200+ Commonly Used Spanish Nicknames for Friends, Family, and Lovers

Updated on: April 3, 2024

For Spanish speakers, nicknames (or ‘apodos’) are more than just shortened versions of names – they're a way to show affection, familiarity, and connection. Whether you're addressing a loved one, a close friend, or even a pet, using the right Spanish nickname can make you sound like a true native speaker.

From the classic "mi amor" (my love) to more playful options like "gordito/a" (little chubby one), Spanish nicknames are a common way to add warmth and endearment to your conversations. In this guide, we'll explore some of the most popular Spanish nicknames used across Latin America and Spain, helping you navigate the nuances of when and how to use them.

You'll learn Spanish nicknames for parents, significant others, friends, and even pets, giving you a well-rounded understanding of how these terms of endearment are used in different contexts. 

Common Spanish Nicknames for Every Situation

As I’ve mentioned already, nicknames in Spanish mean ‘apodos’ and you will learn the most popular for different situations.

Nicknames in Spanish for expressing love to somebody

Spanish nicknames 1

When it comes to expressing love and affection in the Spanish language, romantic nicknames play a crucial role in adding warmth and intimacy to your conversations.

1. Cielo (see-EH-loh) - Sky

2. Tesoro (teh-SOH-roh) - Treasure

3. Amor (ah-MOHR) - Love

4. Querido/a (keh-REE-doh/dah) - Dear

5. Corazón (koh-rah-THOHN) - Heart

6. Ángel (AHN-hel) - Angel

7. Estrella (ess-TREH-yah) - Star

8. Pajarito/a (pah-hah-REE-toh/tah) - Little bird

9. Dulzura (dool-SOO-rah) - Sweetness

10. Chiquitín/a (chee-kee-TEEN/teen-ah) - Little one

Commonly used Spanish nicknames for a boyfriend/husband

When expressing love and affection to your male partner, Spanish offers a variety of sweet and romantic nicknames:

1. Mi Rey (mee rey) - My king

2. Mi Amado (mee ah-mah-doh) - My beloved

3. Mi Cielito (mee see-EH-lee-toh) - My little sky

4. Mi Tesoro (mee teh-SOH-roh) - My treasure

5. Mi Vida (mee VEE-dah) - My life

6. Mi Sol (mee sohl) - My sun

7. Mi Corazón (mee koh-rah-THOHN) - My heart

8. Mi Príncipe (mee PREEN-see-peh) - My prince

9. Mi Ángel (mee AHN-hel) - My angel

10. Mi Todo (mee TOH-doh) - My everything

Cute Spanish nicknames for a girlfriend/wife

To show your appreciation for your female significant other, try using one of these adorable Spanish nicknames.

1. Mi Reina (mee REY-nah) - My queen

2. Mi Amada (mee ah-MAH-dah) - My beloved

3. Mi Preciosa (mee preh-see-OH-sah) - My precious

4. Mi Estrella (mee ess-TREH-yah) - My star

5. Mi Tesoro (mee teh-SOH-roh) - My treasure

6. Mi Mariposa (mee mah-ree-POH-sah) - My butterfly

7. Mi Perla (mee PEHR-lah) - My pearl

8. Mi Flor (mee floor) - My flower

9. Mi Cariño (mee kah-REE-nyoh) - My darling

10. Mi Princesa (mee preen-SEH-sah) - My princess

Spanish nicknames for parents and family

Spanish nicknames 2

Family bonds are strong in Spanish culture, and nicknames play a role in fostering closeness between relatives.

