu ostnud so that he/she/it have bought
ärgu olgu ostnud so that he/she/it do not have bought
olgu ostetud so that it have been bought
Pass. Neg.
ärgu olgu ostetud so that it not have been bought

Other forms

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
des form
ostes while buying
ma inessive
ostmas while buying
ma elative
ostmast (due to/following/for) buying
ma translative
ostmaks for the purpose of buying
ma abessive
ostmata without buy
participle pres. active
ostev that can be bought
participle pres. passive
ostetav being bought

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Usage information for ostma

Examples of ostma

Example in EstonianTranslation in EnglishFm.
"Hüvasti, kollane munakivitee?" Sa peaksid endale rohkem CD'd ostma, see on hale."Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road?" You'd better buy some new CD's.
"Kui rikkusid ära, pead ära ostma." See tegelikult ei käi selle kohta.Well, you know what they say, "You break it, you buy it."
"Lauren, olid selles kleidis nii kuum tibi, et lihtsalt pidin selle sinu jaoks ostma.JEN: Lauren, you looked so hot in this dress, I had to buy it for you.
"Nüüd pead lehma ära ostma, litapoeg.""You gonna have to buy the cow, you son of a bitch."
" tere, kas te ei sooviks kana osta?" hey, would you Like to buy a chicken?
"Circus Porn" konto täpselt ei kavatse osta sa suvel koju P-town.The "Circus of Porn" account isn't exactly going to buy you a summer home in P-town.
"CoverGirl" võib tahta ema palsamit osta.CoverGirl might buy my mom's conditioner.
"Hei, sõber, soovid ehk Torino mõõka osta?""Hey, buddy, do you want to buy the Shroud of Turin?"
- Ei ostnud, rentisin.-Not bought. Rented.
- Ei ostnud?-You never bought?
- Ei, ma pole mütsigi ostnud.- Oh, no, I haven't bought a hat.
DeGuerin on ära ostetud.DeGuerin has been bought.
Et ma töötan iseseisvalt, et mind on välja ostetud.That I'm working for myself now, that I've been bought out.
Kartellide poolt ära ostetud.He had been bought by the cartels.
Kogu maa seal on arenduseks kokku ostetud.AII the Iand's been bought up by development.
"Hästi, ostan tosina, aga andke kaks tükki kohe."Well, good, I will buy a dozen, "but give me two now, please.
"Ma ostan odava Ferrari"""I'm gonna buy a cheap Ferrari."
"Ma ostan odava Ferrari""I'm gonna buy a cheap Ferrari."
"Nick Miller, ma ostan talle selle.".I'm gonna buy him that."
"Poeg, ma ostan sulle auto.""Son, I'm, gonna buy you a car."
"Ära osta liha sealt, kust endale leiba ja võid ostad".Don't buy your meat where you buy your bread and butter.
- ## Sa ostad ## - ## Jah, jah ##- ## You be buyin' ## - ## Yeah, yeah ##
- Ei. Kas sa ostad või ei?You're buying or not?
- Kas ostad ka midagi?-You gonna buy anything or not?
- Kas ostad mulle jalgpalli?Will you buy me a football?
"Danny, inimene ostab üIikond ju tundub et on rahuI temaga.I said to him, "Danny, a man buys a suit. "He says he's happy with it.
"Kes ostab toitu, kes ostab jooke.""Who buys the food, who buys the drinks
"Kristlasi peaks õpetama, et kes annab vaesele või laenab puudustkannatavale teeb parema teo, kui see, kes ostab indulgentse."Christians are to be taught "that he who gives to the poor "or lends to the needy does a better deed than he who buys indulgences."
"Meie äri toimib veel ainult selle pärast, et Josie Packard ostab asju ükshaaval"."The only reason we're still in business is because Josie Packard buys retail."
"Kallis, abiellume ja ostame maja.""My darling, let's get married and buy a house."
"Me ostame kokku kahjulikud varad, kuid me ei hakka muretsema hüpoteekide pärast”.He said, "Oh, we're gonna buy up toxic assets but we're not going to worry about sub-prime mortgages."
- Arvasin, et ostame koos selle maja.I thought we were buying this house together.
- Ei, me ostame selle!No we're buying it!
