Terms of Service for Cooljugator

  1. Scope of these Terms of Service. The subject of the Terms of Service is the 'material': any information originating from or related to Cooljugator.com (hereinafter referred to as the "website"), such as content pages on the website, search results, verb conjugation and example sentence data, any pages or internal links on the website, as well as any information you submit to this website, including any questions, suggestions, and ideas, as well as information collected automatically upon your visit, such as the information collected for analytics purposes, (everything listed so far above in this paragraph is hereinafter referred to collectively as the 'materials'), you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms of Service, together with the Privacy Policy and any applicable laws and regulations. Should you not agree with any of these terms, you are prohibited from accessing or otherwise interacting the website and any of the material.
  2. Copyright. All of the material referred to in point No. 1 above, e.g. the information contained in and associated with Cooljugator.com, is protected by applicable copyright and trademark law.
  3. License of use. You are hereby granted permission to download or access one copy of individual parts of the material (e.g. individual verb conjugation pages) for personal, non-commercial, transitory use. This granting of permission amounts to the granting of a license, not any transfer of title or copyright. You are not allowed to modify or copy any material, and you are not allowed to intentionally store the information permanently.

    As an exception to the restrictions of use outlined in the sentence preceding this one, you may use individual data on the website (such as data contained on specific verb conjugation pages), as long as such use is of non-commercial nature, it attributes the data used to the website, informs any recipients of the data about the restrictions on the use of the data outlined in these Terms of Service, and only to the extent that such use does not make available to the public any significant portion of the data by any means, whether online or offline. In the event of such use, you are the sole bearer of responsibility for any actual or potential harm arising out of or associated with the use of our material. In practical terms, this means you are allowed to share or copy individual verb conjugations and similar data for non-commercial or educational purposes, such as learning by yourself or distributing to a small group of students, provided you accept full responsibility for the use of data and provided you attribute the data to Cooljugator.com.

    Permission to use the material for other purposes may be obtained individually in writing by contacting the owners of Cooljugator.com.

    Any use of automated systems or software to extract any of the materials from this website (known as ‘web scraping’) or any action tantamount to that, regardless of the means by which it is conducted, is prohibited.

    All permissions shall automatically terminate if you violate any of these restrictions, and it can also be terminated by any of the owners of Cooljugator.com at any time. Upon termination of these permissions, you are obliged to immediately destroy any materials in your posession or direct or indirect control.

  4. Disclaimer of responsibility. The material is provided 'as is'. Cooljugator.com makes no warranty, express or implied, and disclaims all warranties, including warranties of non-infringement of intellectual property or other violation of rights. Further, Cooljugator.com does not warrant or make any representations concerning the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the materials, and therefore it disclaims any responsibility for any use of the material. Cooljugator.com may change any of the material at any time without notice. However, Cooljugator.com does not make any commitment to update the materials. The user of the material agrees to accept all of the responsibility mentioned in this paragraph by virtue of their voluntary use of the material.

    Cooljugator.com also disclaims all responsibility for any and all websites linked to from Cooljugator.com, either directly or through advertisements included on Cooljugator.com. Some links may be affiliate ones, and third party advertisements may also be included on the website. Cooljugator.com disclaims the responsibility for the contents of, as well as any language used in the anchor text or accompanying text of the links themselves or the websites those links lead to. The inclusion of any link or advertisement does not imply endorsement. Use of any linked website from Cooljugator.com is completely at the user's own risk.

  5. Modifications of these terms. Cooljugator.com may at any time revise or modify these Terms of Service without notice. By using this website you agree to be bound by the then current version of these Terms of Service.
  6. Governing law. Any claim relating to Company's web site shall be governed by the laws of England without regard to its conflict of law provisions.
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