1. Papito/Mamita (pah-PEE-toh/mah-MEE-tah) - Daddy/Mommy

2. Abue/Abuelito/Abuelita (ah-BWEH/ah-BWEH-lee-toh/ah-BWEH-lee-tah) - Grandpa/Granddad/Grandma

3. Tío/Tía (TEE-oh/TEE-ah) - Uncle/Aunt

4. Primo/Prima (PREE-moh/PREE-mah) - Cousin (male/female)

5. Hermanito/Hermanita (ehr-mah-NEE-toh/ehr-mah-NEE-tah) - Little brother/Little sister

6. Sobrino/Sobrina (soh-BREE-noh/soh-BREE-nah) - Nephew/Niece

7. Suegro/Suegra (SWEH-groh/SWEH-grah) - Father-in-law/Mother-in-law

8. Cuñado/Cuñada (koo-NYAH-doh/koo-NYAH-dah) - Brother-in-law/Sister-in-law

9. Primo segundo/Prima segunda (PREE-moh say-GOON-doh/PREE-mah say-GOON-dah) - Second cousin (male/female)

10. Hermanastro/Hermanastra (ehr-mah-NAHS-troh/ehr-mah-NAHS-trah) - Stepbrother/Stepsister

11. Nieto/Nieta (nee-EH-toh/nee-EH-tah) - Grandson/Granddaughter

12. Bisabuelo/Bisabuela (bee-sah-BWEH-loh/bee-sah-BWEH-lah) - Great-grandfather/Great-grandmother

13. Tatarabuelo/Tatarabuela (tah-tah-rah-BWEH-loh/tah-tah-rah-BWEH-lah) - Great-great-grandfather/Great-great-grandmother

14. Primo hermano/Prima hermana (PREE-moh ehr-MAH-noh/PREE-mah ehr-MAH-nah) - First cousin (male/female)

15. Yerno/Nuera (YER-noh/NWEH-rah) - Son-in-law/Daughter-in-law

16. Bisnieto/Bisnieta (bees-NYE-toh/bees-NYE-tah) - Great-grandson/Great-granddaughter

17. Cuñado político/Cuñada política (koo-NYAH-doh poh-LEE-tee-koh/koo-NYAH-dah poh-LEE-tee-kah) - Brother-in-law (by marriage)/Sister-in-law (by marriage)

18. Tío abuelo/Tía abuela (TEE-oh ah-BWEH-loh/TEE-ah ah-BWEH-lah) - Great-uncle/Great-aunt

19. Madrasta (mah-DRAHS-tah) - Stepmother

20. Padrastra (pah-DRAHS-trah) - Stepfather

Cool nicknames for guys

For a more casual, friendly way to address guys in Spanish, consider using one of these cool, colloquial nicknames.

1. Campeón (kahm-peh-ON) - Champion

2. Tigre (TEE-greh) - Tiger

3. Jefe (HEH-feh) - Boss

4. Guerrero (geh-reh-roh) - Warrior

5. Máquina (MAH-kee-nah) - Machine

6. Fiera (fee-EH-rah) - Beast

7. Rey de la pista (rey deh lah PEES-tah) - King of the track

8. Astuto (ah-STOO-toh) - Sly

9. Maestro (mah-EHS-troh) - Master

10. Galán (gah-LAHN) - Heartthrob

11. Chulo (CHOO-loh) - Cool guy

12. Lobo (LOH-boh) - Wolf

13. Bombero (bohm-BEH-roh) - Firefighter (implies bravery)

14. Capitán (kah-pee-TAHN) - Captain

15. Rey del baile (rey del BY-leh) - King of the dance floor

16. Magnífico (mahg-NEE-fee-koh) - Magnificent

17. Súperhéroe (SOO-pehr-eh-ROH-eh) - Superhero

18. Relámpago (reh-LAHM-pah-goh) - Lightning

19. Diamante (dee-ah-MAHN-teh) - Diamond

20. Luchador (loo-chah-DOHR) - Fighter

Funny Spanish Nicknames

Spanish has a rich tradition of using humorous and playful nicknames, often derived from physical characteristics or personality traits.

1. Cabezón (kah-beh-ZON) - Big head

2. Dormilón (dor-mee-LOHN) - Sleepyhead

3. Caramelito (kah-reh-lah-MEE-toh) - Little caramel

4. Risitas (ree-SEE-tahs) - Giggles

5. Mocoso (moh-KOH-soh) - Snotty

6. Cachetes (kah-CHEH-tehs) - Chubby cheeks

7. Tripón (tree-POHN) - Big eater

8. Barrigón (bah-ree-GOHN) - Big belly

9. Chiquitín (chee-kee-TEEN) - Little one

10. Orejotas (oh-reh-HOH-tahs) - Big ears

Cute names in Spanish

Spanish nicknames 3

From affectionate diminutives to creative wordplay, Spanish offers an array of adorable nicknames to express endearment.