- Ainult siis kui te seda ostate, mida ma müün.Only if you buy what I sell.
- Kas panete kirja, kellelt raamatuid ostate?Um, the people who you buy books from, do you have a list of some sort?
- Kas te ostate mulle pudeli?- Would you buy me a bottle?
"ja nad ostavad endale korteri."and they buy this flat together.
(nad teavad, mis on madal, kuna nad ostavad kõike kokku) ja alustavad siis veel rohkem raha tagasipanemist majandusse ning siis ehitavad selle taas üles.(and they know the low because then they buy everything up) and then they build it back up.
- Aga enamus kaupu, mida nad ostavad on Hiinast.- But sir, most of the products they're buying are made in China.
"Ma ütlesin et ei osta, pane tagasi."I promise." "I said I'm not buying it. Put it back."
- Ei, kallis, me ei osta... - Las mina.-Oh, no, honey, we're not buying-- -I got this, I got this.
- Eric, sa ei osta sooda.- Eric, you do not buy soda.
- Ma ei osta maja.- I'm not buying a house.
Sest ma olen ostnud 600 aakrit maad sinna.Kas ma saaksin need?Because I have bought 600 acres of land there. Can I have those please?
Koguseid suurendatakse, ja me oleme ostnud uusi seadmeid.The quantity is increased... and we have bought new equipments.
Ja tean, et seda armastust ei ole ostnud kuld ega hõbe.And I know it's true love not bought by gold and silver.
Tänane suur uudis on, et rahvusvahelised jäämäed on ostetud Wometco Petroleum poolt, et kindlustada tulumaksu tavaturul.The big story on Wall Street is that Icebergs International has been bought out by Wometco Petroleum in order to secure tax benefits within the common market. This will enable...
"Ma ostsin isegi lennukipileti, kuid kaotasin selle ära."My English is not so good, but I'm a fast learner. I even bought myself a ticket but I lost it.
"Ma ostsin kübara. " Sel pole tähtsust."I just bought a hat." It doesn't matter.
"Ma ostsin kübara." Sel pole tähtsust."I just bought a hat. " It doesn't matter.
"Vaadake seda mustanahaIist, keIIe ma just ostsin"?And the right message is, "Look at this black boy I just bought?"
- Aga sa ostsid need.- But you bought them.
- Arvasin, et ostsid seda. Ei, tule.I forgot to get it. ~ I was positive you bought it. ~ No, let's go back.
- Arvasin, et ostsid seda.I forgot to get it. ~ I was positive you bought it. ~ No, let's go back.
"Casanova ostis sea."Casanova bought a pig."
"Casanova... ostis sea."Casanova bought a pig?"
"Fai ostis uued klapid""Fai bought new headphones"
"Me ostsime eelminekord, te isegi ei söönud seda."We bought it before. You didn't even eat it.
- Kuule, Corgem'is, me ostsime venelaste käest krüpteerimisemooduleid.-Listen, back at Corgem, we bought cryptography modules from the Russians.
- Ma tean kõike Kipist. Me ostsime grilli, ta kolis välja, abiellus ja asjad läksid inetuks.We bought a hibachi, then he ran off and got married.
- Me alles ostsime piletid.- We just bought our tickets.
- Ma arvan et sellel pole vahet, sellest ajast kui ostsite varastatud arvuti.I guess that doesn't really matter, since you bought a stolen computer.
- Pole katet - Ma arvan et sellel pole vahet, sellest ajast kui ostsite varastatud arvuti.I guess that doesn't really matter, since you bought a stolen computer.
-Oh ei, te ostsite need asjad.-Oh no, you bought those things.
Eks ole palju ostuorje teil, ja nagu eesleid, koeri, muulasid neid tarvitate jälgiks orjatööks, sest et nad ostsite.You have among you many a purchased slave, which like your asses and your dogs and mules, you use in abject and in slavish parts because you bought them.
Me ei ostnud seda maja, et teile haiget teha.We did not buy this house to hurt you.
Need kutid ei ostnud mitte rahu saavutamiseks.These guys did not buy into the peace accord.
