Work conjugation

Conjugate work

Present and Past

Simple I work you work it/she/he works we work you all work they workI worked you worked it/she/he worked we worked you all worked they worked
ProgressiveI am working you are working it/she/he is working we are working you all are working they are workingI was working you were working it/she/he was working we were working you all were working they were working
PerfectI have worked you have worked it/she/he has worked we have worked you all have worked they have workedI had worked you had worked it/she/he had worked we had worked you all had worked they had worked
Perfect ProgressiveI have been working you have been working it/she/he has been working we have been working you have been working they have been workingI had been working you had been working it/she/he had been working we had been working you had been working they had been working

Future and conditional

SimpleI will work you will work it/she/he will work we will work you all will work they will workI would work you would work it/she/he would work we would work you all would work they would work
ProgressiveI will be working you will be working it/she/he will be working we will be working you all will be working they will be workingI would be working you would be working it/she/he would be working we would be working you all would be working they would be working
PerfectI will have worked you will have worked it/she/he will have worked we will have worked you all will have worked they will have workedI would have worked you would have worked it/she/he would have worked we would have worked you all would have worked they would have worked
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been working you will have been working it/she/he will have been working we will have been working you will have been working they will have been workingI would have been working you would have been working it/she/he would have been working we would have been working you would have been working they would have been working

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Usage information for work

This verb can also mean the following: behave, effect, embroider, behave in a certain way when handled, function correctly, hurt, move, occur as a consequence, cause, excite, set into action, effect by gradual degrees, manipulate to advantage, book xxi, do a specific task by, operate in a certain place, operate, set, achieve the goal designed for, cause to ferment, sir thomas malory, ferment, embroider with thread, operate in, do, shape, exhaust, use, cause to happen, function, act as intended, improve a material, provoke, ache, influence, move in an agitated manner

Examples of work

Example in English
! - 'Cause you work too much.
! - I know it's not my work.
! - I work, too!
! - If you can call it work!
! - My key didn't work!
! - I worked for Isaac.
! Back when I worked in Chicago,
! Hey, hey, it worked!
! I worked 12 hours a fucking day to buy you that box and all I ask is that you let me watch my fucking program!
! Not to mention our responsibility to the people that have lived and worked here for the past 30-odd years.
! - Rest assured, I will get them working.
! Are you still working for Eve Tokimatsuri's campaign?
! He told me he was going to be working in one of the upper pylons today.
! How many Marias working at Easy Jobs in the city do you think there are?
! Huh, you working your way up to be vestryman someday?
! - He showed 'em how it works.
! - She works here now!
! - She's dead. It works that way.
! And he works out?
! Coffee machine still works.

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