How to Learn Danish: A Beginner's Guide to Online Courses, Apps, Books and Free Resources

Updated on: October 25, 2023

Danish is a fantastic choice if you're looking to learn a language with a rich cultural heritage. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to learn Danish online, making it accessible and enjoyable. Spoken by over six million people primarily in Denmark, as well as in parts of Greenland and the Faroe Islands, Danish offers an interesting language experience.

You'll be able to converse with native speakers, understand their traditions, and even enjoy Danish films and music in their original form. On the other hand, Danish proficiency can be a valuable asset, as Denmark boasts a strong economy and is home to several multinational companies. Knowing Danish can boost your career, whether you're in business, science, or the arts.

Scandinavian design, culinary excellence, and lifestyle concepts like "hygge" have gained international recognition, fueling a growing interest in Danish culture. Also, with Denmark's strong commitment to sustainability, understanding Danish can connect you with innovative environmental practices and green technologies, which are increasingly influential worldwide. Whether you aspire to travel, study, or connect with Danish-speaking friends, the advantages of learning Danish are diverse and far-reaching. 

Online Danish Courses

When it comes to learning Danish online, structured courses can be a very good choice. These courses offer a systematic approach, guiding you from the basics to fluency.

  • DanishClass101 This platform offers a wide range of lessons suitable for beginners, intermediates, and advanced learners. Their lessons cover conversational Danish, grammar, vocabulary, and cultural insights. What makes DanishClass101 stand out is its engaging content, including audio and video lessons, podcasts, and a community of learners to practice with. You can access their resources on a desktop or through their mobile app, making it convenient for busy schedules. The free version provides access to various content, but premium plans unlock more features, including a personal teacher.
  • Babbel's Danish Course: It takes a practical approach, teaching you the language skills you need in everyday situations. Their lessons focus on dialogue, pronunciation, and grammar in context, making it easy to grasp how to use Danish in real-life scenarios. Babbel's speech recognition technology helps you fine-tune your pronunciation. One unique aspect of Babbel is that it's developed by a team of language experts, ensuring high-quality content. While not entirely free, it offers affordable subscription plans with a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with your progress.
  • Rosetta Stone: This platform offers a wide range of lessons suitable for beginners, intermediates, and advanced learners. Their lessons cover conversational Danish, grammar, vocabulary, and cultural insights. What makes Rosetta Stone stand out is its engaging content, including audio and video lessons, and a community of learners to practice with. You can access their resources on desktop or through their mobile app, making it convenient for busy schedules. With customizable lesson plans, you can focus on what you need most. A subscription provides access to a variety of content and interactive features, ensuring an immersive learning experience.

Danish Language Tutoring

Tutoring can be a game-changer in your journey to learn Danish online. It offers a personalized and interactive learning experience that can take your language skills to the next level. Whether you need help with pronunciation, grammar, or just a conversation partner, there are several platforms where you can find free Danish language tutoring.

  • iTalki What sets iTalki apart is its vast community of native Danish speakers who are ready to help you improve your language skills. You can browse through profiles of experienced tutors and find the one that matches your learning style and goals. The platform offers one-on-one lessons via video chat, enabling you to work on your speaking and listening skills with a real Danish speaker. 
  • Tandem If you're looking for a more casual approach to language learning, Tandem is a unique platform that connects you with native speakers for language exchange. This means you can teach your language to someone learning it while they help you with Danish. Tandem provides a great opportunity to practice your conversational skills with real people in a relaxed and friendly environment. The app also offers various tools to facilitate your exchange, such as in-app messaging, audio and video calls, and correction features. It's an ideal choice for those who want to improve their Danish while helping others learn their native language, all for free.
  • Reddit: For a more community-driven approach to Danish language tutoring, consider exploring subreddits like r/languagelearning and r/Danish. Reddit is home to a thriving language-learning community where you can ask questions, seek advice, and even find language exchange partners. While not as structured as dedicated tutoring platforms, Reddit can be an excellent resource for getting your questions answered, finding helpful resources, and connecting with fellow learners and native Danish speakers. It's a platform that's entirely free and provides a supportive environment for language learners. 

