Drops Review: Does This Unique Language Learning App Live Up to the Hype?

Updated on: November 10, 2023

Drops is a language learning app that utilizes a micro-learning approach, offering concise daily lessons suitable for individuals with busy schedules. What sets Drops apart is its focus on visual associations and gamified elements, making language acquisition an engaging experience.

Developed by Daniel Farkas and Mark Szulyovszky, Drops started as an experiment to transform the way people learn languages, and it has since grown into a widely acclaimed platform with an extensive library of languages, making it an accessible and effective tool for language enthusiasts and learners worldwide.

In this Drops review, I provide an overview of Drops' key features, including its use of visual associations, gamification, and micro-learning. I then evaluate the variety of languages available to study and assess if Drops can make language learning more accessible, effective, and engaging through its innovative techniques. Overall, this review will determine if this app lives up to its goal of transforming the way people learn languages.

Drops Overview

Drops is a language learning app designed for convenient and engaging language acquisition.This platform operates by presenting users with bite-sized vocabulary and image-based lessons for just five minutes a day, tailored for those with hectic schedules. Drops emphasizes visual associations and gamified elements to simplify vocabulary learning. 

With an extensive language selection, including both commonly spoken and less common languages, Drops offers diversity for language enthusiasts. Its clean and intuitive interface, combined with regular content updates, ensures a motivating and accessible language learning experience.

Key Features that Make Drops Stand Out

Drops' popularity in the language learning arena is underpinned by a range of standout features that cater to diverse learners. Here's a closer look at what makes Drops a compelling choice.

Micro-Lessons for Busy Lives

Drops recognizes the time constraints of modern life and addresses this by offering daily five-minute micro-lessons. These concise sessions enable users to learn languages efficiently without overwhelming their schedules. Whether you're a busy professional, a student, or someone with limited free time, Drops ensures that you can consistently make progress in your language learning journey.

Visual Learning Reinvented

Drops takes a unique approach to language learning by replacing traditional text-based methods with a visually engaging experience. This feature stands out as it leverages beautifully designed illustrations and animations. Learners connect words with images, making it easier to remember and understand new vocabulary. Visual learning not only simplifies the process but also enhances memory retention, making Drops an excellent choice for visual learners.

Offline Mode

For those on the move or in areas with limited internet access, Drops' offline mode is a game-changer. It allows users to practice their chosen language even when they're not connected to the internet. This feature ensures uninterrupted learning, whether you're on a plane, a remote location, or simply in a spot with no Wi-Fi.

Gamified Learning

Drops incorporates gamification into its learning approach, making the process enjoyable and interactive. Learners earn points for completing lessons, track their progress, and compete with themselves to achieve daily goals. The gamified elements provide motivation and a sense of achievement, turning language learning into an engaging experience.

Simple and Clean Interface

Drops' user interface is intentionally designed to be simple and free of clutter. It prioritizes the learning experience by eliminating complex menus and distractions. This clean design ensures that learners can navigate the app with ease, focusing on their language learning journey without unnecessary barriers.

Regular Content Updates

To keep the learning experience fresh and exciting, Drops regularly adds new words and topics to its content library. This feature ensures that learners can continue expanding their vocabulary and exploring new subjects, making it a dynamic and evolving platform.

Drops Languages

Drops' commitment to language diversity is a hallmark of its appeal. This language learning app offers an extensive array of languages that caters to a broad audience of language enthusiasts. Drops delves into uncharted linguistic territory, offering learners a unique opportunity to explore the world's linguistic richness.

Variety of Languages

At the core of Drops' language offerings is its impressive variety. Users can choose from more than 50 languages, ensuring that whether you're interested in popular languages like Portuguese, Chinese, or Arabic, or you have a penchant for less commonly taught languages such as Finnish, Esperanto, or Catalan, Drops has a course for you. This linguistic smorgasbord empowers learners to diversify their language repertoire and explore cultures through the medium of native tongues.

Whether you're seeking to master a widely spoken language or start a learning process with a less conventional tongue, Drops ensures that language learners have access to different linguistic possibilities. This emphasis on both variety and uniqueness sets Drops apart in the world of language learning apps.

