Play conjugation

Conjugate play

Present and Past

Simple I play you play it/she/he plays we play you all play they playI played you played it/she/he played we played you all played they played
ProgressiveI am playing you are playing it/she/he is playing we are playing you all are playing they are playingI was playing you were playing it/she/he was playing we were playing you all were playing they were playing
PerfectI have played you have played it/she/he has played we have played you all have played they have playedI had played you had played it/she/he had played we had played you all had played they had played
Perfect ProgressiveI have been playing you have been playing it/she/he has been playing we have been playing you have been playing they have been playingI had been playing you had been playing it/she/he had been playing we had been playing you had been playing they had been playing

Future and conditional

SimpleI will play you will play it/she/he will play we will play you all will play they will playI would play you would play it/she/he would play we would play you all would play they would play
ProgressiveI will be playing you will be playing it/she/he will be playing we will be playing you all will be playing they will be playingI would be playing you would be playing it/she/he would be playing we would be playing you all would be playing they would be playing
PerfectI will have played you will have played it/she/he will have played we will have played you all will have played they will have playedI would have played you would have played it/she/he would have played we would have played you all would have played they would have played
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been playing you will have been playing it/she/he will have been playing we will have been playing you will have been playing they will have been playingI would have been playing you would have been playing it/she/he would have been playing we would have been playing you would have been playing they would have been playing

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Usage information for play

This verb can also mean the following: reorder the natural world, in a game, deceive someone, in order to land it, behave, act with levity, take, manipulate, be, put in action, produce, wanton action, band, move, use a device to watch, bring into sportive, have sex, compete, keep, move gaily, contrary to fact, act in a manner such, behave in a particular way, operate, act as the indicated role, trifle, sir, make love, practice deception, produce music, fornicate, take part in amorous activity, move regularly with alternate, do, new york, use, sir william temple, motion, put, execute, compete against, exhibit in action, be careless, bring, disport, produce music using a musical instrument, listen to the indicated recording, act, move in any manner, sir walter scott

Examples of play

Example in English
! - Gimmie the drum and you play the flute!
! Because you want me to play into this bullshit scenario you two dreamed up?
! Because you want me to play
! Come on! We used to play there a lot!
! Damn it, this is why I told you not to play Gay-Disney Pirate Adventure in the house!
! - In... in "Dr. Sexy." I played a doctor. I operated.
! I never played with soda rules.
! Thought you had me played, didn't you?
" I played right into your hands, didn't I?
" I played with the dead,"
! I think you forgot yourself in playing
! Wait. The ASA is just playing a game of chicken.
! What about my guitar playing?
! What the fuck were you playing at?
! You know who you playing?
! He's my friend, he plays with me.
! Oh! Who plays the trumpet?
" 'Tis all a checkerboard of nights and days, where Destiny with men for pieces plays:
"A Midsummer Night's Dream", years wearing stupid tights in school plays and saying things like "What ho, my Lord." and
"A sentenced to death plays the role of his life.

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