1. Osito (oh-SEE-toh) - Little bear

2. Gatito (gah-TEE-toh) - Little cat

3. Cielito (see-EH-lee-toh) - Little sky

4. Tesorito (teh-soh-REE-toh) - Little treasure

5. Estrellita (ess-treh-YEE-tah) - Little star

6. Corazoncito (koh-rah-sohn-SEE-toh) - Little heart

7. Dulcecito (dool-seh-SEE-toh) - Little sweetie

8. Angelito (ahn-heh-LEE-toh) - Little angel

9. Florcita (floor-SEE-tah) - Little flower

10. Mariposita (mah-ree-poh-SEE-tah) - Little butterfly

Nicknames used in Spain

While sharing some commonalities, the Spanish nicknames used in Spain can have distinct regional variations and origins.

1. Guapo/Guapa (GWAH-poh/GWAH-pah) - Handsome/Beautiful

2. Cariño (kah-REE-nyoh) - Sweetheart

3. Amigo/Amiga (ah-MEE-goh/ah-MEE-gah) - Friend

4. Jefe/Jefa (HEH-feh/HEH-fah) - Boss

5. Campeón/Campeona (kahm-peh-ON/kahm-peh-OH-nah) - Champion

6. Primo/Prima (PREE-moh/PREE-mah) - Cousin (male/female)

7. Maestro/Maestra (mah-EHS-troh/mah-EHS-trah) - Master/Teacher

8. Vecino/Vecina (veh-SEE-noh/veh-SEE-nah) - Neighbor

9. Compañero/Compañera (kohm-pah-NYEH-roh/kohm-pah-NYEH-rah) - Companion

10. Pelirrojo/Pelirroja (peh-lee-RROH-hoh/peh-lee-RROH-hah) - Redhead (male/female)

Nicknames in Latin America: México

Mexican Spanish is known for its colorful and inventive nicknames, reflecting the country's vibrant culture and linguistic diversity.

1. Güero/Güera (GWEH-roh/GWEH-rah) - Person

2. Chaparro/Chaparra (chah-PAH-roh/chah-PAH-rah) - Shorty

3. Chilango (chee-LAHN-goh) - Someone from Mexico City

4. Carnal (KAHR-nahl) - Brother (used colloquially for close friends)

5. Comadre/Compadre (koh-MAH-dreh/kohm-PAH-dreh) - Godmother/Godfather (also used informally for close friends)

6. Wey/Güey (WEH-ee/GWEH-ee) - Dude

7. Naco/Naca (NAH-koh/NAH-kah) - Peasant or unsophisticated person

8. Chavo/Chava (CHAH-voh/CHAH-vah) - Guy/Girl (used informally to refer to young people)

9. Morro (MOH-roh) - Kid or youngster

10. Fresa (FREH-sah) - Snob or someone who acts posh

Nicknames in Argentina

Spanish nicknames 4

Argentine Spanish has its own unique set of nicknames, influenced by the country's European heritage and local slang.

1. Che (CHEH) - Hey/Hey there

2. Porteño/Porteña (por-TEH-nyoh/por-TEH-nyah) - Someone from Buenos Aires

3. Boludo/Boluda (boh-LOO-doh/boh-LOO-dah) - Dude (can also mean idiot but is commonly used affectionately)

4. Loco/Loca (LOH-koh/LOH-kah) - Crazy/Crazy person

5. Cheíto/Cheíta (cheh-EE-toh/cheh-EE-tah) - Small or little (often used as a term of endearment)

6. Morocho/Morocha (moh-ROH-choh/moh-ROH-chah) - Brunette (male/female)

7. Piola (pee-OH-lah) - Cool or laid-back

8. Querido/Querida (keh-REE-doh/keh-REE-dah) - Dear

9. Gurí (goo-REE) - Kid (especially in the northern regions of Argentina)

10. Laburante (lah-boo-RAHN-teh) - Worker or hard worker

Nicknames in Colombia

Colombian Spanish features a rich variety of nicknames, shaped by the nation's diverse regional dialects and indigenous influences.