Solstein Donagan ei ostnud Bolton Village'it selleks, et üürileandmise ärisse siseneda.Solstein Donagan did not buy Bolton Village to get into the landlord business.
- Jah, kohtunik osteti ära.A judge was bought off.
Andmete järgi osteti see arendaja poolt 6 kuud tagasi. Hästi.According to the record, it was bought by a developer six months ago.
Andmete järgi osteti see arendaja poolt 6 kuud tagasi.According to the record, it was bought by a developer six months ago.
Bush juhtis Arbusto põhja, nagu juhtus ka iga teise firmaga millega ta oli seotud. Kuni lõpuks üks tema firmadest osteti ära Harken Energy poolt. Ja nemad andsid talle koha juhatuses.Bush ran Arbusto into the ground as he did every other company he was involved in until finally one of his companies was bought by Harken Energy and they gave him a seat on their board.
- ja hapukapsapakist, mille ta kesklinnast oli ostnud.- and the pack of sauerkraut he had bought downtown.
Olin rõõmust rabatud kui lugesin lehest Kaare Svingenist ja hapukapsapakist, mille ta kesklinnast oli ostnud.I was overjoyed when I read in the paper about Kaare Svingen and the pack of sauerkraut he had bought downtown.
Arvaksid, et ühel neist päevil ma ostaksin endale auto.That's me. You'd think one of these days I would buy a car.
Dmitri Vassiljevitð, oleks sulle kiri, ma... Ma ostaksin veel omalt poolt pudeli viina.Dmitri Wasiliewiczu if it were letter to you, I... .. That he would buy you a bottle of vodka.
Kui mul oleks raha, siis ostaksin ma ennast lepingust vabaks. - Ja lahkuksin muusikast.If I could get some cash, I would buy my way out of my contract and get out of music.
Kui mul oleks raha, siis ostaksin ma ennast lepingust vabaks.Look, if I can get some cash, I would buy my way out of my contract and get out of music.
Kas tead, enamus inimesi ostaksid mulle esmalt õhtusöögi.You know, most people would buy me dinner first.
Mis on asi mida ainult naised ostaksid?What's the one thing only women would buy?
Aga kui ma oleksin sina, siis ma seda maali ei ostaks.But if I were you, I would not buy that painting.
Kui General Mill teaks, et streigime, siis ei ostaks nad seda kohta enne streigi lõppu.If General Mills knew that we were on strike, they would not buy this place until that strike was over.
Ma ei ostaks seda... Tänaseks on kõik.- I would not buy it ...
- Minge ostke omale pleier.- No. - Go buy yourself a Walkman.
- Palun ostke Ðokolaadi.- Um... hello. Would you like to buy some candy bars?
- Palun ostke Šokolaadi.- Um... hello. Would you like to buy some candy bars?
-Tõmmake minema ja ostke sõõrikuid!-Get in the car and buy some doughnuts! CARTER:
Lihtsalt pea meeles, Milhouse, ära osta mingit korterit.Just remember, Milhouse, do not buy the condo.
Seda ostes ma kujutasin teda ette... Teadmata, et see...I pictured her while buying it Not knowing it would...
- Tabasin teda narkotsi ostmast.- Caught her buying drugs.
Ma tabasin teda ostmast narkootikume.I caught her buying drugs.
Siin öeldakse, et sind tabati apteegist ilma retseptita vaaliumi ostmast.Says here you were caught buying Valium in a drugstore downtown without a prescription.
Daamid ja härrad, poisid ja tüdrukud, ja kõik te, kes tulid siia ilma piletit ostmata, lubage mul esitleda - Astro Boy!Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and all you riff-raff who snuck in without buying a ticket, allow me to present Astro Boy!
See oleks ostnud meile aega apelleerimiseks teistele riikidele.It would have bought us time to make appeals for help to other nations.
- Arvestades seda siin, minu elustiil on tervenisti sobimatu igale segasele, kes sellise raamatu ostaks või kirjutaks.- According to this, my lifestyle is wholly unsuitable to any freak who would buy or write a book - like this.
Ainult jobu ostaks selliseid.Only an idiot would buy these.

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