Se cramponner (to attach) conjugation

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Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je me cramponne
I attach
tu tu te cramponnes
you attach
il/elle/on il/elle/on se cramponne
he/she/it attaches
nous nous nous cramponnons
we attach
vous vous vous cramponnez
you all attach
ils/elles ils/elles se cramponnent
they attach
Present perfect tense
je me suis cramponné
I attached
tu t’es cramponné
you attached
il/elle/on s’est cramponné
he/she/it attached
nous nous sommes cramponnés
we attached
vous vous êtes cramponnés
you all attached
ils/elles se sont cramponnés
they attached
Past imperfect tense
je me cramponnais
I was attaching
tu tu te cramponnais
you were attaching
il/elle/on il/elle/on se cramponnait
he/she/it was attaching
nous nous nous cramponnions
we were attaching
vous vous vous cramponniez
you all were attaching
ils/elles ils/elles se cramponnaient
they were attaching
Future tense
je me cramponnerai
I will attach
tu tu te cramponneras
you will attach
il/elle/on il/elle/on se cramponnera
he/she/it will attach
nous nous nous cramponnerons
we will attach
vous vous vous cramponnerez
you all will attach
ils/elles ils/elles se cramponneront
they will attach
Past perfect tense
je m’étais cramponné
I had attached
tu t’étais cramponné
you had attached
il/elle/on s’était cramponné
he/she/it had attached
nous nous étions cramponnés
we had attached
vous vous étiez cramponnés
you all had attached
ils/elles s’étaient cramponnés
they had attached
Past preterite tense
je me cramponnai
I attached
tu tu te cramponnas
you attached
il/elle/on il/elle/on se cramponna
he/she/it attached
nous nous nous cramponnâmes
we attached
vous vous vous cramponnâtes
you all attached
ils/elles ils/elles se cramponnèrent
they attached
Past anterior tense
je me fus cramponné
I had attached
tu te fus cramponné
you had attached
il/elle/on se fut cramponné
he/she/it had attached
nous nous fûmes cramponnés
we had attached
vous vous fûtes cramponnés
you all had attached
ils/elles se furent cramponnés
they had attached
Future perfect tense
je me serai cramponné
I will have attached
tu te seras cramponné
you will have attached
il/elle/on se sera cramponné
he/she/it will have attached
nous nous serons cramponnés
we will have attached
vous vous serez cramponnés
you all will have attached
ils/elles se seront cramponnés
they will have attached
Present subjunctive tense
que je me cramponne
that I attach
que tu te cramponnes
that you attach
qu’il/elle/on se cramponne
that he/she/it attach
que nous nous cramponnions
that we attach
que vous vous cramponniez
that you all attach
ils/elles qu’ils/elles  se cramponnent
that they attach
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que je me sois cramponné
that I have attached
que tu te sois cramponné
that you have attached
qu’il/elle/on se soit cramponné
that he/she/it have attached
que nous nous soyons cramponnés
that we have attached
que vous vous soyez cramponnés
that you all have attached
qu’ils/elles se soient cramponnés
that they have attached
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je me cramponnasse
that I would attach
que tu te cramponnasses
that you would attach
qu’il/elle/on se cramponnât
that he/she/it would attach
que nous nous cramponnassions
that we would attach
que vous vous cramponnassiez
that you all would attach
ils/elles qu’ils/elles  se cramponnassent
that they would attach
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que je me fusse cramponné
that I had attached
que tu te fusses cramponné
that you had attached
qu’il/elle/on se fût cramponné
that he/she/it had attached
que nous nous fussions cramponnés
that we had attached
que vous vous fussiez cramponnés
that you all had attached
qu’ils/elles se fussent cramponnés
that they had attached
Conditional mood
je me cramponnerais
I would attach
tu tu te cramponnerais
you would attach
il/elle/on il/elle/on se cramponnerait
he/she/it would attach
nous nous nous cramponnerions
we would attach
vous vous vous cramponneriez
you all would attach
ils/elles ils/elles se cramponneraient
they would attach
Conditional perfect tense
je me serais cramponné
I would have attached
tu te serais cramponné
you would have attached
il/elle/on se serait cramponné
he/she/it would have attached
nous nous serions cramponnés
we would have attached
vous vous seriez cramponnés
you all would have attached
ils/elles se seraient cramponnés
they would have attached
Imperative mood
let's attach!

Examples of se cramponner

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
La parodie moderne de l'organisation politique de Thomas Jefferson à laquelle vous vous êtes cramponné ose effrontément de s'appeler le parti démocrate.The modern travesty of Thomas Jefferson's political organization to which you've attached yourself like a barnacle has the effrontery to call itself the Democratic Party.

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