Caqueter (to cackle) conjugation

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Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je caquète
I cackle
tu caquètes
you cackle
il/elle/on caquète
he/she/it cackles
nous caquetons
we cackle
vous caquetez
you all cackle
ils/elles caquètent
they cackle
Present perfect tense
j’ai caqueté
I cackled
tu as caqueté
you cackled
il/elle/on a caqueté
he/she/it cackled
nous avons caqueté
we cackled
vous avez caqueté
you all cackled
ils/elles ont caqueté
they cackled
Past imperfect tense
je caquetais
I was cackling
tu caquetais
you were cackling
il/elle/on caquetait
he/she/it was cackling
nous caquetions
we were cackling
vous caquetiez
you all were cackling
ils/elles caquetaient
they were cackling
Future tense
je caquèterai
I will cackle
tu caquèteras
you will cackle
il/elle/on caquètera
he/she/it will cackle
nous caquèterons
we will cackle
vous caquèterez
you all will cackle
ils/elles caquèteront
they will cackle
Past perfect tense
j’avais caqueté
I had cackled
tu avais caqueté
you had cackled
il/elle/on avait caqueté
he/she/it had cackled
nous avions caqueté
we had cackled
vous aviez caqueté
you all had cackled
ils/elles avaient caqueté
they had cackled
Past preterite tense
je caquetai
I cackled
tu caquetas
you cackled
il/elle/on caqueta
he/she/it cackled
nous caquetâmes
we cackled
vous caquetâtes
you all cackled
ils/elles caquetèrent
they cackled
Past anterior tense
j’eus caqueté
I had cackled
tu eus caqueté
you had cackled
il/elle/on eut caqueté
he/she/it had cackled
nous eûmes caqueté
we had cackled
vous eûtes caqueté
you all had cackled
ils/elles eurent caqueté
they had cackled
Future perfect tense
j’aurai caqueté
I will have cackled
tu auras caqueté
you will have cackled
il/elle/on aura caqueté
he/she/it will have cackled
nous aurons caqueté
we will have cackled
vous aurez caqueté
you all will have cackled
ils/elles auront caqueté
they will have cackled
Present subjunctive tense
que je caquète
that I cackle
que tu caquètes
that you cackle
qu’il/elle/on caquète
that he/she/it cackle
que nous caquetions
that we cackle
que vous caquetiez
that you all cackle
qu’ils/elles caquètent
that they cackle
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie caqueté
that I have cackled
que tu aies caqueté
that you have cackled
qu’il/elle/on ait caqueté
that he/she/it have cackled
que nous ayons caqueté
that we have cackled
que vous ayez caqueté
that you all have cackled
qu’ils/elles aient caqueté
that they have cackled
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je caquetasse
that I would cackle
que tu caquetasses
that you would cackle
qu’il/elle/on caquetât
that he/she/it would cackle
que nous caquetassions
that we would cackle
que vous caquetassiez
that you all would cackle
qu’ils/elles caquetassent
that they would cackle
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse caqueté
that I had cackled
que tu eusses caqueté
that you had cackled
qu’il/elle/on eût caqueté
that he/she/it had cackled
que nous eussions caqueté
that we had cackled
que vous eussiez caqueté
that you all had cackled
qu’ils/elles eussent caqueté
that they had cackled
Conditional mood
je caquèterais
I would cackle
tu caquèterais
you would cackle
il/elle/on caquèterait
he/she/it would cackle
nous caquèterions
we would cackle
vous caquèteriez
you all would cackle
ils/elles caquèteraient
they would cackle
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais caqueté
I would have cackled
tu aurais caqueté
you would have cackled
il/elle/on aurait caqueté
he/she/it would have cackled
nous aurions caqueté
we would have cackled
vous auriez caqueté
you all would have cackled
ils/elles auraient caqueté
they would have cackled
Imperative mood
let's cackle!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie caqueté
have cackled
ayons caqueté
let's have cackled
ayez caqueté
have cackled

Examples of caqueter

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
Arrêtez de caqueter, tout le monde.Cut the cackle, everybody.
Cessez de caqueter!Stop that cackles!
Elle lui a demandé un perroquet qui parle, et Coco ne fait que caqueter.Last year she wanted a talking parrot and Coco just cackles.
Et cesse de brailler et de caqueter ou je t'emmène à l'asile de vieillards !Don't holler no more in this house. Don't cackle no more. I guarantee, I'll pack you up.
Il me suffirait de pouvoir caqueter.All you have to do is cackle.
(femme caquetant) HAKEEM:(woman cackling) HAKEEM:
Je sautais sur les tables et les chaises avec le dos creusé et j'agitais les bras tout en caquetant comme un poulet.I would jump around tables and chairs and arch my back and swing my arms around and start cackling like chicken.

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