1. Paisa (PAI-sah) - Someone from the Paisa region of Colombia (Antioquia, Caldas, Risaralda, and Quindío)

2. Costeño/Costeña (kohs-TEH-nyoh/kohs-TEH-nyah) - Someone from the coast (Caribbean region) of Colombia

3. Caleño/Caleña (kah-LEH-nyoh/kah-LEH-nyah) - Someone from Cali

4. Rolo/Rola (ROH-loh/ROH-lah) - Someone from Bogotá

5. Llanero/Llanera (yah-NEH-roh/yah-NEH-rah) - Someone from the Llanos region (plains) of Colombia

6. Boyacense (boh-yah-SEN-seh) - Someone from Boyacá

7. Santandereano/Santandereana (sahn-tahn-deh-reh-AH-noh/sahn-tahn-deh-reh-AH-nah) - Someone from Santander

8. Opita (oh-PEE-tah) - Someone from the Huila region

9. Cafetero/Cafetera (kah-feh-TEH-roh/kah-feh-TEH-rah) - Someone from the Coffee Axis region (Caldas, Quindío, and Risaralda)

10. Vallecaucano/Vallecaucana (vah-yeh-kah-OH-kah-noh/vah-yeh-kah-OH-kah-nah) - Someone from the Valle del Cauca department

Nicknames in Peru

Peruvian Spanish boasts a fascinating array of nicknames, reflecting the country's multicultural heritage and linguistic traditions.

1. Limeño/Limeña (lee-MEH-nyoh/lee-MEH-nyah) - Someone from Lima

2. Cholo/Chola (CHOH-loh/CHOH-lah) - A person of mixed Indigenous and European ancestry

3. Arequipeño/Arequipeña (ah-reh-keh-PEH-nyoh/ah-reh-keh-PEH-nyah) - Someone from Arequipa

4. Cusqueño/Cusqueña (koos-KEH-nyoh/koos-KEH-nyah) - Someone from Cusco

5. Chalaco/Chalaca (chah-LAH-koh/chah-LAH-kah) - Someone from the port city of Callao or the coast of Lima

6. Huancaino/Huancaina (hwan-kai-EE-noh/hwan-kai-EE-nah) - Someone from Huancayo

7. Pucallpino/Pucallpina (poo-kah-YEE-noh/poo-kah-YEE-nah) - Someone from Pucallpa

8. Trujillano/Trujillana (troo-HEE-yah-noh/troo-HEE-yah-nah) - Someone from Trujillo

9. Piurano/Piurana (pee-oo-RAH-noh/pee-oo-RAH-nah) - Someone from Piura

10. Iquiteño/Iquiteña (ee-kee-TEH-nyoh/ee-kee-TEH-nyah) - Someone from Iquitos

Nicknames in Dominican Republic

The nicknames used in Dominican Spanish are often lively and playful, reflecting the island nation's vibrant culture and Caribbean influences.

Spanish nicknames 5

1. Quisqueyano/Quisqueyana (kees-keh-YAH-noh/kees-keh-YAH-nah) - Someone from the Dominican Republic (Quisqueya is an indigenous name for the island of Hispaniola)

2. Dominicano/Dominicana (doh-mee-NEE-kah-noh/doh-mee-NEE-kah-nah) - Dominican (used to refer to someone from the Dominican Republic)

3. Cibaeño/Cibaeña (see-bah-EH-nyoh/see-bah-EH-nyah) - Someone from the Cibao region of the Dominican Republic

4. Sureño/Sureña (soo-REH-nyoh/soo-REH-nyah) - Someone from the southern region of the Dominican Republic

5. Capitaleño/Capitaleña (kah-pee-tah-LEH-nyoh/kah-pee-tah-LEH-nyah) - Someone from Santo Domingo, the capital city

6. Barahonero/Barahonera (bah-rah-oh-NEH-roh/bah-rah-oh-NEH-rah) - Someone from Barahona

7. Samanense (sah-mah-NEN-seh) - Someone from Samaná

8. Vegano/Vegana (veh-GAH-noh/veh-GAH-nah) - Someone from La Vega

9. Romano/Romana (roh-MAH-noh/roh-MAH-nah) - Someone from La Romana

10. Bonaoense (boh-now-EN-seh) - Someone from Bonao

Nicknames in Guatemala

Guatemalan Spanish has developed its own unique set of nicknames, influenced by the country's indigenous languages and cultural traditions.

