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Pipeter (to pipette) conjugation


Conjugation of pipeter

Present tense
je pipète
I pipette
tu pipètes
you pipette
il/elle/on pipète
he/she/it pipettes
nous pipetons
we pipette
vous pipetez
you all pipette
ils/elles pipètent
they pipette
Present perfect tense
j’ai pipeté
I pipetted
tu as pipeté
you pipetted
il/elle/on a pipeté
he/she/it pipetted
nous avons pipeté
we pipetted
vous avez pipeté
you all pipetted
ils/elles ont pipeté
they pipetted
Past impf. tense
je pipetais
I was pipetting
tu pipetais
you were pipetting
il/elle/on pipetait
he/she/it was pipetting
nous pipetions
we were pipetting
vous pipetiez
you all were pipetting
ils/elles pipetaient
they were pipetting
Future tense
je pipèterai
I will pipette
tu pipèteras
you will pipette
il/elle/on pipètera
he/she/it will pipette
nous pipèterons
we will pipette
vous pipèterez
you all will pipette
ils/elles pipèteront
they will pipette
Past perfect tense
j’avais pipeté
I had pipetted
tu avais pipeté
you had pipetted
il/elle/on avait pipeté
he/she/it had pipetted
nous avions pipeté
we had pipetted
vous aviez pipeté
you all had pipetted
ils/elles avaient pipeté
they had pipetted
Past preterite tense
je pipetai
I pipetted
tu pipetas
you pipetted
il/elle/on pipeta
he/she/it pipetted
nous pipetâmes
we pipetted
vous pipetâtes
you all pipetted
ils/elles pipetèrent
they pipetted
Past anterior tense
j’eus pipeté
I had pipetted
tu eus pipeté
you had pipetted
il/elle/on eut pipeté
he/she/it had pipetted
nous eûmes pipeté
we had pipetted
vous eûtes pipeté
you all had pipetted
ils/elles eurent pipeté
they had pipetted
Future perfect tense
j’aurai pipeté
I will have pipetted
tu auras pipeté
you will have pipetted
il/elle/on aura pipeté
he/she/it will have pipetted
nous aurons pipeté
we will have pipetted
vous aurez pipeté
you all will have pipetted
ils/elles auront pipeté
they will have pipetted
Present subjunctive tense
que je pipète
that I pipette
que tu pipètes
that you pipette
qu’il/elle/on pipète
that he/she/it pipette
que nous pipetions
that we pipette
que vous pipetiez
that you all pipette
qu’ils/elles pipètent
that they pipette
Present perf. subjunctive tense
que j’aie pipeté
that I have pipetted
que tu aies pipeté
that you have pipetted
qu’il/elle/on ait pipeté
that he/she/it have pipetted
que nous ayons pipeté
that we have pipetted
que vous ayez pipeté
that you all have pipetted
qu’ils/elles aient pipeté
that they have pipetted
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je pipetasse
that I would pipette
que tu pipetasses
that you would pipette
qu’il/elle/on pipetât
that he/she/it would pipette
que nous pipetassions
that we would pipette
que vous pipetassiez
that you all would pipette
qu’ils/elles pipetassent
that they would pipette
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse pipeté
that I had pipetted
que tu eusses pipeté
that you had pipetted
qu’il/elle/on eût pipeté
that he/she/it had pipetted
que nous eussions pipeté
that we had pipetted
que vous eussiez pipeté
that you all had pipetted
qu’ils/elles eussent pipeté
that they had pipetted
Conditional mood
je pipèterais
I would pipette
tu pipèterais
you would pipette
il/elle/on pipèterait
he/she/it would pipette
nous pipèterions
we would pipette
vous pipèteriez
you all would pipette
ils/elles pipèteraient
they would pipette
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais pipeté
I would have pipetted
tu aurais pipeté
you would have pipetted
il/elle/on aurait pipeté
he/she/it would have pipetted
nous aurions pipeté
we would have pipetted
vous auriez pipeté
you all would have pipetted
ils/elles auraient pipeté
they would have pipetted
Imperative mood
let's pipette!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie pipeté
have pipetted
ayons pipeté
let's have pipetted
ayez pipeté
have pipetted

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