Hydrater (to hydrate) conjugation

22 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
I hydrate
tu hydrates
you hydrate
il/elle/on hydrate
he/she/it hydrates
nous hydratons
we hydrate
vous hydratez
you all hydrate
ils/elles hydratent
they hydrate
Present perfect tense
j’ai hydraté
I hydrated
tu as hydraté
you hydrated
il/elle/on a hydraté
he/she/it hydrated
nous avons hydraté
we hydrated
vous avez hydraté
you all hydrated
ils/elles ont hydraté
they hydrated
Past imperfect tense
I was hydrating
tu hydratais
you were hydrating
il/elle/on hydratait
he/she/it was hydrating
nous hydrations
we were hydrating
vous hydratiez
you all were hydrating
ils/elles hydrataient
they were hydrating
Future tense
I will hydrate
tu hydrateras
you will hydrate
il/elle/on hydratera
he/she/it will hydrate
nous hydraterons
we will hydrate
vous hydraterez
you all will hydrate
ils/elles hydrateront
they will hydrate
Past perfect tense
j’avais hydraté
I had hydrated
tu avais hydraté
you had hydrated
il/elle/on avait hydraté
he/she/it had hydrated
nous avions hydraté
we had hydrated
vous aviez hydraté
you all had hydrated
ils/elles avaient hydraté
they had hydrated
Past preterite tense
I hydrated
tu hydratas
you hydrated
il/elle/on hydrata
he/she/it hydrated
nous hydratâmes
we hydrated
vous hydratâtes
you all hydrated
ils/elles hydratèrent
they hydrated
Past anterior tense
j’eus hydraté
I had hydrated
tu eus hydraté
you had hydrated
il/elle/on eut hydraté
he/she/it had hydrated
nous eûmes hydraté
we had hydrated
vous eûtes hydraté
you all had hydrated
ils/elles eurent hydraté
they had hydrated
Future perfect tense
j’aurai hydraté
I will have hydrated
tu auras hydraté
you will have hydrated
il/elle/on aura hydraté
he/she/it will have hydrated
nous aurons hydraté
we will have hydrated
vous aurez hydraté
you all will have hydrated
ils/elles auront hydraté
they will have hydrated
Present subjunctive tense
que j’hydrate
that I hydrate
que tu hydrates
that you hydrate
qu’il/elle/on hydrate
that he/she/it hydrate
que nous hydrations
that we hydrate
que vous hydratiez
that you all hydrate
qu’ils/elles hydratent
that they hydrate
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie hydraté
that I have hydrated
que tu aies hydraté
that you have hydrated
qu’il/elle/on ait hydraté
that he/she/it have hydrated
que nous ayons hydraté
that we have hydrated
que vous ayez hydraté
that you all have hydrated
qu’ils/elles aient hydraté
that they have hydrated
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que j’hydratasse
that I would hydrate
que tu hydratasses
that you would hydrate
qu’il/elle/on hydratât
that he/she/it would hydrate
que nous hydratassions
that we would hydrate
que vous hydratassiez
that you all would hydrate
qu’ils/elles hydratassent
that they would hydrate
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse hydraté
that I had hydrated
que tu eusses hydraté
that you had hydrated
qu’il/elle/on eût hydraté
that he/she/it had hydrated
que nous eussions hydraté
that we had hydrated
que vous eussiez hydraté
that you all had hydrated
qu’ils/elles eussent hydraté
that they had hydrated
Conditional mood
I would hydrate
tu hydraterais
you would hydrate
il/elle/on hydraterait
he/she/it would hydrate
nous hydraterions
we would hydrate
vous hydrateriez
you all would hydrate
ils/elles hydrateraient
they would hydrate
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais hydraté
I would have hydrated
tu aurais hydraté
you would have hydrated
il/elle/on aurait hydraté
he/she/it would have hydrated
nous aurions hydraté
we would have hydrated
vous auriez hydraté
you all would have hydrated
ils/elles auraient hydraté
they would have hydrated
Imperative mood
let's hydrate!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie hydraté
have hydrated
ayons hydraté
let's have hydrated
ayez hydraté
have hydrated

Examples of hydrater

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
"A" "imaginer" est un mot inutile, comme "hydrater.""A," "process" is an unnecessary word, like "hydrate."
- Il faut s'hydrater dans un sous-marin.Oh, you got to hydrate on a submarine.
- J'ai dû m'hydrater au dentifrice.- I had to hydrate with mouthwash.
- Vous devez vous hydrater.- You must try and hydrate.
Allez manger et vous hydrater.But, guys, go eat and hydrate.
- Je m'hydrate.Well, I'm more hydrated than you.
- Le nickel-hydrate fuit. - Je fais quoi ?- The nickelhydrate cells are hemorrhaging.
C'est vrai, mais l'hydrate est gelé, il doit donc s'agir d'un gaz qui causera une réaction exothermique.Right, but the hydrate's frozen, so it has to be a gas that will cause an exothermic reaction.
Congelé et comprimé sous forme d'hydrate le long des côtes de tous les continents.Frozen and compressed in hydrate form along the coasts of every continent.
De l'hydrate de chloral!Chloral hydrate!
Et s'il vous plaît, reposez-vous et hydratez-vous, jusqu'à ce que la grippe disparaisse.And please rest and stay hydrated until your flu goes away.
Restez sur le chemin, ensemble, et hydratez-vous.Okay, stay on the trail, stay together, and stay hydrated.
Si vous ne vous hydratez pas, ils vous mangeront tout cru.If you don't hydrate, they'll eat you alive.
Vous vous hydratez et vous prenez tout le temps qu'il vous faut.You hydrate and take as much time as you need.
Ça peut paraître trivial mais vous ne servez à rien si vous n'avez pas d'énergie donc, hydratez-vous et allez-y molo avec la caféine.This may seem trivial but you're no good to me if your blood sugar levels are shot to pieces so, keep hydrated and don't overdo the caffeine.
Abandonnant amis, famille, climat sec et hydratant !Leave my friends, family, a dry, self-hydrating climate?
Nous allons faire un meilleur travail en hydratant Monsieur Fornum et utiliser des compresses chaudes pour soulever ses veines.We will do a better job hydrating Mr. Fornum and using warm compresses to raise his veins.
- Euh, je le garde hydraté.uh, keep him hydrated.
- Il a besoin d'être hydraté.He just needs to be hydrated.
- On doit rester hydraté.- We have to stay hydrated.
- Reste hydraté. - Ouais.Stay hydrated.
Assez pour voir que tu t'es bien hydraté après ta virée dans le désert.Long enough to see that you are well hydrated after your time in the desert.

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