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Lester (to ballast) conjugation

5 examples

Conjugation of lester

Present tense
je leste
I ballast
tu lestes
you ballast
il/elle/on leste
he/she/it ballasts
nous lestons
we ballast
vous lestez
you all ballast
ils/elles lestent
they ballast
Present perfect tense
j’ai lesté
I ballasted
tu as lesté
you ballasted
il/elle/on a lesté
he/she/it ballasted
nous avons lesté
we ballasted
vous avez lesté
you all ballasted
ils/elles ont lesté
they ballasted
Past impf. tense
je lestais
I was ballasting
tu lestais
you were ballasting
il/elle/on lestait
he/she/it was ballasting
nous lestions
we were ballasting
vous lestiez
you all were ballasting
ils/elles lestaient
they were ballasting
Future tense
je lesterai
I will ballast
tu lesteras
you will ballast
il/elle/on lestera
he/she/it will ballast
nous lesterons
we will ballast
vous lesterez
you all will ballast
ils/elles lesteront
they will ballast
Past perfect tense
j’avais lesté
I had ballasted
tu avais lesté
you had ballasted
il/elle/on avait lesté
he/she/it had ballasted
nous avions lesté
we had ballasted
vous aviez lesté
you all had ballasted
ils/elles avaient lesté
they had ballasted
Past preterite tense
je lestai
I ballasted
tu lestas
you ballasted
il/elle/on lesta
he/she/it ballasted
nous lestâmes
we ballasted
vous lestâtes
you all ballasted
ils/elles lestèrent
they ballasted
Past anterior tense
j’eus lesté
I had ballasted
tu eus lesté
you had ballasted
il/elle/on eut lesté
he/she/it had ballasted
nous eûmes lesté
we had ballasted
vous eûtes lesté
you all had ballasted
ils/elles eurent lesté
they had ballasted
Future perfect tense
j’aurai lesté
I will have ballasted
tu auras lesté
you will have ballasted
il/elle/on aura lesté
he/she/it will have ballasted
nous aurons lesté
we will have ballasted
vous aurez lesté
you all will have ballasted
ils/elles auront lesté
they will have ballasted
Present subjunctive tense
que je leste
that I ballast
que tu lestes
that you ballast
qu’il/elle/on leste
that he/she/it ballast
que nous lestions
that we ballast
que vous lestiez
that you all ballast
qu’ils/elles lestent
that they ballast
Present perf. subjunctive tense
que j’aie lesté
that I have ballasted
que tu aies lesté
that you have ballasted
qu’il/elle/on ait lesté
that he/she/it have ballasted
que nous ayons lesté
that we have ballasted
que vous ayez lesté
that you all have ballasted
qu’ils/elles aient lesté
that they have ballasted
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je lestasse
that I would ballast
que tu lestasses
that you would ballast
qu’il/elle/on lestât
that he/she/it would ballast
que nous lestassions
that we would ballast
que vous lestassiez
that you all would ballast
qu’ils/elles lestassent
that they would ballast
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse lesté
that I had ballasted
que tu eusses lesté
that you had ballasted
qu’il/elle/on eût lesté
that he/she/it had ballasted
que nous eussions lesté
that we had ballasted
que vous eussiez lesté
that you all had ballasted
qu’ils/elles eussent lesté
that they had ballasted
Conditional mood
je lesterais
I would ballast
tu lesterais
you would ballast
il/elle/on lesterait
he/she/it would ballast
nous lesterions
we would ballast
vous lesteriez
you all would ballast
ils/elles lesteraient
they would ballast
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais lesté
I would have ballasted
tu aurais lesté
you would have ballasted
il/elle/on aurait lesté
he/she/it would have ballasted
nous aurions lesté
we would have ballasted
vous auriez lesté
you all would have ballasted
ils/elles auraient lesté
they would have ballasted
Imperative mood
let's ballast!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie lesté
have ballasted
ayons lesté
let's have ballasted
ayez lesté
have ballasted

Examples of lester

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
Avant lentement. Commencez à lester.Keep her on slow, start taking on ballast.
Et en bas, ils mettent les fruits, ce qui rapportent et il y a aussi des petites roches, pour lester le bateau et ça l'équilibre bien.And down below, they put the fruit, which they trade and there are also some small rocks, to ballast the boat and that balances it well.
Je viens de terminer de lester le corps, tu vois ?I've just finished ballasting the corpse, see?
Linus, commencez à lester.Linus, start taking on ballast.
Tu es obligé de le lester afin qu'il coule.You have to load it with ballast so it sinks.

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