1. Chapín/Chapina (chah-PEEN/chah-PEE-nah) - Someone from Guatemala

2. Guatemalteco/Guatemalteca (gwah-teh-mahl-TEH-koh/gwah-teh-mahl-TEH-kah) - Guatemalan (used to refer to someone from Guatemala)

3. Quetzalteco/Quetzalteca (keht-sahl-TEH-koh/keht-sahl-TEH-kah) - Someone from Quetzaltenango

4. Xela (SHEH-lah) - Nickname for Quetzaltenango, the second largest city in Guatemala

5. Cakchiquel (kahk-CHEE-kel) - Member of the indigenous Cakchiquel ethnic group

6. Tecún/Tecúna (teh-KOON/teh-KOO-nah) - Common name among indigenous people, derived from Tecún Umán, a legendary Mayan warrior

7. Cobán (koh-BAHN) - Nickname for the city of Cobán, the largest city in the Alta Verapaz department

8. Chimalteco/Chimalteca (chee-mahl-TEH-koh/chee-mahl-TEH-kah) - Someone from Chimaltenango

9. Petenero/Petenera (peh-teh-NEH-roh/peh-teh-NEH-rah) - Someone from Petén

10. Antigueño/Antigueña (ahn-tee-GEH-nyoh/ahn-tee-GEH-nyah) - Someone from Antigua Guatemala

Nicknames by given name: not just Pepe and Paco

While some Spanish nicknames like Pepe and Paco are well-known, there are countless others derived from given names, each with its own story and regional variations.

1. Pepito (peh-PEE-toh) - Little Pepe (nickname for José)

2. Juanito (hwah-NEE-toh) - Little Juan (nickname for Juan)

3. Lulú (loo-LOO) - Short for Lucía or Luisa

4. Chiqui (CHEE-kee) - Little one (used as a diminutive for various names like Ana, Carlos, or María)

5. Pablito (pah-BLEE-toh) - Little Pablo (nickname for Pablo)

6. Carmencita (kahr-men-SEE-tah) - Little Carmen (nickname for Carmen)

7. Tonito (toh-NEE-toh) - Little Tony (nickname for Antonio)

8. Marinita (mah-ree-NEE-tah) - Little Marina (nickname for Marina)

9. Nachito (nah-CHEE-toh) - Little Nacho (nickname for Ignacio)

10. Martita (mahr-TEE-tah) - Little Marta (nickname for Marta)

11. Manolito (mah-noh-LEE-toh) - Little Manolo (nickname for Manuel)

12. Rosita (roh-SEE-tah) - Little Rosa (nickname for Rosa)

13. Pepe (PEH-peh) - Nickname for José

14. Juancito (hwahn-SEE-toh) - Little Juan (nickname for Juan)

15. Lucho (LOO-choh) - Short for Luis or Lucio

16. Panchito (PAN-chee-toh) - Little Pancho (nickname for Francisco)

17. Gabi (GAH-bee) - Short for Gabriel or Gabriela

18. Conchita (kohn-CHEE-tah) - Little Concha (nickname for Concepción)

19. Tito (TEE-toh) - Nickname for Alberto or Tito

20. Chelo (CHEH-loh) - Short for Consuelo or Marcelo

21. Juancho (hwahn-choh) - Diminutive form of Juan

22. Anita (ah-NEE-tah) - Diminutive form of Ana

23. Paco (PAH-koh) - Nickname for Francisco

24. Carmelo (kahr-MEH-loh) - Little Carmen (nickname for Carmen)

25. Licha (LEE-chah) - Short for Alicia or Felicia

26. Manuela (mah-NEW-eh-lah) - Little Manuel (nickname for Manuel)

27. Charo (CHAH-roh) - Short for Rosario

28. Lolo (LOH-loh) - Diminutive form of names like Dolores or Manuel

29. Tita (TEE-tah) - Short for names like Marta or Felicitas

30. Mili (MEE-lee) - Short for Milagros or Emilia

Nicknames for cities

Spanish nicknames 6

Spanish-speaking cities around the world are frequently given nicknames by locals and visitors.