Here is a list with the current languages offered by Drops:

AinuAmerican EnglishArabicBosnianBrazilian Portuguese
British EnglishCantoneseCastilian SpanishCatalanCroatian
DanishDutchEsperantoEstonianEuropean Portuguese
KoreanMandarin ChineseMaoriMexican SpanishNorwegian
Sanskrit for YogaSerbianSwahiliSwedishTagalog

Drops Pros & Cons: Navigating the Learning Experience

In this section, we'll dive into what makes Drops shine and what areas may leave some learners seeking more. Let's weigh the benefits and considerations to see if Drops aligns with your language learning goals.

Engaging Visuals: Drops' visually stimulating approach makes learning fun and memorable, with beautiful illustrations and animations that aid in vocabulary retention.
Micro-Lessons: The daily five-minute lessons fit seamlessly into busy schedules, ensuring consistent progress without overwhelming learners.
Variety of Languages: Drops' extensive language offerings cover a wide spectrum, from common languages to unique and niche options.
Offline Mode: The app can be used without an internet connection, allowing users to learn on the go.
Limited Depth: Drops primarily focuses on vocabulary, so it may not provide in-depth grammar or conversational practice.
Free Version Restrictions: While Drops offers a free version, there are limitations in terms of access to all content and features.
Price Tag: The premium subscription can be relatively costly compared to some competing language learning apps.
Not Ideal for All Levels: Drops is most effective for beginners and intermediate learners, but advanced learners may find it less challenging.
User Reviews: Users appreciate Drops' unique learning style and the diversity of languages available. However, some have noted that it's not a comprehensive language learning solution and may need to be complemented with other resources for a well-rounded education.

Drops Pricing and Discounts

In this section, we'll break down the pricing structure of Drops, exploring the cost of premium access and the various subscription options available. Additionally, we'll delve into discounts, promotions, and referral programs that can help you maximize the value of your language learning investment.

Monthly SubscriptionAnnual SubscriptionLifetime Subscription
Priced at approximately $13.00 per month, this tier is a suitable choice for learners looking for a month-to-month commitment.The annual subscription typically costs around $69.99 per year, which translates to a more affordable monthly rate, $5.83.This plan is ideal for learners committed to long-term language mastery.Drops occasionally offers a lifetime subscription for a one-time fee, which currently is $159.99 This is a one-of-a-kind offer for learners who are dedicated to language learning for the long haul.

Drops Discounts and Plans

Free Trial Period

Drops extends a free trial period, usually spanning seven days, for new users who wish to explore the premium features before making a financial commitment. During this time, learners can access all the advanced features, explore multiple languages, and determine whether Drops aligns with their language learning objectives.

Discounted Annual Plans

The annual subscription stands out as a cost-effective choice, reducing the monthly expense compared to the monthly plan. Users who opt for the annual subscription save approximately 30% over the course of a year, making it an attractive option for those dedicated to ongoing language learning.

Discounts and Promotions

Drops periodically runs limited-time discounts and promotions, often coinciding with special occasions or milestones. These promotions can provide substantial savings, with discounts ranging from 20% to 50% off the regular subscription prices.

Referral Programs

Drops may offer referral programs that reward existing users for inviting new learners to the platform. Users who refer friends and acquaintances can earn discounts, free months of premium access, or other incentives, making it a cost-effective way to enjoy Drops.

Educational Discounts

Drops recognizes the importance of language learning in educational settings. Students and educators may be eligible for special educational discounts, making premium access more accessible for academic purposes. These discounts can vary but often range from 20% to 50% off regular subscription prices.

Drops Alternatives

In this section, we'll explore how Drops measures up against key players, such as Rosetta Stone, Mondly, Rocket Languages, Duolingo, and Memrise. By understanding the unique features and strengths of each app, you'll be better equipped to make an informed choice for your language learning journey.

Drops vs. Rosetta Stone

Drops is celebrated for its unique micro-learning approach, featuring concise, daily lessons designed to fit the busiest schedules. The app leverages visual associations and gamified elements, making language learning engaging and fun. 

In contrast, Rosetta Stone, a veteran in the language learning industry, offers an immersive learning experience that emphasizes context and listening skills. It presents language in a systematic, structured manner, building conversational proficiency. 

Rosetta Stone is preferred by learners who value a traditional and comprehensive approach. However, it typically focuses on widely spoken languages and comes at a higher price point.

DropsRosetta Stone
Monthly: $13.00
Yearly: $69.99
Monthly: $11.99
Yearly: $299

Drops vs. Mondly

Drops stands out with its micro-learning approach, offering daily bite-sized lessons suitable for busy schedules. The app's engaging use of visual associations and gamification makes language learning enjoyable. 

