Raccrocher (to hang up) conjugation

26 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je raccroche
I hang up
tu raccroches
you hang up
il/elle/on raccroche
he/she/it hangs up
nous raccrochons
we hang up
vous raccrochez
you all hang up
ils/elles raccrochent
they hang up
Present perfect tense
j’ai raccroché
I hung up
tu as raccroché
you hung up
il/elle/on a raccroché
he/she/it hung up
nous avons raccroché
we hung up
vous avez raccroché
you all hung up
ils/elles ont raccroché
they hung up
Past imperfect tense
je raccrochais
I was hanging up
tu raccrochais
you were hanging up
il/elle/on raccrochait
he/she/it was hanging up
nous raccrochions
we were hanging up
vous raccrochiez
you all were hanging up
ils/elles raccrochaient
they were hanging up
Future tense
je raccrocherai
I will hang up
tu raccrocheras
you will hang up
il/elle/on raccrochera
he/she/it will hang up
nous raccrocherons
we will hang up
vous raccrocherez
you all will hang up
ils/elles raccrocheront
they will hang up
Past perfect tense
j’avais raccroché
I had hung up
tu avais raccroché
you had hung up
il/elle/on avait raccroché
he/she/it had hung up
nous avions raccroché
we had hung up
vous aviez raccroché
you all had hung up
ils/elles avaient raccroché
they had hung up
Past preterite tense
je raccrochai
I hung up
tu raccrochas
you hung up
il/elle/on raccrocha
he/she/it hung up
nous raccrochâmes
we hung up
vous raccrochâtes
you all hung up
ils/elles raccrochèrent
they hung up
Past anterior tense
j’eus raccroché
I had hung up
tu eus raccroché
you had hung up
il/elle/on eut raccroché
he/she/it had hung up
nous eûmes raccroché
we had hung up
vous eûtes raccroché
you all had hung up
ils/elles eurent raccroché
they had hung up
Future perfect tense
j’aurai raccroché
I will have hung up
tu auras raccroché
you will have hung up
il/elle/on aura raccroché
he/she/it will have hung up
nous aurons raccroché
we will have hung up
vous aurez raccroché
you all will have hung up
ils/elles auront raccroché
they will have hung up
Present subjunctive tense
que je raccroche
that I hang up
que tu raccroches
that you hang up
qu’il/elle/on raccroche
that he/she/it hang up
que nous raccrochions
that we hang up
que vous raccrochiez
that you all hang up
qu’ils/elles raccrochent
that they hang up
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie raccroché
that I have hung up
que tu aies raccroché
that you have hung up
qu’il/elle/on ait raccroché
that he/she/it have hung up
que nous ayons raccroché
that we have hung up
que vous ayez raccroché
that you all have hung up
qu’ils/elles aient raccroché
that they have hung up
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je raccrochasse
that I would hang up
que tu raccrochasses
that you would hang up
qu’il/elle/on raccrochât
that he/she/it would hang up
que nous raccrochassions
that we would hang up
que vous raccrochassiez
that you all would hang up
qu’ils/elles raccrochassent
that they would hang up
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse raccroché
that I had hung up
que tu eusses raccroché
that you had hung up
qu’il/elle/on eût raccroché
that he/she/it had hung up
que nous eussions raccroché
that we had hung up
que vous eussiez raccroché
that you all had hung up
qu’ils/elles eussent raccroché
that they had hung up
Conditional mood
je raccrocherais
I would hang up
tu raccrocherais
you would hang up
il/elle/on raccrocherait
he/she/it would hang up
nous raccrocherions
we would hang up
vous raccrocheriez
you all would hang up
ils/elles raccrocheraient
they would hang up
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais raccroché
I would have hung up
tu aurais raccroché
you would have hung up
il/elle/on aurait raccroché
he/she/it would have hung up
nous aurions raccroché
we would have hung up
vous auriez raccroché
you all would have hung up
ils/elles auraient raccroché
they would have hung up
Imperative mood
hang up!
let's hang up!
hang up!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie raccroché
have hung up
ayons raccroché
let's have hung up
ayez raccroché
have hung up

Examples of raccrocher

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
! Vous allez encore me raccrocher au nez.Don't hang up again.
"Ne coupe pas, tu n'as qu'à raccrocher et recommencer.""You know, don't break the connection. Just hang up and try again."
'Monsieur, pouvez-vous raccrocher ? 'OPERATOR: 'Sir, could you please hang up?
(En chuchotant) Je ne sais pas à qui tu fais des excuses, mais l'avantage, quand t'es à la fac, c'est que tu peux raccrocher.[ Whispering ] Look, I don't know who you're groveling to... but the best thing about college is you can hang up.
- "Je devrais l'appeler." - "Et raccrocher."- "Maybe I should call Bella." - "Maybe I should call Bella and hang up."
"Je me marie" ou "Félicitations pour le bébé"... et on raccroche."Hello, I'm getting married" or, "Congratulations on the baby," and then you hang up.
"Ne raccroche plus."Better not hang up the next time I call.
"Raccroche." "Non, tu raccroches.""You hang up." "No, you hang up."
'Ne raccroche pas, Howell !(Fran) 'Don't hang up, Howell! '
- 1 sondé sur 4 ne raccroche pas?- Only one in four don't hang up? - If you're lucky.
D'accord, raccrochons lui au nez.All right, let's hang up on him.
"Demandez qu'Erin Wilson soit libérée de prison, puis raccrochez.""Demand Erin Wilson's release from prison, then hang up."
"Macaroni", puis raccrochez.Just "macaroni"and hang up.
- Bien. Sonia, s'il vous plaît, ne raccrochez pas.Sonia, please, don't hang up.
- Chantage, raccrochez.- Blackmail, hang up!
- J'ai dit, raccrochez !- I said hang up!
- Désolé, je vous perds, car je vais passer dans un tunnel, dans un canyon, sur un avion, en raccrochant le téléphone.I'm sorry, but I'm about to lose you because I'm about to drive into a tunnel in a canyon on an airplane while hanging up the phone.
Apparemment, comme vous me raccrochant au nez hier soir.Hm, apparently, like you hanging up on me last night.
J'ai attrapé ça en raccrochant le téléphone.I got that from hanging up the phone.
Qu'avait-elle ressenti en raccrochant ?I wonder how she felt inside after hanging up that phone.
Tu agis comme un enfant rebelle, raccrochant à chaque fois que j'arrive.You been acting like a punk kid, hanging up the phone every time you see me coming.
"Allô, Tex." Elle a raccroché."Hello, Tex". Then she hung up.
"Delly est partie, la paix !" Et il a raccroché.Told me not to bother him and hung up.
"Il a raccroché". Il a dit "il"."He hung up." He said "he."
"Mademoiselle n'habite plus ici." Et elle a raccroché."She isn't here any more!" - And then she hung up.
'Bonne chance', lui ai-je dit. Etj'ai raccroché.'Good luck', I told him, and hung up the phone.

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