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Peloter (to paw) conjugation

7 examples

Conjugation of peloter

Present tense
je pelote
I paw
tu pelotes
you paw
il/elle/on pelote
he/she/it paws
nous pelotons
we paw
vous pelotez
you all paw
ils/elles pelotent
they paw
Present perfect tense
j’ai peloté
I pawed
tu as peloté
you pawed
il/elle/on a peloté
he/she/it pawed
nous avons peloté
we pawed
vous avez peloté
you all pawed
ils/elles ont peloté
they pawed
Past impf. tense
je pelotais
I was pawing
tu pelotais
you were pawing
il/elle/on pelotait
he/she/it was pawing
nous pelotions
we were pawing
vous pelotiez
you all were pawing
ils/elles pelotaient
they were pawing
Future tense
je peloterai
I will paw
tu peloteras
you will paw
il/elle/on pelotera
he/she/it will paw
nous peloterons
we will paw
vous peloterez
you all will paw
ils/elles peloteront
they will paw
Past perfect tense
j’avais peloté
I had pawed
tu avais peloté
you had pawed
il/elle/on avait peloté
he/she/it had pawed
nous avions peloté
we had pawed
vous aviez peloté
you all had pawed
ils/elles avaient peloté
they had pawed
Past preterite tense
je pelotai
I pawed
tu pelotas
you pawed
il/elle/on pelota
he/she/it pawed
nous pelotâmes
we pawed
vous pelotâtes
you all pawed
ils/elles pelotèrent
they pawed
Past anterior tense
j’eus peloté
I had pawed
tu eus peloté
you had pawed
il/elle/on eut peloté
he/she/it had pawed
nous eûmes peloté
we had pawed
vous eûtes peloté
you all had pawed
ils/elles eurent peloté
they had pawed
Future perfect tense
j’aurai peloté
I will have pawed
tu auras peloté
you will have pawed
il/elle/on aura peloté
he/she/it will have pawed
nous aurons peloté
we will have pawed
vous aurez peloté
you all will have pawed
ils/elles auront peloté
they will have pawed
Present subjunctive tense
que je pelote
that I paw
que tu pelotes
that you paw
qu’il/elle/on pelote
that he/she/it paw
que nous pelotions
that we paw
que vous pelotiez
that you all paw
qu’ils/elles pelotent
that they paw
Present perf. subjunctive tense
que j’aie peloté
that I have pawed
que tu aies peloté
that you have pawed
qu’il/elle/on ait peloté
that he/she/it have pawed
que nous ayons peloté
that we have pawed
que vous ayez peloté
that you all have pawed
qu’ils/elles aient peloté
that they have pawed
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je pelotasse
that I would paw
que tu pelotasses
that you would paw
qu’il/elle/on pelotât
that he/she/it would paw
que nous pelotassions
that we would paw
que vous pelotassiez
that you all would paw
qu’ils/elles pelotassent
that they would paw
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse peloté
that I had pawed
que tu eusses peloté
that you had pawed
qu’il/elle/on eût peloté
that he/she/it had pawed
que nous eussions peloté
that we had pawed
que vous eussiez peloté
that you all had pawed
qu’ils/elles eussent peloté
that they had pawed
Conditional mood
je peloterais
I would paw
tu peloterais
you would paw
il/elle/on peloterait
he/she/it would paw
nous peloterions
we would paw
vous peloteriez
you all would paw
ils/elles peloteraient
they would paw
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais peloté
I would have pawed
tu aurais peloté
you would have pawed
il/elle/on aurait peloté
he/she/it would have pawed
nous aurions peloté
we would have pawed
vous auriez peloté
you all would have pawed
ils/elles auraient peloté
they would have pawed
Imperative mood
let's paw!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie peloté
have pawed
ayons peloté
let's have pawed
ayez peloté
have pawed

Examples of peloter

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
- Arrêtez de me peloter.- Oh, stop pawing at me.
- Je ne le laisserai pas me peloter.-l won't have that man pawing me.
- Seule la police peut me peloter.Yes, only the police has the right to paw me.
1 00 000 lires pour un steak... le champagne et ses nichons à peloter !100,000 liras for a steak... the champagne and her tits to paw!
Alors il me pousse dans un coin, et il essaie de me peloter. Ferme l'eau, maintenant.He pushed me into a corner and tried to paw me... (man) Turn the tap off now.
Je n'aime pas qu'on me pelote. Un point c'est tout.I just don't like to be pawed, that's all.
Me pelote pas!Don't paw me.

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