Arbeta conjugation

Conjugate arbeta - work

Attention: in Swedish, conjugation is the same for all persons. Therefore, while we only provide the 'Jag' ('I') form, it is absolutely the same for the 'du', 'De', 'han', 'hun', 'den', 'vi', 'I', 'de' forms.

Present tense

Swedish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
arbetar I work

Preterite past tense

Swedish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
arbetade I worked

Future tense

Swedish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
ska arbeta I will work

Conditional mood

Swedish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
skulle arbeta I would work

Past perfect tense

Swedish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
har arbetat I have worked

Past pluperfect tense

Swedish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
hade arbetat I had worked

Future perfect tense

Swedish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
ska ha arbetat I will have worked

Conditional_perfect tense

Swedish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
skulle ha arbetat I would have worked

Imperative mood

Swedish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
arbeta work

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Usage information for arbeta

There is no additional usage information for the verb arbeta.

Examples of arbeta

Example in SwedishTranslation in EnglishFm.
""Vi ska lära er judar att arbeta.""They also told us 'We will teach you Jews how to work.'
"Bigfoot trött på att arbeta.""Bigfoot tired of working."
"Blev du ombedd att arbeta för Israel?""Were you asked t? work for Israel during your interrogationo"
"Din son lovade att arbeta för fienden.""Your son gioe his word to work for the enemies."
"Jag ser fram emot att arbeta med dig"l'm really looking forward to working with you. Oh, terrific.
" Och så alla fick arbeta . "And then everyone got to work.
""Vi ska lära er judar att arbeta.""They also told us 'We will teach you Jews how to work.'
"Bigfoot trött på att arbeta.""Bigfoot tired of working."
"Bigfoot vill inte arbeta i trädgård."Bigfoot no want to work in garden."
"Blev du ombedd att arbeta för Israel?""Were you asked t? work for Israel during your interrogationo"
" Han arbetar från 9 till 5# He works from 9 to 5 and then
"Alain, jag arbetar."Alain, I work.
"Antingen arbetar vi ihop eller dör.""Either we work together or we die."
"Diego arbetar nästan konstant... "... med att förbereda sin utställning.Diego is working almost constantly to prepare for his show, so I have to find ways to entertain myself.
"Ja" "jag arbetar i den fria zonen."I work in the free zone.
"Carter" är det slavnamn mina förfäder fick när de arbetade på bomullsplantagen i Alabama och Georgia.Carter is the slave name that was given to my forefathers... who worked in the cotton fields ofAlabama and, and Georgia... and was passed on to me.
"Det är nån vi arbetade med som tappade den.""It's someone we worked with who lost it."
"Ingenjören arbetade med sprängmedel."The engineer worked with explosives,
"Pinocchio arbetade till midnatt.'Pinocchio worked until midnight.
- Av en vårdare som arbetade där.I heard. One of the carers who worked there.
Den här rocken är sydd i bästa sammet och skickligt arbetad med silvertråd.This coat is made of the finest velvet all cunningly worked with silver thread.
En vecka arbetad, 600 av skulden betald.One week worked, P 600 paid of debt.
Jag har noterat arbetad tid och dragit av bortödslad tid.I've noted the hours that you've worked... and I've deducted... the-the time wasted.
Ni ser hur den är arbetad in i minsta detalj... så att navigatören säkert kan segla genom okända vatten.You will notice it is worked out with such detail... that a navigator can sail through waters unknown with perfect safety.
" Hårt arbetande band gör bra ifrån sig. " Nytt album ute, deras tredje." Hard-working band makes good." New album out, their third.
"Jag överväger nödvändigheten av att på ett mycket generöst sätt" "erbjuda hårt arbetande fångar kvinnor i bordeller"`I consider it necessary to provide in the most IiberaI way hard working prisoners with women in brotheIs.`
- Väldigt sorgligt. Många hårt arbetande personer tvingades börja jobba igen då deras pensioner urholkades.A lot of hardworking people forced out of retirement after having their pensions depleted.
- Världens mest hårt arbetande band!- World's hardest-working band(!
-Det var en hårt arbetande man.-Now that was one hard-working man.
""Min pappa har också arbetat hos ScheibIer Grohmann!"""Goodness me!" "My father has worked at Scheibler Grohmann, too!"
"Du måste betala för de fyra åren som jag har arbetat här."...youhavetopayme for the four years that I worked here."
"Jag har aldrig arbetat. ""I've never truly worked a day in my life,
"Nu vill jag ha det, som alla andra har arbetat hela livet för."I think now I would like to have what everybody else has worked their entire life for...
"Var har du arbetat?""Where the hell have you ever worked before?" And the little man says, "Well, I worked in the Sahara forest."

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