Conversely, Mondly focuses on practical conversation and pronunciation. The app provides interactive lessons and chatbot-style conversations, prioritizing the development of speaking skills. Mondly is the go-to choice for learners aiming to rapidly enhance their conversational proficiency.

Monthly: $13.00
Yearly: $69.99
Monthly: $6.55 (one language)
Yearly: $32.37 (one language)

Drops vs. Rocket Languages

The app's engaging use of visual associations and gamification makes language learning enjoyable. Drops boasts a diverse selection of languages, including rare and fictional options, making it attractive to learners seeking a wide variety of choices.

On the other hand, Rocket Languages is a comprehensive language learning platform, placing a strong emphasis on both listening and speaking skills. It offers structured lessons that guide learners through practical conversations, prioritizing real-world language use and accent perfection. Rocket Languages is particularly appealing to learners aiming for conversational fluency and accurate pronunciation.

DropsRocket Languages
Monthly: $13.00
Yearly: $69.99
One time payment
Level 1: $ 149,95
Levels 1 & 2: $ 299,90
Levels 1,2 & 3: $ 449,85
6 month plan
Levels 1,2 & 3: $ 449,85

Drops vs. Duolingo

What sets Drops apart is its commitment to providing users with a streamlined and engaging learning experience. It greets learners with a user-friendly interface designed for simplicity, and it's accessible to individuals from various backgrounds and age groups.

On the other hand, Duolingo is a widely recognized language learning platform that immerses users in gamified lessons. It offers a broad selection of languages and is known for its approachable, game-like lessons. Duolingo's strength lies in its intuitive, interactive experience, providing learners with engaging content and a fun way to track their language learning progress.

Monthly: $13.00
Yearly: $69.99
Basic plan: Free
Super Duolingo Monthly: $12.99
Super Duolingo Yearly: $ 83.99

Drops vs. Memrise

Drops approach simplifies vocabulary acquisition, making it memorable and enjoyable. Drops' regular content updates guarantee fresh learning material, keeping users motivated on their language journey. It's an ideal choice for those who seek an accessible, engaging, and visually-driven language learning experience.

In contrast, Memrise is a language learning platform that emphasizes spaced repetition and memory techniques. It offers an extensive range of user-generated content, allowing learners to select from various courses. Memrise is known for its focus on vocabulary acquisition, but it is primarily community-driven, with learners contributing to the platform's courses. It's a suitable choice for those who appreciate user-generated content and an emphasis on vocabulary learning.

Monthly: $13.00
Yearly: $69.99
Basic plan: Free
Pro Monthly: $14.99
Pro Annual: $ 89.99

Drops Review: Conclusion

Drops has shown itself to be an exceptional language learning app with its unique approach to micro-learning, engaging visual associations, and a vast array of languages. This innovative platform is perfect for those who have busy schedules and need quick, daily lessons that are easy to fit into their routines. 

The use of captivating illustrations and gamification makes language learning enjoyable and effective, appealing to a wide range of learners. Drops' diverse language selection, which includes rare and even fictional languages, is a testament to its commitment to language variety and accessibility.

Its clean interface and gamified approach ensure an engaging learning experience, and regular content updates keep learners motivated and excited to continue their language journey. Drops is the ideal choice for those who desire an accessible, diverse, and visually-driven approach to language learning.


What is Drops and how does it work?

Drops is an innovative language learning app that utilizes a micro-learning approach, offering brief, daily lessons. It combines engaging visual associations and gamified elements to make language learning enjoyable and effective.

What languages can I learn with Drops?

Drops offers an extensive language selection, including widely spoken languages and even unique and fictional ones. You can choose from a wide variety of languages to suit your language learning goals.

Is Drops suitable for busy individuals with limited time?

Absolutely. Drops' micro-learning approach is tailored for those with busy schedules. With just a five-minute daily commitment, you can make consistent progress in your language learning journey.

What sets Drops apart from other language learning apps?

Drops distinguishes itself with its visual and gamified approach, making it engaging and enjoyable. Its diverse language selection, user-friendly interface, and regular content updates ensure that learning remains accessible and motivating.

Can I use Drops offline?

Yes, Drops offers an offline mode, allowing you to practice your chosen language anytime and anywhere, even without an internet connection. It's designed for your convenience.

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