Contorcersi (to do) conjugation

11 examples
This verb can also mean the following: writhe, twist, contort

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
mi contorco
I do
ti contorci
you do
si contorce
he/she/it does
ci contorciamo
we do
vi contorcete
you all do
si contorcono
they do
Present perfect tense
mi sono contorto
I have done
ti sei contorto
you have done
si è contorto
he/she/it has done
ci siamo contorti
we have done
vi siete contorti
you all have done
si sono contorti
they have done
Past preterite tense
mi contorsi
I did
ti contorcesti
you did
si contorse
he/she/it did
ci contorcemmo
we did
vi contorceste
you all did
si tersero
they did
Future tense
mi contorcerò
I will do
ti contorcerai
you will do
si contorcerà
he/she/it will do
ci contorceremo
we will do
vi contorcerete
you all will do
si contorceranno
they will do
Conditional mood
mi contorcerei
I would do
ti contorceresti
you would do
si contorcerebbe
he/she/it would do
ci contorceremmo
we would do
vi contorcereste
you all would do
si contorcerebbero
they would do
Past impf. tense
mi contorcevo
I used to do
ti contorcevi
you used to do
si contorceva
he/she/it used to do
ci contorcevamo
we used to do
vi contorcevate
you all used to do
si contorcevano
they used to do
Past perfect tense
mi ero contorto
I had done
ti eri contorto
you had done
si era contorto
he/she/it had done
ci eravamo contorti
we had done
vi eravate contorti
you all had done
si erano contorti
they had done
Future perfect tense
mi sarò contorto
I will have done
ti sarai contorto
you will have done
si sarà contorto
he/she/it will have done
ci saremo contorti
we will have done
vi sarete contorti
you all will have done
si saranno contorti
they will have done
Present subjunctive tense
mi contorca
(if/so that) I do
ti contorca
(if/so that) you do
si contorca
(if/so that) he/she/it do
ci contorciamo
(if/so that) we do
vi contorciate
(if/so that) you all do
si contorcano
(if/so that) they do
Present perf. subjunctive tense
mi sia contorto
I have done
ti sia contorto
you have done
si sia contorto
he/she/it has done
ci siamo contorti
we have done
vi siate contorti
you all have done
si siano contorti
they have done
Imperative mood
si contorca
let's do!
si contorcano
Conditional perfect tense
mi sarei contorto
I would have done
ti saresti contorto
you would have done
si sarebbe contorto
he/she/it would have done
ci saremmo contorti
we would have done
vi sareste contorti
you all would have done
si sarebbero contorti
they would have done

Examples of contorcersi

Example in ItalianTranslation in English
Che ci stava a fare a contorcersi nel mio vialetto?What are you doing rolling around in my driveway, anyway?
E sospettavi anche... che quelle vecchie fogne fossero state inondate di un gas psicotropo inodore... che entra attraverso i pori nella pelle... e consuma i meandri della mente... costringendo la psiche a rivoltarsi contro, a contorcersi finché tutto non assomiglia niente meno che ad un labirinto?And did you also suspect... that those ancient sewers have been flooded with an odorless psychotropic gas... that enters through the pores of the skin... gnaws at the roots of the mind... turning the psyche back in on itself, twisting and winding... until it resembles nothing so much as a labyrinth?
Non possiamo lasciarli laggiù, a contorcersi dal dolore.Well, we can't just leave them down there, writhing in pain.
Quando Shandar era conciato così, si metteva a contorcersi.Here's what... When Shandar was like this... what he would do is he would wriggle.
Quando ne acchiappo uno, lo metto sotto l'acqua e lo guardo contorcersi.I catch one, I wash it down the drain, watch it squirm.
Poi, tra il tubo nel sedere e il tubo in bocca, che tra l'altro sto ancora pregando non fosse lo stesso tubo, ho trovato il tempo per fare il pezzo "mi contorco dal dolore, chissa' se mi sta guardando".then somewhere between, getting a tube in my ass and a tube in my mouth which by the way, I'm still praying wasn't the same tube, I found time to do the whole "I'm writhing in pain but I don't know if you're watching me" thing!
Potrei non farlo, ma mi piace quando ti contorci.I don't have to, but I like watching you squirm.
Derek ha chiamato e ha chiesto quanti pesci avesse preso, e l'ho coperta, come aveva chiesto, ma sa che la mia faccia si contorce un pochino quando mento, e...Derek called and he asked how many fish you caught and I covered for you like you asked. But you know how sometimes my face does that weird twisty thing when I'm telling a lie and I try to--
Allora ci saranno due piccole cose che si contorcono, li'.That'll be two little critters wriggling round down there, then.
Le sue vittime si contorcono davanti a lui, ma lui non sbaglia un colpo di pennello.His victims are seizing up right in front of him, but this guy does not miss a brush stroke.
Ora, non si contorca.Now, don't wriggle.

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