Apps for Learning Danish 

In today's fast-paced world, mobile apps have become our trusty companions, offering solutions for various aspects of life, including language learning. Learning Danish on the go has never been easier. 

  • Duolingo: It's renowned for its user-friendly interface and gamified approach to language learning. The Danish course on Duolingo covers vocabulary, grammar, listening, and speaking exercises. The app's bite-sized lessons are perfect for quick study sessions during your daily commute or breaks. Duolingo also encourages daily practice, which is crucial for language acquisition. The app is free with the option to remove ads and access extra features through a Duolingo Plus subscription. While it's a fantastic starting point, consider supplementing it with other resources for a more comprehensive learning experience.
  • Memrise: is your go-to app for building a strong Danish vocabulary. It uses memory-enhancing techniques to make words stick in your mind. The app offers a variety of user-generated courses in Danish, including essential phrases, idioms, and cultural insights. Memrise is known for its spaced repetition system, which ensures that you review words at the right intervals to commit them to long-term memory. The app also features multimedia content, including videos of native speakers, to help you understand pronunciation and real-life usage. Memrise offers free content, with the option to subscribe to Memrise Pro for additional features like offline access and more advanced learning options.
  • Drops: Is designed to teach you vocabulary through eye-catching and engaging illustrations. The app features a wide range of Danish words and phrases, covering various categories such as food, travel, and daily life. With just five minutes a day, Drops helps you expand your vocabulary and improve retention. The app's colorful and intuitive interface makes it fun to learn Danish on the go. Drops offers free daily lessons, but you can subscribe to Drops Plus for unlimited learning time and offline access.

Danish Language Learning Books

While technology has brought us numerous learning apps and websites, the power of a well-crafted book is undeniable. Whether you're a novice seeking to grasp the basics or an intermediate learner looking to deepen your knowledge, Danish language books can be a key tool for you language learning process. 

  • "Complete Danish" by Bente Elsworth, this book offers a structured approach to learning Danish. It includes detailed explanations of grammar, vocabulary, and practical exercises to reinforce your learning. "Complete Danish" is designed for beginners and provides valuable cultural insights. With this book, you can expect to build a strong foundation in Danish and develop the skills needed for everyday conversations.
  • "501 Danish Verbs" by John D. Clare: Verbs are at the heart of any language, and Danish is no exception. This book delves into the complexities of Danish verbs, providing extensive lists, conjugation tables, and example sentences. It's an You can expect to gain a solid grasp of Danish verb usage and expand your ability to express yourself fluently.
  • "Danish for Dummies" by C. J. Fallon: This book is tailored for beginners and provides a gentle introduction to the Danish language. It covers pronunciation, basic grammar, and essential vocabulary. "Danish for Dummies" focuses on practical conversational skills, making it a perfect choice for those who want to get started with Danish quickly. With this book, you can expect to feel more confident in everyday Danish conversations and build a strong foundation for further learning.

How to Learn Danish Language for Free

There's many of free resources available online, waiting to help you on your experience to mastering Danish. Here, we'll explore some practical free Danish language learning tools.

  • BBC Languages: Provides free language learning resources for a variety of languages, including Danish. Their Danish course for beginners is an excellent place to start. It offers audio lessons, video clips, and interactive activities to help you get a grasp of the basics. This resource is well-structured and covers essential topics like introductions, numbers, and everyday conversations. BBC Languages makes learning Danish accessible and enjoyable, even for those with no prior knowledge of the language. 
  • Transparent Language: Offers a variety of free Danish language resources, including a Danish blog that covers topics like grammar, culture, and practical language usage. They also provide free Danish vocabulary and phrase guides, which are handy for building your language skills. With their user-friendly website and comprehensive content, Transparent Language is a valuable resource for free Danish learning materials.
  • Odense Kommune: Offer Danish language courses or resources for newcomers and residents looking to learn or improve their Danish language skills, for free. Local municipalities in Denmark often provide support and resources for language learning to help newcomers integrate into Danish society. These resources can include language courses, cultural orientation, and other forms of support. 

