HelloTalk Review: Features, Pricing, and Alternatives for 2024

Updated on: December 13, 2023
HelloTalk review

HelloTalk connects individuals aiming to learn a new language with native speakers fluent in that language. Users engage in conversations, both written and spoken, with their language partners, fostering practical language skills and cultural insights.

This emphasis on real-life interaction sets HelloTalk apart from traditional language apps. It's not about structured lessons; it's about genuinely communicating with native speakers. Users can expect to immerse themselves in authentic, unscripted conversations, honing their language abilities in a more dynamic and organic way.

Furthermore, HelloTalk's support for a wide variety of languages adds to its appeal. Whether you're looking to master a commonly spoken language or delve into something less mainstream, this HelloTalk review will help you decide if the app is right for your language learning journey.

HelloTalk Features 

HelloTalk's rich set of features plays a crucial role in its appeal to language learners across the globe. These features are designed to provide a comprehensive and interactive language learning experience. Let's take a closer look at each of these functionalities.

Real-time Chat

HelloTalk's real-time chat feature allows users to engage in written conversations with language partners. This dynamic exchange of messages provides an opportunity for immediate practice and feedback, making it an effective tool for improving language skills.

Voice Messaging

Users can send voice messages to their language partners, enabling spoken language practice. This feature is particularly valuable for perfecting pronunciation, intonation, and listening comprehension, as it mimics real conversations.

Translation Tools

HelloTalk includes built-in translation tools that assist users in understanding messages in their target language and offer translations in their native language. This aids in comprehension and enhances the learning experience.

Correction and Feedback

One of HelloTalk's standout features is the ability for users to receive corrections and feedback from native speakers. This real-time input helps learners refine their language skills, ensuring accuracy and fluency.


HelloTalk's "Moments" feature is akin to a social feed where users can post text or multimedia updates related to their language learning studies. It serves as a platform for sharing cultural insights, experiences, and language-related content.

Language Exchange Search

This feature allows users to search for language partners based on specific criteria. Users can filter potential language partners by location, age, and language proficiency, making it easier to find compatible language exchange partners.

Free and Premium Versions

HelloTalk offers both free and premium versions. While the free version provides access to most features, the premium version offers additional benefits such as ad removal, unlimited translations, and priority customer support, enhancing the overall user experience.

Learning Resources

HelloTalk provides language learners with a library of learning resources. This includes grammar lessons, vocabulary lists, and audio recordings, offering a supplementary learning experience for those who seek structured lessons.

HelloTalk Languages

HelloTalk offers a diverse language-learning environment, making it accessible to learners across the linguistic spectrum. The app supports a wide array of languages, allowing users to connect with native speakers of their chosen language.

Commonly Spoken Languages

HelloTalk offers an array of languages that are widely spoken globally. This includes popular languages like English, Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, and German. Users seeking to learn or improve these languages will find ample opportunities to connect with native speakers and fellow learners.

Less Commonly Studied Languages

In addition to major world languages, HelloTalk supports less commonly studied languages. Whether you're interested in diving into languages like Swahili, Tagalog, Finnish, or even indigenous languages, HelloTalk aims to accommodate a broad spectrum of linguistic interests.

Proficiency Levels

HelloTalk is designed to accommodate learners of all proficiency levels, from absolute beginners to advanced speakers. Here's how the proficiency levels work on the platform:

  • Beginners: If you're just starting to learn a language, HelloTalk provides a supportive environment for beginners. You can engage in basic conversations and ask questions to native speakers to build a strong foundation.
  • Intermediate Learners: Intermediate learners can use HelloTalk to practice their language skills, improve vocabulary, and engage in more complex conversations. The platform enables users to receive corrections and feedback from native speakers to refine their language abilities.
  • Advanced Speakers: For those already proficient in a language but aiming to maintain or enhance their fluency, HelloTalk remains a valuable resource. You can engage in in-depth conversations, offer help to others, and ensure that your language skills remain sharp.

HelloTalk Pros & Cons

HelloTalk, like any language learning app, comes with its set of advantages and limitations. Let's understand some of its pros and cons:

Authentic Language Practice: HelloTalk excels in offering authentic language practice through interactions with native speakers. This immersive experience is invaluable for building conversational skills.

Broad Language Support: With a diverse range of supported languages, HelloTalk accommodates learners with various linguistic interests, whether they're learning a popular language or a less commonly studied one.

Flexibility for All Levels: HelloTalk caters to learners of all proficiency levels, making it suitable for beginners, intermediate learners, and advanced speakers.

Cultural Insights: Interacting with native speakers allows users to gain cultural insights, enhancing their understanding of the language's nuances.

Real-time Corrections: Users can receive real-time corrections and feedback on their language usage, helping them improve rapidly.
Privacy Concerns: As with any language exchange platform, users need to be cautious about sharing personal information and maintain their privacy.

Uneven Language Exchange: Depending on the language you're learning, you may find more language partners for some languages than others, potentially leading to uneven exchange opportunities.

User Engagement Varies: The quality of language exchange depends on the engagement of the users. Some may be highly active, while others may be less so.

App Learning vs. Structured Lessons: HelloTalk focuses on practical language use rather than structured lessons. While this is a pro for some, those seeking traditional classroom-style instruction may find it lacking.

Network Connection Required: Users need a stable internet connection to fully utilize the app, which can be a limitation in some regions.

