Patiner (to skate) conjugation

25 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je patine
I skate
tu patines
you skate
il/elle/on patine
he/she/it skates
nous patinons
we skate
vous patinez
you all skate
ils/elles patinent
they skate
Present perfect tense
j’ai patiné
I skated
tu as patiné
you skated
il/elle/on a patiné
he/she/it skated
nous avons patiné
we skated
vous avez patiné
you all skated
ils/elles ont patiné
they skated
Past imperfect tense
je patinais
I was skating
tu patinais
you were skating
il/elle/on patinait
he/she/it was skating
nous patinions
we were skating
vous patiniez
you all were skating
ils/elles patinaient
they were skating
Future tense
je patinerai
I will skate
tu patineras
you will skate
il/elle/on patinera
he/she/it will skate
nous patinerons
we will skate
vous patinerez
you all will skate
ils/elles patineront
they will skate
Past perfect tense
j’avais patiné
I had skated
tu avais patiné
you had skated
il/elle/on avait patiné
he/she/it had skated
nous avions patiné
we had skated
vous aviez patiné
you all had skated
ils/elles avaient patiné
they had skated
Past preterite tense
je patinai
I skated
tu patinas
you skated
il/elle/on patina
he/she/it skated
nous patinâmes
we skated
vous patinâtes
you all skated
ils/elles patinèrent
they skated
Past anterior tense
j’eus patiné
I had skated
tu eus patiné
you had skated
il/elle/on eut patiné
he/she/it had skated
nous eûmes patiné
we had skated
vous eûtes patiné
you all had skated
ils/elles eurent patiné
they had skated
Future perfect tense
j’aurai patiné
I will have skated
tu auras patiné
you will have skated
il/elle/on aura patiné
he/she/it will have skated
nous aurons patiné
we will have skated
vous aurez patiné
you all will have skated
ils/elles auront patiné
they will have skated
Present subjunctive tense
que je patine
that I skate
que tu patines
that you skate
qu’il/elle/on patine
that he/she/it skate
que nous patinions
that we skate
que vous patiniez
that you all skate
qu’ils/elles patinent
that they skate
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie patiné
that I have skated
que tu aies patiné
that you have skated
qu’il/elle/on ait patiné
that he/she/it have skated
que nous ayons patiné
that we have skated
que vous ayez patiné
that you all have skated
qu’ils/elles aient patiné
that they have skated
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je patinasse
that I would skate
que tu patinasses
that you would skate
qu’il/elle/on patinât
that he/she/it would skate
que nous patinassions
that we would skate
que vous patinassiez
that you all would skate
qu’ils/elles patinassent
that they would skate
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse patiné
that I had skated
que tu eusses patiné
that you had skated
qu’il/elle/on eût patiné
that he/she/it had skated
que nous eussions patiné
that we had skated
que vous eussiez patiné
that you all had skated
qu’ils/elles eussent patiné
that they had skated
Conditional mood
je patinerais
I would skate
tu patinerais
you would skate
il/elle/on patinerait
he/she/it would skate
nous patinerions
we would skate
vous patineriez
you all would skate
ils/elles patineraient
they would skate
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais patiné
I would have skated
tu aurais patiné
you would have skated
il/elle/on aurait patiné
he/she/it would have skated
nous aurions patiné
we would have skated
vous auriez patiné
you all would have skated
ils/elles auraient patiné
they would have skated
Imperative mood
let's skate!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie patiné
have skated
ayons patiné
let's have skated
ayez patiné
have skated

Examples of patiner

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
"Non fils, je vais t'apprendre à patiner. ""No son, even You will learn to skate one daY. "
- Allez patiner.Iran to skate.
- Dix gars en turban tous nommés Singh, des prénoms imprononçables, qui peuvent à peine patiner et jouer encore moins.- Ten guys in turbans all named Singh whose first names l can't pronounce, who can barely skate, let alone play the game.
- Exactement. - Tu dois patiner dans cette compétition... Pour Francine.- Stan, you,ve got to skate in this competition- for Francine.
- Il a appris à patiner.-He taught himself to skate.
"Ticky, patine par vous-même pendant quelque temps. ""TickY, skate bY Yourself for sometime. "
- Alors, comment je patine ?-So how do I skate?
- Alors, patine.- Then skate.
- Colin patine mieux que moi.- Colin is a better skater than me!
- Dis-le : "Colin patine mieux que moi".- Say it. "Colin is a better skater."
"Avec des photos de courts de tennis." "II paraît que vous patinez, en hiver !"They showed pictures of the tennis courts, and also say that in winter they freeze them over so you boys can ice skate.
- Où patinez-vous ?- Where do you skate?
- Vous patinez ?- Are you going to skate?
- Vous patinez beaucoup ?- Do you skate much, Doc? Not lately.
- Vous patinez?- Well, do you skate?
Alors je suis en train de faire ma belle en patinant, ok?So, I'm doing my pretty girl skating, right?
C'est une simple séquence partant du bord droit en patinant par en arrière... et finissant au bord gauche en patinant par en avant !It's a simple footwork sequence going from your right outer edge skating backward... to your left inner edge skating forward!
Elle dépasse le groupe en patinant à l'envers.And, oh, she passes the block with a beautiful backward skating.
Et pas seulement en patinant, si vous voyez ce que je veux dire.And not only while skating, if you know what I mean.
Et rouleau patinant sur de telles routes n'est pas facile.And roller skating on such roads is not easY.
- Non, je t'assure, je n'ai pas patiné depuis mes 5 ans.No, I told you. I haven't skated since I was five.
- Oui. Et j'avais patiné.- Yes, I skated last year.
Ca fait longtemps que j'ai pas patiné.It's been a long time I have not skated.
Dis le gars qui y a perdu son tee shirt la dernière fois qu'? Ivan a patiné bourré.Says the guy who lost his shirt the last timeivan skated drunk.
Elle n'a jamais patiné à nouveau.She never skated again.

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