Videos and Podcasts to Learn Danish

When it comes to learning Danish, it's not all textbooks and grammar rules. Videos and podcasts are immersive and dynamic tools that can add an exciting dimension to your language learning journey. They offer the opportunity to hear, see, and engage with the Danish language in real-life contexts, helping you build essential listening and speaking skills.

  • "SpeakingDanish" YouTube channel: This channel focuses on real-life conversations, interviews, and street talk, exposing you to the natural rhythm of the language. The content is great for improving your listening skills and understanding how Danes communicate in everyday situations. "SpeakingDanish" provides a more immersive learning experience and offers valuable insights into Danish culture. Best of all, it's entirely free and easily accessible, making it a fantastic addition to your Danish learning resources.
  • DanishPod101: Offers an array of free Danish language podcasts suitable for learners of all levels. From beginner to advanced, you can find podcasts that match your proficiency. These audio lessons cover various topics, including grammar, vocabulary, and culture, helping you develop a well-rounded understanding of the Danish language. DanishPod101's podcasts are perfect for practicing your listening and comprehension skills. They provide an engaging way to immerse yourself in the Danish language, all at your own pace and without cost. This resource is an excellent addition to your Danish learning toolkit.

Popular and Common Danish Phrases

Popular and common phrases will serve as your building blocks for basic communication in Danish. These phrases are not only useful but also an excellent way to start engaging with native speakers and immersing yourself in the language.


  • Hej - Hello
  • Tak - Thank you
  • Undskyld - Excuse me / I'm sorry
  • Ja - Yes
  • Nej - No
  • Hvordan har du det? - How are you?
  • Hvad hedder du? - What's your name?
  • Hvor er toilettet? - Where is the restroom?
  • Jeg forstår ikke. - I don't understand.
  • Kan du hjælpe mig? - Can you help me?
  • Hvor meget koster det? - How much does it cost?
  • God morgen - Good morning
  • God aften - Good evening
  • Farvel - Goodbye
  • Hvor er stationen? - Where is the train station?


In conclusion, learning the Danish language is an achievable and rewarding experience. With the right tools and a consistent routine, you'll find yourself making steady progress and soon engaging in Danish conversations with confidence.

So, don't hesitate, start today, and discover the beauty of this Nordic language while opening doors to Danish culture and connections. Whether it's the rich history, the friendly locals, or simply the joy of exploring a new language, your Danish adventure awaits, and the first step is just a "Hej" away.


How long does it take to learn Danish? 

The time it takes to learn Danish can vary based on factors like your native language, daily practice, and your language learning method. For basic conversational proficiency, it may take around 600-800 hours of study. To reach a high level of fluency, it can take several years of consistent learning.

How hard is it to learn Danish? 

Danish can be challenging due to its pronunciation and unique sounds. However, it's manageable with dedication. Being closely related to other Scandinavian languages can be an advantage if you already speak one. The key is regular practice, and you'll gradually find Danish less daunting.

How can I learn Danish quickly? 

To learn Danish quickly, immerse yourself in the language. Take intensive courses, practice daily, and engage with native speakers. Using language learning apps, podcasts, and watching Danish TV shows or movies can help expedite your progress.

How can I learn Danish at home on my own? 

Learning Danish at home is entirely possible. Start with online courses, language learning apps, and YouTube tutorials. Practice regularly, build your vocabulary, and consider language exchange with native speakers through platforms like Tandem or iTalki. Remember, consistency is key.

How can I become fluent in Danish? 

Achieving fluency in Danish requires time and commitment. Beyond the basics, engage in real conversations with native speakers, read Danish books or news, and watch Danish TV series. Consider taking advanced courses, if available, and try to visit Danish-speaking regions for immersive experiences. Fluency.

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