Lorgner (to ogle) conjugation

7 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je lorgne
I ogle
tu lorgnes
you ogle
il/elle/on lorgne
he/she/it ogles
nous lorgnons
we ogle
vous lorgnez
you all ogle
ils/elles lorgnent
they ogle
Present perfect tense
j’ai lorgné
I ogled
tu as lorgné
you ogled
il/elle/on a lorgné
he/she/it ogled
nous avons lorgné
we ogled
vous avez lorgné
you all ogled
ils/elles ont lorgné
they ogled
Past imperfect tense
je lorgnais
I was ogling
tu lorgnais
you were ogling
il/elle/on lorgnait
he/she/it was ogling
nous lorgnions
we were ogling
vous lorgniez
you all were ogling
ils/elles lorgnaient
they were ogling
Future tense
je lorgnerai
I will ogle
tu lorgneras
you will ogle
il/elle/on lorgnera
he/she/it will ogle
nous lorgnerons
we will ogle
vous lorgnerez
you all will ogle
ils/elles lorgneront
they will ogle
Past perfect tense
j’avais lorgné
I had ogled
tu avais lorgné
you had ogled
il/elle/on avait lorgné
he/she/it had ogled
nous avions lorgné
we had ogled
vous aviez lorgné
you all had ogled
ils/elles avaient lorgné
they had ogled
Past preterite tense
je lorgnai
I ogled
tu lorgnas
you ogled
il/elle/on lorgna
he/she/it ogled
nous lorgnâmes
we ogled
vous lorgnâtes
you all ogled
ils/elles lorgnèrent
they ogled
Past anterior tense
j’eus lorgné
I had ogled
tu eus lorgné
you had ogled
il/elle/on eut lorgné
he/she/it had ogled
nous eûmes lorgné
we had ogled
vous eûtes lorgné
you all had ogled
ils/elles eurent lorgné
they had ogled
Future perfect tense
j’aurai lorgné
I will have ogled
tu auras lorgné
you will have ogled
il/elle/on aura lorgné
he/she/it will have ogled
nous aurons lorgné
we will have ogled
vous aurez lorgné
you all will have ogled
ils/elles auront lorgné
they will have ogled
Present subjunctive tense
que je lorgne
that I ogle
que tu lorgnes
that you ogle
qu’il/elle/on lorgne
that he/she/it ogle
que nous lorgnions
that we ogle
que vous lorgniez
that you all ogle
qu’ils/elles lorgnent
that they ogle
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie lorgné
that I have ogled
que tu aies lorgné
that you have ogled
qu’il/elle/on ait lorgné
that he/she/it have ogled
que nous ayons lorgné
that we have ogled
que vous ayez lorgné
that you all have ogled
qu’ils/elles aient lorgné
that they have ogled
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je lorgnasse
that I would ogle
que tu lorgnasses
that you would ogle
qu’il/elle/on lorgnât
that he/she/it would ogle
que nous lorgnassions
that we would ogle
que vous lorgnassiez
that you all would ogle
qu’ils/elles lorgnassent
that they would ogle
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse lorgné
that I had ogled
que tu eusses lorgné
that you had ogled
qu’il/elle/on eût lorgné
that he/she/it had ogled
que nous eussions lorgné
that we had ogled
que vous eussiez lorgné
that you all had ogled
qu’ils/elles eussent lorgné
that they had ogled
Conditional mood
je lorgnerais
I would ogle
tu lorgnerais
you would ogle
il/elle/on lorgnerait
he/she/it would ogle
nous lorgnerions
we would ogle
vous lorgneriez
you all would ogle
ils/elles lorgneraient
they would ogle
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais lorgné
I would have ogled
tu aurais lorgné
you would have ogled
il/elle/on aurait lorgné
he/she/it would have ogled
nous aurions lorgné
we would have ogled
vous auriez lorgné
you all would have ogled
ils/elles auraient lorgné
they would have ogled
Imperative mood
let's ogle!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie lorgné
have ogled
ayons lorgné
let's have ogled
ayez lorgné
have ogled

Examples of lorgner

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
Danny a peur que je me fasse lorgner.Danny's worried I'll get ogled at.
Etre du quartier ne vous donne pas le droit de lorgner sans arrêt.Just cos you live across the street doesn't mean you can come and ogle.
Oui, eh bien, vous pouvez lorgner votre bateau après m'avoir rendu ma voix.Yes, well, you can ogle your ship after you return my singing voice.
Se bagarrer passe encore, mais lorgner les péquenaudes!They are still fighting, but yokels ogle!
Le petit Brand lorgne, rien de plus.Little Brand could just ogle.
Tu veux qu'on la lorgne avec des regards lubriques?You really want her to be ogled and leered at?
Lors de la performance des filles durant la semaine des plaisirs coupable, tu as eu ce regard globuleux dans un état de thyroïde que tu as, et tu m'as lorgné comme si j'étais une racoleuse taiwanaise.When the girls were performing during Guilty Pleasures Week, you used those googly, thyroid-conditioned eyeballs of yours and ogled me like I was a Taiwanese streetwalker.

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