HelloTalk Pricing

When it comes to HelloTalk's pricing structure, it offers a straightforward approach, providing both free and premium versions. Here's a breakdown of the pricing plans and the distinctions between them:

Free VersionPremium Version
The free version of HelloTalk offers access to the core features. Users can engage in real-time chat, voice messaging, and benefit from correction and feedback from native speakers. 
This subscription unlocks additional benefits, including ad removal, unlimited translations, and priority support. 

Monthly: $12,99; Annual: $79,99;Lifetime access: $149,99.

Discounts and Special Offers

HelloTalk occasionally runs discounts and special offers, providing users with opportunities to access the premium version at a reduced cost. These discounts can vary, so it's worth keeping an eye on HelloTalk's official website or app for any ongoing promotions. Additionally, HelloTalk may provide special offers to loyal users or as part of seasonal promotions.

HelloTalk Alternatives 

When comparing HelloTalk to other popular language learning apps like iTalk, Pimsleur, Rocket Languages, Duolingo, and Babbel, various aspects come into play. Here's a brief overview of how HelloTalk stacks up against these competitors in terms of user interface, effectiveness, and price:

HelloTalk vs. iTalk

HelloTalk stands out with its emphasis on real-time language exchange with native speakers, while iTalki is more of a traditional language learning app. HelloTalk excels in fostering practical language skills through interaction. However, iTalk may suit users who prefer structured lessons.

Monthly: $12,99
Annual: $79,99
Lifetime access: $149,99
Classes from $4 to $80.

HelloTalk vs. Pimsleur

Pimsleur is known for its audio-based approach, while HelloTalk focuses on conversation and written interaction. Pimsleur is effective for pronunciation, but HelloTalk provides more versatility for all-around language practice. HelloTalk's free version is more budget-friendly compared to Pimsleur's paid courses.

Monthly: $12,99
Annual: $79,99
Lifetime access: $149,99
Monthly: $20,95
Annual: $164,95

HelloTalk vs. Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages offers a structured approach to language learning, while HelloTalk prioritizes spontaneous conversation. Rocket Languages may be more suitable for those who prefer systematic lessons, while HelloTalk suits learners looking for authentic interaction.

HelloTalkRocket Languages 
Monthly: $12,99
Annual: $79,99
Lifetime access: $149,99
One time payment
Level 1: $ 149,95
Levels 1 & 2: $ 299,90
Levels 1,2 & 3: $ 449,85
6 month plan
Levels 1,2 & 3: $ 449,85

HelloTalk vs. Duolingo

Duolingo is a popular app for beginners, offering gamified lessons, while HelloTalk is more about real conversations. Duolingo can be a great starting point, but HelloTalk provides a deeper level of language practice. HelloTalk's free version is competitive in terms of pricing.

Monthly: $12,99
Annual: $79,99
Lifetime access: $149,99
Basic plan: Free
Super Duolingo Monthly: $12.99
Super Duolingo Yearly: $ 83.99

HelloTalk vs. Babbel

Babbel offers structured lessons and focuses on practical vocabulary, whereas HelloTalk promotes communication with native speakers. Babbel is ideal for learners looking for organized courses, while HelloTalk is better for those desiring authentic language interaction.

Monthly: $12,99
Annual: $79,99
Lifetime access: $149,99
6 months: $47,94
12 months: $ 96,88
Lifetime: $319

HelloTalk Review: Conclusion

HelloTalk thrives on the power of real-time communication, enabling users to connect with native speakers for authentic language exchange. This emphasis on practicality and immersion sets HelloTalk apart from traditional language learning apps.

The app's broad language support ensures that learners of both widely spoken and less commonly studied languages can find suitable language partners. HelloTalk's inclusive approach contributes to its appeal for a diverse range of language enthusiasts.

While HelloTalk is not without its limitations, such as occasional privacy concerns and varying user engagement, it remains a valuable resource for language learners across proficiency levels.

Finally, whether HelloTalk is the right choice for you depends on your language learning goals and preferences. If you seek genuine language interaction, cultural insights, and an unconventional approach to learning, HelloTalk is certainly worth exploring. Its ability to facilitate language exchange and build practical language skills makes it a contender in the ever-expanding world of language learning apps.


Is HelloTalk a free app?

Yes, HelloTalk offers a free version with access to core features like real-time chat, voice messaging, language exchange search, and correction from native speakers. However, it also offers a premium version with additional benefits like ad removal, unlimited translations, and priority support for a subscription fee.

Is HelloTalk suitable for beginners in language learning?

Yes, HelloTalk is suitable for language learners of all levels, including beginners. The app provides an environment for beginners to engage in conversations, ask questions, and receive corrections from native speakers, which can be invaluable for building a strong language foundation.

How can I find language partners on HelloTalk?

HelloTalk provides a "Language Exchange Search" feature that allows users to search for language partners based on criteria like location, age, and language proficiency. This feature helps users find language exchange partners who match their learning needs.

Are there discounts or promotions for HelloTalk's premium version?

Yes, HelloTalk occasionally offers discounts and special promotions for its premium version. Users can stay updated on these offers by checking the app or the official website. Discount codes or special offers can be redeemed during the subscription process.

Is HelloTalk safe to use in terms of privacy and security?

HelloTalk takes privacy and security seriously. However, it's important for users to exercise caution and avoid sharing personal information. As with any online platform, users should be mindful of the information they disclose and adhere to safe online practices to protect their privacy.

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