1. CDMX (say-deh-eh-MEH-eks) - Abbreviation for Ciudad de México (Mexico City)

2. La Perla del Sur (lah PEHR-lah del soor) - The Pearl of the South (nickname for Arequipa, Peru)

3. La Ciudad de las Flores (lah see-oo-DAHD deh lahs FLO-res) - The City of Flowers (nickname for Córdoba, Argentina)

4. La Ciudad Blanca (lah see-oo-DAHD BLAHN-kah) - The White City (nickname for Arequipa, Peru)

5. La Ciudad de la Eterna Primavera (lah see-oo-DAHD deh lah eh-TEHR-nah pree-mah-VEH-rah) - The City of Eternal Spring (nickname for Cuernavaca, Mexico)

6. La Sultana del Norte (lah sool-TAH-nah del NOR-teh) - The Sultaness of the North (nickname for Monterrey, Mexico)

7. La Ciudad de las Siete Colinas (lah see-oo-DAHD deh lahs SYEH-teh koh-LEE-nahs) - The City of Seven Hills (nickname for Lisbon, Portugal)

8. La Capital del Sol (lah kah-pee-TAHL del sol) - The Sun Capital (nickname for Lima, Peru)

9. La Ciudad Heroica (lah see-oo-DAHD eh-roh-EE-kah) - The Heroic City (nickname for Puebla, Mexico)

10. La Ciudad de las Torres (lah see-oo-DAHD deh lahs TOHR-rehs) - The City of Towers (nickname for Madrid, Spain)

11. La Ciudad de las Tres Culturas (lah see-oo-DAHD deh lahs tres kool-TOO-rahs) - The City of Three Cultures (nickname for Toledo, Spain)

12. La Ciudad de las Luces (lah see-oo-DAHD deh lahs LWEES-ehs) - The City of Lights (nickname for Paris, France)

13. La Ciudad Condal (lah see-oo-DAHD kohn-DAHL) - The Count's City (nickname for Barcelona, Spain)

14. La Ciudad de la Furia (lah see-oo-DAHD deh lah FOO-ree-ah) - The City of Fury (nickname for Buenos Aires, Argentina)

15. La Reina del Plata (lah REY-nah del PLAH-tah) - The Queen of the Silver River (nickname for Buenos Aires, Argentina)

16. La Ciudad Imperial (lah see-oo-DAHD eem-peh-REE-ahl) - The Imperial City (nickname for Cusco, Peru)

17. La Ciudad de los Reyes (lah see-oo-DAHD deh lohs REH-yes) - The City of Kings (nickname for Lima, Peru)

18. La Ciudad Eterna (lah see-oo-DAHD eh-TEHR-nah) - The Eternal City (nickname for Rome, Italy)

19. La Ciudad de los Palacios (lah see-oo-DAHD deh lohs pah-LAH-syohs) - The City of Palaces (nickname for Mexico City, Mexico)

20. La Ciudad de las Maravillas (lah see-oo-DAHD deh lahs mah-rah-VEE-yahs) - The City of Wonders (nickname for Istanbul, Turkey)

Spanish Nicknames: final thoughts

Mastering Spanish nicknames is a fun way to truly connect with the language and culture. By using these affectionate terms, you'll sound more like a native speaker and show appreciation for the warmth of Spanish communities.

Remember, context is key when using nicknames. Some are for close friends and family, while others are better for romantic partners or even strangers. Don't be afraid to ask native speakers for guidance on when and how to properly use them.

Learning nicknames like "mi amor," "gordito/a," and more will add a personal touch to your Spanish conversations. Embrace these terms of endearment as you continue your language journey - they'll help you bond with Spanish speakers on a deeper level.

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